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If I had a genie in below top secret, or Making your head spin

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 06:33 PM
I would be like “why do Colbert and his comedy central writers have like this self appointed assignment that is clearly designed to slip in a contextual alignment in the script they write in that it does sometimes make a reference to someone or something from ATS?”

Said genie would say: “Because they like doing that”
To which I would reply “ I can’t even imagine what it’s like bein’ Aladdin"

And then the genie says, “ what you want me to say is that it’s because of you, dragon of the muse. You want me to say that it's done in order to calm your soul, that you’re a metaphorical threat to big brother, and that everything I say is true. That you could youtube music and use conspiracy theories and the muse to make your way."

At which point I am confused.
Then the genie says “First of all, I’m not a genie, I’m an oracle, get it right. If what you want is to be glen beck-esque then just talk as if you were already historical. Then pretend you’re never wrong and always right”

Oh wait, shorty, it’s an oracle. Here comes the miracle

It says that I’m possessed
By the muse god/goddess
And it’s for the best
Because it’s better than having a demon reptilian.

I’d rather starve than make my first million.

I’m no Jim Marrs or evanessence
I’ll fly to the stars if that’s my preference.
My only preference is to make the collective’s head spin.
Again, and again…

Like a record. a record called "spinning the collective"

It's like a cartoon.

posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 11:53 PM
I just like conspiracy theory word play. And the ATS forum with Borrat's face. I like one Foster, Robert. Conspiracy theory word play will expose the evil cops and robbers. And sometimes I feel like I just want to make even Robert Foster's jaw drop...leave the folks at juice news media in awe....with my conspiracy theory word play

I'm just sayin' hey

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 11:30 AM
back in the oven there was two muffins and these muffins would be cooked in the oven one muffin said it was warm and the other one yelled omgwtfbbq a talking muffin

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 03:14 AM
"I'm bluffin' with my muffin" is a double-entendre, meaning that the singer (Lady Gaga) is deceiving the male listener as to whether she is romantically ...

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 03:28 AM
reply to post by dragonsmusic

Lady Gaga is a she?!


posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 04:28 AM

Originally posted by TheAssociate
reply to post by dragonsmusic

Lady Gaga is a she?!


TheAssoc. I think so...but I don't know.
She's an androgynous being?

posted on Sep, 15 2010 @ 01:24 AM
and the said miracle turns out to be...yes indeed...,gentlemen and ladies...

a flock of geese.

mr beck, please. a flock of geese?

that was your miracle claim that i had forseen?


geese over d.c.


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