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The US agenda concerning Iran

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 05:34 PM
Dear fellow ATS ers,

I love to read about all kinds of different topics on ATS and see you guys talk about them, the thing is when i read discussions about threads about iran subjects i read things which in my opinion is very misunderstood, the main thing is the potential war between Israel, US and Iran which is widely talked about, I would like to share my opinion on this subject to my fellow ATS ers and hope I can tell you things you didnt know and maybe change your view towards the matter. enjoy.

In my opinion there is not going to be a war nore a strike on Iranian nuclear facilities in the near future, don't get me wrong Iran will change eventualy by itself if not by the US, just not in the near future, in this thread I will explain the main agenda of the US which you will learn is about neutralizing countires of interest, the process is complicated and takes a long time and costs a lot of money and recources.

You will learn how in my opinion Iraq and Afghanistan are in the middle or late stages of this process and because this costs so much money and recources i think Iran is on the hold, the so called war on terror is now going on for 9 years and were not really seing the end in the near future.

Governments in the European Union are falling apart because they cant decide to continue in the war on terror, the world is recovering from a ecomic downfall, unemployment is still severly damaged, the costs of the wars are staggering and safety in the middle east has not really been repaired.

To go into a new war at this moment is purely mad, Iran is not Iraq or Afghanistan you cant bomb the country in a couple of days and then roll your 3000 tanks to Tehran and be done with it, Iran will fight back as hard as they can and they rather die then to give in to US pressure, Iran is capable of causing severe damage to US military installations in Iraq and Afghanistan, making it almost impossible to build US bases in Iran thus controlling Iran by force and ofcourse not to forget mine the strait of Hormuz where 60% of the worlds oil is shipped trough causing the price of oil, petroleum, gasoline, kerosine to skyrocket impacting the whole world economy while its already down.

The thing is, this whole sharade about Iran has little to do with the Iranian government or people it has more to do with the goals of the US and their way of achieving their objectives.

It is important to understand that the power in the world today is very differently divided and controlled then in the past, for example in the times that rome dominated the world it was all about control of recoures trough use of military force and religion.

Today we say: money equals power and power equals money and this couldnt be more true, money buys armies and armies conquer recources, goods, people (labour force) thus making money.

Also it is important to understand that if you think the concept of world domination doesn't excist in our time you're sorely mistaking, let me explain the concept of world domination and the difference between then and now.

World domination in the old days ment to qonquer most of the territory that mathers, this was done by military force and religion, but in those days the world wasn't 1 global network connected with eachother trough infastructure and communication technology, the world was didvid, for example rome saw europe as the world, so to qonquer most of europe ment to qonquer the world.

World domination in these days is actualy easier if you're ahead of your opponent financialy and military, you dont have to fight 1000 against 500 soldiers and maybe lose because your opponent is better trained, today if you have the better weapons and more money to supply your offensive thus draining the recources of your enemy more then your own you eventualy always win.

But it's not abouting taking over the world by force these days, the thing that is important to dominate the world in these days is to neutralise countires so they wont make any decisions that could harm or economicly disadvantage you.

The United States is the country at the moment which is heading toward world domination, history tells the story how the United States attempts to achieve this goal very clear because it repeats itself over and over again.

Stage 1 : Economic take over

The economic take over is done by unofficial representatives of major US corporations (World Bank, IMF, CIA).

These organisations send people to countries of interest to make a deal with the leader or leaders of the country, the deals are mostly financial aid to recover or build an economy in a country that needs it badly.

The mass media shows us how the US helps other countries financialy but never tells the whole story, these financial aid the US is giving poor countires is not a gift, its a loan, a loan that they both know the borrowing country can not pay back, this means the country has a huge debt with the World Bank, IMF it doesnt mather their all controlled by the US.

Knowing these countries cant pay back their debt the US steps in when they need a favor: vote yes or no in the upcoming UN election, empose a trade embargo on this corporation or country, allow us to build a military base in your country, allow us to use your airspace your waters your soil and the holy grail: privatise your state owned enterprises which means the enterprises are available on the market to invest in and ofcourse to get taken over by major US corporations which always happens.

So without any bloodshed or use of military force a country gets neutralized (controlled) by the United States or US bound corporations.

Stage 2 : Political take over

Ofcourse because of the major efficiency of step 1 it is the first thing that is done, but it doesnt always work, countries and leaders are more and more aware of this situation and often tend to reject the deal offered to them by these organisations, when this happens(the refusal of the deal) stage 2 kicks in.

Knowing the leader or leaders of the country do not agree with the terms offered to them the second most efficient way is to replace those leaders with ones who do accept the deal.

This is done buy a staged coup d' etat by paying people to protest on the streets and often arm them to overthrow the current regime, also an option is to simply assasinate the leader which can efficiently carried out by the CIA(wouldn't be the first time).

When all this is done the regime gets replaced by a new regime who already has made the deal without the people of the country knowing about it and is promised by the US to keep his power as long as he does what the US tells him, take for example mr. Karzai of Afghanistan I suggest you do some investigation about this guys background you will see he is less Afghan then he seems.

Stage 3 : Military take over

This stage is ofcourse the stage nobody wants to go to, not the country of interest nore the US, sadly when all else fails ( stage 1 and 2) this stage must kick in.

It doesn't happens often but once in a while there is a stubborn prick who doesn't give in to US pressure, no economic deals and to well secured or loved by the people to assasinate( for example: Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khamenei).

So the only way that remains to neutralize the country is trough a military invasion in the name of homeland security, counter terrorism, spread of liberty and democracy ofcourse all just propoganda to jutify this act of inhumanity.

Think about it yourself, educate yourself, don't swallow the mass media mumbo jumbo and think for yourself, I welcome comments, critisism and discussions, Thank you for your time.

I apologize for any grammer or spelling mistakes i have made, english is not my primary language, I hope you enjoyd reading.

peace and love

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 05:44 PM
Most of the world can see whats going on and the wikileaks will push things along it just a matter of time before critical mass is reached and our masters one again learn not to push things too far.

Keep following the money

posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 12:03 PM

Welcome to the board.

I have seen a very disturbing trend here lately ( 3 today as a matter of fact ) people are using the introduction forum to circumvent the rules of having to have a certain number of posts before typing an actual thread.

Please help end this practice.

I for one am in favor of you having the right to post, and you probably have very good information to share, but please follow the rules that all of us have had to follow since signing up for the best web site in the old internet.


Dorian Soran

posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by Dorian Soran

Dear Mr. Soran,

This is actualy my second thread I have posted on ATS, I dont know exactly where to put threads but they somehow end up in the introduction, I think its because of the thing about 20 posts, the first one was moved by the admin to the midle east issues forum so I guessed that would happen with this one as well.

I dont intend to avoid any rules on ATS, if I am it is without my knowledge.
If I understand corectly from your reply you have to post 20 times before being able to post an actual thread?
This sounds very strange to me, do I have to introduce myself 20 times?, or what do I have to write about?
And what is that good for?

Besides I would expect to hear from an admin if i'm doing anything wrong.


posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 03:32 PM
reply to post by mumbo jumbo

My dear friend,

No you need not introduce yourself 20 times.

But you need to respond to and participate in OTHER people threads in order to earn the right to author your own threads.

And yes you are correct, you SHOULD be contacted by an admin, although I am not sure that will happen given the fact that I have seen this happening far too often without intervention.

I was just making my thoughts known about what I see as a trend lately on ATS.

It was nothing personal against you or your thread.

Thanks much and have a great day.

Dorian Soran

posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 03:43 PM
reply to post by Dorian Soran

No worries sir I dont feel attacked, its more understandable now knowing I can participate in other threads.
Thank you for informing me about this I will reply more often in other threads to earn my right to post a thread.

One more thing, I dont know if you have red the thread maybe you're not interested but I would appreciate any input.

Thank you

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