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Iran officials: U.S., Israel wouldn't dare attempt a military strike

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 04:17 PM

Former Iran navy chief says U.S. ships would be 'morsels for Iran to target'; finance official says Tehran will halt trade with countries that impose recent UN sanctions.

U.S. ships would destroy any attack Iran could throw at them

The United States and Israel would not dare attempt a military strike of Iran's nuclear sites, Iranian military officials said Saturday, adding that they were confident that Tehran would easily repel such an attempt.

Stopping American air power has never been successfully done

Iran's ISNA news agency quoted an aide to the country' Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Saturday as saying that Israel and the United States would never strike Iran, saying that "both the U.S. and Zionist regime face internal problems and they know that we make many troubles for them if they attack Iranian territory."

The Ayatollah is partly right, the U.S. and Israel should be concentrating on internal problems, but that has never stopped the U.S. and Israel before. What makes the Ayatollah think this will stop them from attacking now?

Yahya Rahim Safav told ISNA that Iran's armed forces were "fully prepared and enemies are aware of that, they do not have the power to take a political decision on the issue, because they know they can start the war but are not able to finish it."

As long as the U.S. and Israel didn't try to "nation build" the war would be over in a matter of weeks if not days. It would most likely just be continuous air strikes on important targets and Irans infastructure until Iran has no infastructure left.

With the new sanctions imposed by the EU and Canada today, the noose is tightening around Iran's neck. Hopefully the people of Iran will get sick of the sanctions and revolt against the leaders of Iran. Then the problem can be solved without too much involvement on the part of Israel and the U.S.

Iran officials: U.S., Israel wouldn't dare attempt a military strike

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by SUICIDEHK45

Stopping American air power has never been successfully done

What about the Red Baron?

OK, I entirely agree with you. Iran fought Iraq to a draw. The US took Iraq in 2 weeks! Twice! USSR fought Afghanistan to a draw. The US took Afghanistan in under a month!

Iran is subject to trade sanctions and limited resources. The US is the dominant world power and engine for the worlds economy. It has whatever resource it needs.

Iran hasn't been in a conflict since the Iran-Iraq war. The US has been in constant conflict for the past 20 years in many, many theatres and has literally written and rewritten the books on urban warfare.

Iran is entirely surrounded by US and Allied troops, and would be fighting on their homeland. The US is absolutely out of range of any Iranian strike, and only our dedicated war personnel are within range of Iran's limited capabilities.

The US controls Space, the Air, the Water, the surrounding land, the press, the economy, and the UN. Iran only controls radical religious zealots within their limited geographical location.

This would not be a war.

As you say, as long as we don't try to occupy and "Nation Build" the conflict will be over before Iran even realized that it started. The Stealthy fast flying small fighters will hit every mobile target and be gone before Iran sounds the alarm. Iran will light up the skies with anti-aircraft shrapnel and radar trying to hit ghosts! Our ships will destroy every target that is now naively active and destroy the rest of Iran's defenses. After it is safe for our larger aircraft, we will systematically target the rest of their infrastructure from our B-2 and high altitude craft. The majority of the war will be over in 96 hours. Then, we will threaten to unleash Israels IDF into Iran if they don't surrender. They are irrationally afraid of Israel and the IDF! This won't be a war. It will be fish in a barrel!

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 04:44 PM
I will give a new senario here...and not one to be taken lightly


However, two developments totally reversed the situation. On November 9, the Minister of Defense, Ali Chamkani, indicated that Iran had the capacity for a serial production of Chahab-3 missiles of 2 000 Km range. Tehran could then attack Israel in case of an armed conflict [9]. At the same time, Iran could supply eight unmanned mini-aircrafts drones (unmanned spy planes) to the Lebanese Hezbollah [10]. It managed to enter Israeli airspace quite far without being intercepted, thus putting an end to the Israeli legendary air control.

But, above all, while Washington observed the European maneuver, Tehran was negotiating another important alliance. Early 2004, Iran sold 20 billion dollars of liquified gas to China. On October 28, the Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh, held an interview in Beijing with Cheng Geng, president of the National Oil Company of China. They both signed an agreement that authorized Sinopec Corporation to exploit the Iranian oilfield of Yadavaran. The Chinese could extract 10 million tons of natural gas annually for a period of 25 years. The said contract is valued roughly at 700 billion dollars.

Suddenly, China became Iran’s main partner, a country with which there was hardly trade links last year. Tehran laid its cards on the table and put an end to the mysteries about its intentions of not renewing its agreements with Japan, its main partner in the past, but servile to the United States, and focused more on China. Russia, which was informed about the transactions [11], welcomed this way out since it would meet the needs of its Chinese neighbor, something it had been unable to do totally [12] .

Surprisingly, the interests of Iran and China have complemented each other. The first one has been a great producer of hydrocarbons while the second a great consumer. The Chinese oil and gas technology is primitive, but the fields of Yadaravan are easy to exploit. Both States have had different areas of influence and historical relations since long ago through the “silk route”, but they are preparing themselves to face the United States, despite the fact that China has been absent so far in the region, except for its position in Sudan [13].

For Washington, it has been a strong blow. China and Russia will veto any draft resolution of the UN Security Council pertaining to sanctions on Iran, and even if the United States was able to convince the Europeans of suspending their trade relations with Iran, themeasure would be anodyne since it would be compensated by China. Besides, this new alliance strengthens Iran’s confidence in the region, not only in Iraq but also in Lebanon and the occupied Palestine. Now China has to be taken into account in the Middle East.

The New Sleeping Giant

Pentagon Report: China's Space Warfare Tactics Aimed at U.S. Supremacy

China appears to be sharpening its war fighting space skills, from creating anti-satellite weaponry, building new classes of heavy-lift and small boosters, as well as improving an array of military space systems.

That judgment comes courtesy of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) which earlier this week released its annual report to Congress: The Military Power of the People's Republic of China.

The report focuses on the current and probable future course of that country's growing military-technological prowess, including the use of space to assure military advantage.

Anti-satellite laser work

Flagged in the report is China's work in electronic warfare. In particular, the country is procuring state-of-the-art technology to improve its intercept, direction finding, and jamming capabilities. A possible target for the jammers: receivers utilized in the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite constellation.
The report also underscores China's "robust" research and development program for laser weapons. In 1999, the Chinese displayed a portable laser weapon, advertised for blinding human vision and electro-optical sensors. In addition, a radio-frequency weapons program is likely in place.

"Beijing may have acquired high-energy laser equipment that could be used in the development of ground-based anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons," the DoD report says.

Lightning attacks

This year's report cites a comment from Captain Shen Zhongchang from the Chinese Navy Research Institute. He envisions, according to the DoD, a weaker military defeating a superior one by attacking its space-based communications and surveillance systems.

"The mastery of outer space will be a requisite for military victory, with outer space becoming the new commanding heights for combat," Shen is quoted as saying. He also is quoted in the report as observing that "lightning attacks and powerful first strikes will be more widely used in the future."

In future wars, Shen highlights radar, radio stations, communications facilities, and command ships as priority targets vulnerable to smart weapons, electronic attack, and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons.

continued in next post

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 04:45 PM
Parasitic microsatellites

Improving space-based reconnaissance and surveillance technologies is high on China's agenda. "These systems, when fully deployed, will provide a robust and versatile space reconnaissance capability with regional coverage," the just released DoD report explains.

"Publicly, China opposes the militarization of space and seeks to prevent or slow the development of U.S. anti-satellite (ASAT) systems and space-based missile defenses," the DoD reports states. "Privately, however, China's leaders probably view ASAT systems -- and offensive counterspace systems, in general -- as well as space-based missile defenses as inevitabilities."

Meanwhile, the report adds, China is said to be acquiring a variety of foreign technologies that could be used to develop its own satellite-killing capability.

On this score, China already may possess the ability to damage optical sensors on some spacecraft - at least those vulnerable to laser damage. Ground-based, satellite-blinding laser weaponry is likely being pursued. "Given China's current level of interest in laser technology, Beijing probably could develop a weapon that could destroy satellites in the future," the report notes.

China is also thought on a path toward a direct-ascent ASAT system. This hardware could be fielded in the 2005-2010 timeframe, the DoD asserts. Space interceptors can destroy targets in space. Moreover, the report highlights a Hong Kong newspaper account in January 2001 that claimed China had developed and tested an ASAT system using a "parasitic microsatellite." Although the DoD review says this claim cannot be confirmed, it points out that home-grown microsatellite and nanosatellite technologies are being proliferated by a number of nations.

New booster families

In the booster department, China is proceeding with building a new modular family of heavy-lift launchers. Additionally, a new small, solid-propellant space lifter is being developed. A family of these smaller boosters would provide China the ability to hurl small satellites into orbit. This class of booster would give China a rapid launch capability, "and has broad military, civil, and commercial applications," the DoD report observes.

As for China's human spaceflight program, the DoD acknowledges the fact that the country's first manned space mission may occur this year.

"China also has long-term plans to launch its own space station, and possibly a reusable space plane as well. While one of the strongest immediate motivations for this program appears to be political prestige, China's manned space efforts almost certainly will contribute to improved military space systems in the 2010-2020 timeframe," the report concludes.

Lots of action-reaction

In reviewing the DoD report, some Western China watchers don't see anything startling or new in the assessment of Chinese space interests. But the report does wave a cautionary flag, according to one expert.

"Still lots of speculation of what the Chinese might be developing," said Joan Johnson-Freese, chair of the Naval War Colleges National Security Decision Making Department in Newport, Rhode Island.

"Regarding space specifically, both countries see space as so vital to their futures," Johnson-Freese told "Actions by one are seen as nearly zero-sum to the other," she said.

Johnson-Freese said that the Chinese have read the 2001 Report of the Commission to Assess United States National Security Space Management and Organization as suggesting the inevitability that space will become a battleground. Therefore, the U.S. would be remiss not to prepare.

"They also note that in the first U.S. Space War Game in 2001, American forces were pitted against an opponent threatening a small neighbor. Subsequently, the Chinese view that they would be remiss not to prepare for the inevitability of U.S. development of space weapons."

There are lots of "inevitabilities" in both U.S. and China camps, Johnson-Freese said, that were not considered inevitabilities five years ago. "Lots of action-reaction on both sides," she added.

Targets for preemption

Dean Cheng, Research Analyst with Project Asia at the CNA Corporation in Washington, D.C., has also perused the DoD report on China.

"I think that the Second Gulf War highlighted, on the one hand, the dependence of the United States on space-based systems, which China's People's Liberation Army cannot help but notice and note," Cheng said. "Space assets gave U.S. forces a significant edge, and that is something that the Chinese have noticed."

Cheng said the DoD report correctly observes that the Chinese are showing an interest in the topic of physical attack against satellites.

"It would be dangerous and foolhardy, in my opinion, to either ignore such reports, or worse to pooh-pooh them. Given the degree of American reliance on satellite systems, it would behoove us to consider the prospect of attack against our space-based infrastructure from all potential sources, and to explore and, where possible, undertake countermeasures against such possibilities," Cheng told

As the DoD report notes, Cheng said, "the Chinese have highlighted space systems as targets for preemption. That should only make us pay more attention to improving the survivability of the American space force."


nothing is so assured as many many many great empires have fell in the past thinking they were invincible...just as many will follow.

Don't Ever become blind with Errogance.

there are many countries whom don't necessarily Agree with how the world is bieng policed.

just words of caution and one should always try to take a bigger picture into account.

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 04:54 PM
reply to post by plube

I have been worried about China's involvement in all of this for a couple of weeks now. China was very interested in what was going to be happening during the exercises in Yellow Sea this week. I think China has been watching the U.S. for quite some time now and may just be waiting for the right time to attack, or at least help out against the U.S. I started a thread about this a couple of weeks ago after finding a related news story.

U.S.- China tension at sea

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 04:59 PM
China is going to do whatever benefits China the most.

Iran is not a global player in the economy. Iran does not have the potential to impact China's exports the way the US and UK do. Iran is like the fat girl that you might give a little action if your friends don't find out. As soon as your friends find out, you pretend not to know her!

China will not risk an involvement against the US/UK. China will continue to deal with Iran, and make a little money, but when SHTF, China will protect its assets and trade agreements in the West.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 05:17 PM
If US is stupid enough to go to war with Iran, I hope they get what they deserve. I am fed up with the US empire killing innocent civilians and invading other countries. The XBOX and Playstation generation will get a wake up call, this won't be an Iraq or Afghanistan.

If you are stupid enough to join the US military and follow orders of mercenaries, you deserve the same treatment you apply to others.

We all know this is yet another BS war of the US Empire.

Maybe this will end it once and for all. How can a broke US afford this war?

I just feel sorry for the lranian people.

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 05:31 PM
reply to post by remrem

Don't only ask how could the U.S. afford this war, ask how could the U.S. afford war with Iran, war with N. Korea, war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and war in Iraq all at the same time?

It has been shown before that the U.S. elites make money by going to war, so the more wars the better. Haliburton profited greatly because or the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. You gotta look at who's going to profit off of war with Iran and N. Korea.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 05:44 PM
reply to post by remrem

I just feel sorry for the lranian people.

I agree with you there. I too feel sorry for the people of Iran if this war happens. I also feel sorry for the people of Iraq, Afghan, Africa, and the US.

Common working people are never the problem. Governments and Corporate Elitists create wars. Farmers don't create wars. Shopkeepers don't create wars. Metalsmiths and Chef's don't create wars.

Now, as for "stupid enough to join the military" "mercenary" and "get what they deserve" that is just stupid. Everyone does what they are willing and able to do to survive. A lot of our youth serving right now only joined to get out of a ghetto, or get a college scholarship. Many joined to follow in the Patriotic footsteps of their fathers and grandfathers. Many joined to make some money and learn a skill instead of becoming draw on the social system.

Do not wish for the death of people in the military, and do not pretend to know what anybody "deserves."

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 05:54 PM
reply to post by SUICIDEHK45

I think that "Papa Putin" has said no to an attack. A-jad is tight with Papa Putin, not so much with that other guy.

The price for Iran will prove to be too high.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 05:54 PM

Originally posted by getreadyalready
China is going to do whatever benefits China the most.

Iran is not a global player in the economy. Iran does not have the potential to impact China's exports the way the US and UK do. Iran is like the fat girl that you might give a little action if your friends don't find out. As soon as your friends find out, you pretend not to know her!

China will not risk an involvement against the US/UK. China will continue to deal with Iran, and make a little money, but when SHTF, China will protect its assets and trade agreements in the West.

great historians and generals always warned to never underestimate you're enemy. and that is exactly what caused many battles to be lost and many empires to collapse.

you must realize that much of the worlds oil comes from the middle east and iran is capable of stopping that, even if its just for a few days, it will cause chaos and en economic collapse. what would be worse is what will follow afterwards.

its not going to be like the iraq war where you can watch it on tv, the iranians are prepared and if they manage to capture the arab oil feilds then expect china and later russia to get involved.

the iranians will most likely lose the war, but a new world will emerge. a world which the europeans and americans will not like.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 06:06 PM
reply to post by SUICIDEHK45

With the new sanctions imposed by the EU and Canada today, the noose is tightening around Iran's neck. Hopefully the people of Iran will get sick of the sanctions and revolt against the leaders of Iran. Then the problem can be solved without too much involvement on the part of Israel and the U.S.

Well I happen to think that americans are getting a bit sick and tired of zionist control and you have more of a chance of seeing a revolt in the USA than in Iran.

Correct me if i'm wrong but even when a country democraticaly elects it leaders it's still not OK if they don't elect the leaders that uncle sam tell them too.

Iran like Cuba have seen off black ops from the CIA to unsettle the voting public but i don't think the USA will pass that test or even if outside intervention is needed.

May i remind the OP who is bombing people all over the world and it's not Iran and your time would be better served by following the money.

Iran is subject to trade sanctions and limited resources. The US is the dominant world power and engine for the worlds economy. It has whatever resource it needs.

The US is in debt up to it's eyeballs and sadam was given anything he wanted by america to defeat Iran and could not manage it.

Funney these wars they say they won in weeks are still going on so i don't think anyone is going to buy in to another attack just so the corporations and banksters can get rich.

Shame the USA won't admit defeat as gracefully as Russia did but keep digging if you like.

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 06:11 PM
reply to post by RizeorDie

I agree with not underestimating. That is why the attack will be preplanned and coordinated with the world leaders. The attack will be swift with overwhelming force in the cover of night, and the next morning Russia and China and the UN will all be talking about how they support it and it was necessary. The press releases will be done before they go to bed that night, and they will be on the wires in the morning!

Russia and China have already shown their cards. They vehemently opposed sanctions, right up until it was time to vote, and then they voted for them. Russia insisted it was going to sell missiles to Iran, right up until they didn't. Russia even came out today with tough rhetoric condemning what A-jad had been saying about their flip flop of support.

Iran cannot control all the world's oil. Who do you think China would prefer have control of those oil fields? A-jad, or the US and NATO? China wants to build a global regime, they want to continue exporting all their cheap ass goods. Is Iran buying them? Nope!! The West is buying them.

So, if the attack is on, and Iran causes a couple of days of chaos, in the end, we get even more oil, not less. Iran cannot hoard oil, when Iran is busy surrendering to UN and NATO forces!

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by LieBuster

I don't think the U.S. attacking Iran or N. Korea, or anyone else for that matter, is a good idea. The U.S. has many problems to deal with that are right here, at home. I hope the U.S. stays as far away as possible from attacking Iran and N. Korea, but it doesn't look like that will happen.

I wish the U.S. didn't have any troops involved in combat operations at all. If you look at the thread in my signature you will see that I absolutely hate the fact that men and women from all coalition countries are dying in Iraq and Afghanista.

I was just trying to point out that I don't think Iran would stand a chance in a war with America. The only way they would stand a chance of "winning" would be if the U.S. tried to "nation build", which as we all know doesn't work.

The coalition forces have been stuck in this never-ending "war on terror" for almost ten years now, and it doesn't look like the U.S. will be getting out of it anytime soon.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 06:23 PM
You all have failed to realize how much of an operations NIGHTMARE Iran is as far as attack.

It's surrounded by mountains, there's no way to get infantry and armored vehicles in without heavy resistance.

Sure they can send in the airforce, but with SAM sites among a bunch of other tech Iran does have and probably more we don't even know about; they are poised to make it VERY difficult for any of them to make a dent.

Don't underestimate your enemy. If it was that easy to take over Iran they would have done it already. What do you think is taking so long?

It certainly isn't public support, who cares about that after Iraq and such.


posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 06:29 PM
reply to post by tothetenthpower

The terrain in Iran is just as bad as the terrain in Afghanistan, and the U.S. was stupid enough to go in there. I understand that Iran actually has a military force, whereas Afghanistan didn't, so there would be many more casualties in the first weeks.

The U.S. Army and Marines have been training in the best Iran "simulation" (Afghanistan) for almost ten years now.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 06:33 PM
reply to post by tothetenthpower

It certainly isn't public support, who cares about that after Iraq and such.

Good Point!

World support is a different story though, and their recent keystone terrorists were extremely ineffective at rousing the nation. If the Detroit Crotch Bomber, or the Times Square SUV Smoker would have succeeded, then we would probably already be in Iran.

The Gulf Oil Leak wasn't close enough to terrorism. The Domestic Terrorists joined the Tea Party and decided to win at the polls. These are very hard times for TPTB to get a good false flag going!

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 08:37 PM

Originally posted by SUICIDEHK45
reply to post by tothetenthpower

The U.S. Army and Marines have been training in the best Iran "simulation" (Afghanistan) for almost ten years now.

You mean babysitting the popy fields? That's hardly training really.

But I agree to some degree. Still there are more moutains in Iran and they've strategically placed infrastructure to take advantage of that.

Just look at a topical map of Iran, it would be really brutal.

Also if it took them 10+ years in Afghanistan, and still having issues, how long would you think it would take to sucessfully complete operations in Iran?


posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 08:42 PM
reply to post by tothetenthpower

The only way the U.S. would have any chance of "sucess" would be if there were only airstrikes and limited ground engagements and not try to "nation build" If the U.S. wanted to occupy Iran I think it would take ten times longer than it has in Afghanistan.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 09:41 PM
reply to post by remrem

haha broke? have you not studyed military history? spoils of war any one>? yeah its a tabboo subject but it gets done as for china they are huge and they are powerfull but CURRENTLY they have no way of getting accross that big ocean and getting troops here they gonna get on boats? yeah we can nuke that google bikkini atol but it would never even get to that point and say for hypothetical reasons they do try to invade and there force gets wipped out what do u think russias gonna do attack us? or there weakend neighbor to the soulth? russia and china hate eachother far more then they hate us!

and on a strictly personal note how come no one factors what india will do or what the germans will do the germans are some of the best fighters and have some of the best technology and after all the rapeing and murder that happend after ww2 during the soivet occupation you think they have forgotten about that? zee germans will never side with the russians so that puts the EU in our corner(poland hates the russians,alot of the "stans" hate there former land lord,france wont side with russia so that gets them too,United kingdom yeah they got our back just as we have uk's back i could go on with the european allies list but lets go to asia)

asia: south korea wont side with the chinese they got allota history with them OLD history,tiawan will be in our corner for survival there not big and there not powerfull but they have manpower,now the big iff is india as if they side with us they kinda negate china and while they may not like some of there former masters in europe there far more frendly to us then them (over all and i could be wrong on india) tibet could also seize this chance to gain there independece while china is distracted not a huge factor but the chinese HATE dissent,Japan yeah there not the best military power these days but any one that dobuts the japanese will to fight for there country are fools so more manpower tech and bases for Usa+nato,vietnam wants nothing to do with america or its wars they beat our tails and kicked us outa there country so they and the other less militant and southern areas of asia will problay keep outa it like the swiss

middle east: usa has the saudis on our side the egyptians leaning twords us more then iran and the UAE sideing with the usa least in a conflict with iran(rember different religions in those countrys) Israel is definatly in our corner (cant think of any more but if ppl want to expand on this list go for it)

south america(still covered by that pesky monroe doctorine) yeah chavez wont be on our team but in my opinion brazill will be and there huge in that area argentina problay wont cuz of the falklands(but the uk could offer to give them the islands if they help us and that might sway them) colombia seems to be on our team peru stays out of it for the most part

north america: canada will fight with the usa regardless as they are owned operated by the UK and it goes with there security interests to fight with us

mexico...could be a wild card but the last time some one tried to get them riled up against us was in ww2 and we put the fear of god into them they could go either way but it will be the end of mexico if they side against us(there would be insurgants from those places but hey they are next door)

hell we could problay get iraq's help in invadeing iran? sure they would like to settle a few scores and would problay make a good minion afganistan wont fight either side as they just want there country back

kinda scatterbrained i know but its all i could think of at the moment but the above is why it wont turn into ww3 least in my opinion any thoughts?

had another brain fart whats to stop the usa from useing our space shuttle from just captureing enemy sattelites and for lack of a better term just being like no satellites for you?would it work or is it just crazy?i mean other nations could just send junk into space and take that away from us but then there goes all sattelites everywhere

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