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why do things i see seem like no big deal?

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posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 01:42 PM
First I want to apoligize for the first thread i start being this long in advance.........

After reading some posts on here i began to think back to some unusual events that have happened in my life and something puzzled me about them. All my life ive had a pretty strong attraction to unexplained oddities , be it ufo's , lost cities, spirits, or even big foot ive been into reading and researching various aspects of it all. However when a sighting happens to me personally i seem to make up excuses in my mind that it didnt really happen at all or that i just imagined it. You would think that somebody so into this kinda thing wouldnt shrug off seeing things in person ,so im wondering why i am. Its weird i remember spending endless nights staring at the skys as a youngster camping outside desperately looking in the skies to see something yet when i get older and actually see something its like my brain refuses to believe it happened. Has anyone else noticed similiar style mentality?

This whole thing came up do to me recently reading about 93% of the navies ship being at sea which then led to meteors and all sorts of other things. And of course i discussed some of what i read with my girlfreind at dinner and her 8 year old son asked what we where talking about and i said " we are talking about the aliens that are coming to take you back home" ( i was just kidding with him we kid like that alot ) any way he came off with his usual " aliens dont exist do they mom. She said " i dont know but there was that one time we saw that light" What she was refferenceing was something that happened several summers back . On a night of a pretty heavy storm she came running from the back bedroom saying " there is something on fire down by the road". I went to the window to see what she was talking about and it did kinda look like fire but it looked more like something small and glowing, the more we looked at it , the more it looked like a set of eyes looking at us. Of course i decided to mess with her and say it was eyes and that freaked her out more then i expected so i started saying its just the reflection off the wet road we will watch and when a car comes by it will dissapear when the lights hit it. We watched for a while and when i heard a car coming sure enough the glow dissapeared , but it dissapeared before the headlights ever hit it. Given i knew i had freaked my girlfriend out i didnt mention i noticed that and i said "see its gone". Thats when she said "yeah but the car has passed and its still gone" sure enough the car had to be a mile down the road by then and the glow wasnt there. She starred out the window for about five more minutes when she said " its back". I watched it for a few minutes and it moved a little but it never looked away from us. I then tried to tell her it was the neighbors dog but she didnt fall for it. There was no way the neighbors dog had glowing fiery eyes and no other animal would sit that still in the open in such a bad storm. ( i have to agree with her on that and i know animals , ive been a breeder/broker of exotics for many years ) After watching the thing for a few minutes my girlfriend yelled "whats that" and pointed up above the trees over the thing we where watching. Above the trees maybe 40 feet or so was what looked like a ball of light maybe 3 feet in diameter that had a couple of blue lights inside it. In a matter of seconds it looked like a ray of light shot down from the flying object onto the eyse that where watching us ( allmost like a beam me up scotty kinda thing ) then in an instant the light above the trees shot off into the sky. And when i say in an instant it was allmost like it just vanished into thin air , and when it dissapeared so did the flaming eyes object. Now remember i love this kinda stuff so why would this seem like no big deal to me? My girlfreind spent the better part of the night staring out the window looking for its return she even made me drive to the bottom of the driveway to prove whatever it was had left. Now all of this happened within 200 feet of me and until this week ive never really thought much about it and its got me wondering why.

A week later we are over at a friends house and my girlfreind is telling this story to my buddies wife and my buddies wife looks at my girlfriend like she is nuts. I told her that every body sees things they cant explain from time to time , i said even your husband and thats when my buddy said i thought we had a pact never to bring that up. He actually got quite pissed at me and we have been friends since we where 5 ( over 25 years now ) and we have never fought over anything. Anyway what iwas talking about was something we had seen when we where 16 as we we driving down an old country road. We where just out exploring the back woods roads out of bordem and i noticed lights coming out of the corn fields along the road. The lights looked like huge spotlights and they where panning around all over the place, i dont know why but it didnt really even seem odd to me to see this. Then about a half a mile down the road something about 15 feet in front of us and 20 feet up flew across the road. The object was glowing white and i really hate to say it but the size and allmost the shape of a cow. My buddy stomped the breaks when he saw it but it crossed so quickly he didnt even come to a full stop. We continued down the road for a few miles and not one word was said about it allmost like it never even happened. After a few minutes of silence i said " did you see that thing back there" he replied "yes" i said "did it kinda look like a cow" he said yes and not another word was said about it that night or any night until the night i brought it up around his wife. Now i consider myself a rational man and i know neither he nor i where doing drugs back then but why in the hell would it not seem odd to me to see a glowing flying cow, i mean really thats the kinda thing that even seems stupid in cartoons. And why did my buddy get so pissed when i brought it up?

Im not making either of those events up and they are not the only times in my life that ive seen things i cannot explain. And at none of these times has my interest been even remotely peaked and thats the part that makes me wonder. Is it possible that even though ive wanted to see something i cant explain that when i actually do my mind kicks in a reflex of dismissing it? For instance the fact that the object looked to me like a cow , is it possible my mind didnt like what it saw so much it preformed a relfex like action and instead of seeing what was really there my mind identified it as a harmless object like a cow? Did the same reflex like thing happen to my buddy as well but not as much and he really didnt want to even remember the event becuase he didnt just see a cow? It really bugs me that even as i write these things down i dont feel even the slightest need to investigate nor even understand the event i really just would like to know why i dont feel the need to do so.

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 01:53 PM
wow, thas alot to
anywayz i didnt rread all of it only the first paragraph bout u not belivein in wat u saw even though u totally belive in it...

Well this is a psychological thingy which if u do enuff research into u could probably find somethin about it such as email a psychologist...

And yeah it is weird that u shrugg off somethin that u find a liking to...
Maybe u like it to much that you dont want to question it, so anytime u see something wierd u try to explain it.

Since u gotten older you have gotten ideas and knowledge of physics and science and regular stuff that debunks any idea of the unexplained...

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