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H1N1 D225G Transmission In Singapore

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 04:23 PM
H1N1 D225G Transmission In Singapore
Recombinomics Commentary 16:54
July 26, 2010

Recently released sequences from Singapore support transmission of D225G. One isolate, A/Singapore/SS003/2010 was from a fatal case (45M), while the other, A/Singapore/SS004/2010 was from an ICU case (37M). Both were collected in April, 2010, and the sequential sample numbers raise the possibility that the two patients were contacts/relatives. Sharing of additional polymorphisms by the two sequences supports human to human transmission.

Recent sequences (collected June 30, 2010) from Nanjing, China also support transmission of D225G and raise concerns this polymorphism is become more common and more easily transmitted. HA with D225G can bind to 2,3 receptors which are found on human lung cells, which may lead to increased concentrations of H1N1 in lung and an unfavorable outcome, as seen in severe and fatal cases.

WHO has maintained that D225G did not transmit, based on a lack of clustering in time and space. However, the recent sequences from Singapore and Nanjing, China show such clustering, as did prior sequences from Ukraine and Russia.

A revised WHO and CDC “working hypothesis” on D225G is long overdue.

A very important and timely heads up as we here in the Western part of the world prepare to go back to school and the transmission rates from those traveling abroad cross paths.

This is something we need to monitor and keep a close watch on friends.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 04:32 PM
reply to post by antar

Good find! I for one will be keeping an eye on this situation. S&F


posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 05:09 PM
reply to post by rev moofoo

Well the reason I brought it forward other than the extreme nature of the newer illness is that we have all let our guards down after the terrible situation with H1N1.

Many people will find that they think because H1N1 was a 'fail', anything that comes in the future could also be taken with a grain of salt.

Not so with many diseases which can be easily transmitted and this one is an eye catcher to be watchful for.

H1N1 in and of itself was somewhat of a drill for the first responders, but it may have nothing more than that a practice run for how things will go down in the event of a real global pandemic situation.

Most assuredly they learned alot from the drill but I fear the real problem with something like this will be mandatory vaccinations which will put many of us back at square one of not trusting the big pharma and their staunch investors.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 11:57 PM

If you like me have children and went through the agony of trying to fit them properly with a mask last year during the H1N1 outbreak, none of the masks we tried would work for little ones.

For any parents out there concerned about the wellbeing of your child this is a great site which can actually sell you masks that will fit the your child properly therby reducing their exposure to any infectious disease headed our way, if nothing else it is always good to have a supply on hand 'just incase'.


Issapharma is a company dedicated exclusively to Personal Protective Equipment for child. Our single and core objective is to protect children against swine flu, bird flu, tuberculosis and other airborne illnesses. It drives our commitment to design and manufacture a line of personal protective equipment that combines advanced performance, comfort and style. We are the exclusive distributor of disposable face masks "Kidmask", a protective respiratory mask specifically adapted for children.

We offer to sell protective N95 masks effective against swine flu for seven to sixteen year olds .

Our N95 respirator mask is designed so that there are no non-contact areas between small children's nasal aperture and the Kidmask. This is the main reason because of what an adult mask could not protect a child against viruses. With the Kidmask, no impure air is allowed into the respiratory passage. The N95 mask has 95% efficiency in filtering airborne particulates virus or bacteria from 0,3 micron. The "N" class means that it is not resistant to oil and the "95" is the filtration efficiency against the solid and liquid aerosols. Though these results do not constitute a warranty. We remind you that single use masks are personal protective equipment to reduce risk of contamination. They are designed to filter and not to kill virus, but they are an excellent way to protect your children .

The influenza virus H1N1 is an acute viral disease that is highly contagious.

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 09:19 AM

The co-circulation of a human adapted H1N1 with a swine H1N1 raises concerns sequences with extensive recombination will emerge in 2010, as happened in 1918.

More aggressive surveillance of H1N1 in swine worldwide is warranted, as is increased sequencing of human H1N1, since PCR testing may not distinguish between the two swine H1N1 strains.

Now does this mean that through recombionics this will or 'has' mixed with the newer strain mentioned in the op?

And what got me is that he states it may emerge to equal that of the 1918 strain?

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 09:20 AM

Forgot to add the linkie...

posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 10:45 PM

Dengue Fever And Insect-Borne Infections Emerging As Public Health Problem In Areas Of The United States

Despite the threat of further introduction of dengue into the mainland United States, as well as the risk of introduction of additional vector-borne diseases, President Obama's 2011 fiscal budget reduces to zero the funding to support the vector-borne infectious disease program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the only national program that focuses of detection and outbreak control of vector-borne diseases including dengue, plague, viral encephalitis and Lyme disease.

You have to be KIDDING me? POTUS has actually cut yet another program which protects and services the health and well being of the American Citizens?

I feel like putting my head in a hole and staying there.

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