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If invited to leave Earth, would you ?

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 02:43 PM
this again?
I said I would go last time.
and I am STILL waiting!!!

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 03:25 PM
If they helped to solve the problems on earth firsth, then yes.
If everyone on earth could leave, then yes.
If only I could leave, then no... that is bailing out..

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 03:43 PM

Originally posted by Magnus47
Probably not. All of the incentives for going are based on rewarding a "more for me" mentality. Longer life, greater knowledge, all the fun technology you could hope for... but no way to give anything back to the people you care about. It's all getting, with no giving.

reply to post by Magnus47

Not, necessarily.

Eventually we will have to abandon this earth in order that our species survive. Those who pave that road may never again see the loved ones they know, but they will indeed have helped create a means of escape for those in their future so they can continue the chain life. I see nothing at all selfish about that.. that is unless you consider the idea that our species survival beyond earths ability to sustain us is selfish.

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 03:50 PM
reply to post by xspinx

in a heartbeat!

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 04:09 PM
I'd definitely consider it.

I'd have to talk it over with the wife first. That's way to big a decision to make alone.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 04:12 PM
Hell yes.

If they were genuinley friendly and ultimatley had good intentions there would be no thinking twice.

I would have conditions though.

-There must be respect given. Not one of us should be looked down as a somewhat primitive being or animal. Our rights should be the same as theirs.

-I would want to be able to design and create my own city / region area.
(Preferably on a separate planet from theirs - could explore and expand from the core 'capitol' if you will. They would be able to come and go as they wish and even live there as well as long as they respect the residents )

-Technology must be taught and shared - in exchange for any knowledge they would like of course. I believe there was a story about how aliens were interested in how we cultivated and farmed our land so it could be a double benefit because I am freaking country.

-I would have to be able to choose whomever and whatever I wanted to come with me - be it animals plants or people and existing technologies that we find useful, and individuals with like ideals AND useful traits /are suffering from the world over. I would also be given ample time with their assistance to find these things and individuals.

From there I believe the aim would be to create an uptopian society with a balance of technology and nature that would allow all beings peace and safety and security. (Which I believe is currently impossible with the 'system' in place in this world I was born into.)

If all conditions are met - would be no need to return to earth because I would have taken all that would be missed. Let the ones left fight the wars, continue hating each other, or live in greed. Well... I would miss the beauty this world posses in its enviroments.. but thats what exploration of the new world is for.

Hopefully they wouldn't change their minds after knowing all my demands

( yes I have thought of this before this thread was even posted

//edit to fix a wierdly worded sentence and fix a few typos I made in my excitment.

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 04:36 PM
yes i will do anything to leave this dump,im sick living around emo girls and brainwashed apple fanboys,or even worse,living around angry people with wasted lifes who want to start a fight with you. we live so we can live good,to have a interesting and nice life,not that crap

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 04:47 PM
reply to post by xspinx

But do they watch soccer o drink beer? what about the ladies? and the food? BBQ? sausage? what if they are not so freindly after all and they just laugh at you while one of them tell you.. bwahahaa never.. never again to earth bwahahaha we will stick our E.T finger in your anus......

No i stay!... ill let our goverment stick the finger becouse i still get the beer and food and ladies

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 04:51 PM
I would have to turn the opertunity down beacsue I am proud to be a earth human, as a earth human I want to grow technology wise and species wise, I want to prove to other civilizations that we don't need their technology and that only time can make us stronger, I want to some day rule over the Milkyway Galaxy like the United States rules over the world, we are growing at a alarming rate and its only a matter of time before we can challenge those who threaten our species, I do believe their is a mother race watching over us and we are not slaves, we are potent as a civilizating and our brains are able to calculate and show emotion, this is why we haven't been destroyed by our mother race, they see what we are capable of and are helping us grow and spread throught the Milkyway.

That being said, we are not ready to see our creators as we arnt able to handle the truth of our existance, the truth that we were a experiment gone right, they created us and saw their creating expand and conqure, they know we are not civilized but we are war mongers, we are perfect for the plan for us in the future, to fight their wars and spread through the universe, we are special, we just need time to grow.

I would not want to see our mother race no.

I am proud of my species.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 05:43 PM
Nah, man. I'm Earthborn, 100 percent, and I'm staying here until my next reincarnation. (After that is up for debate). Of course, if I could visit their planet and then go back home, I prolly would. If only so I could say, "Meh, ours is nicer."

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 07:31 PM
I would go in an instant. Nothing to lose on earth...

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 07:52 PM
I chose to be here, what I need is open acknowlegement of outside life. I don't need to travel to the stars. I do it every night

So, yes of course I would love to, but in truth. No, I like Earth. We chose to be here for reasons, and it's a beautifull planet despite our ugly side. Having friend sleep home would be nice, I don't need me, to sleep at there house

Open, simple contact and the public knowing about outside life visiting us, is all I need

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 07:55 PM
I'd go if I could still get laid.

So unless the alien chicks were really hot I'd want to take a companion along.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 07:57 PM

Originally posted by David_Reale
Nah, man. I'm Earthborn, 100 percent, and I'm staying here until my next reincarnation. (After that is up for debate). Of course, if I could visit their planet and then go back home, I prolly would. If only so I could say, "Meh, ours is nicer."

My above point exactly.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 08:01 PM
reply to post by xspinx

Thats tricky. My gut feeling says I would go in a heart beat, no doubt about it. Even if I had to leave everyone and everything I knew behind.

But when i think about it, i wouldnt want to abandon my wife or close friends/ family unless they were also invited.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 08:04 PM
I would definitely go. I long for a life where we are not so enslaved by our corporate overlords and I could escape my consumerisms. If I knew that there were aliens and they could take me away, I would go just for the experience.

I have always longed to see the Earth from space as well, so it would fulfill one item off of my bucket list.

Really, I am not too impressive down here...and if there was an option to investigate and learn from another alien race, I would think it would be foolish not to take up the offer....

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 08:04 PM
I would go if i got to say goodbye to people first.

I have no ties and it would be a great adventure.

Thats assuming that they really are friendly aliens offering me a chance to explore the universe, and not just wanting to eat me, do strange medical experiments on me or enslave me. If it was a genuine offer and that no harm would come to me then I definatley would go.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 09:13 PM
well if I could take my fire-hair lady... YES! NOW! PLEASE!

Can I check Earth TV to see when its going to blow up? I love fireworks!

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 09:50 PM
I select your third option.

I would miss the the planet, America, my state, county, relative, my animals, et al.

To have the chance to go would be great, but I would have to be able to come back and share this experience with my fellow ATS'ers.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 09:52 PM
Exploration with these beings would be quite interesting, however I know for a fact that wouldn't happen. Think about it, they take you with them and your exposed to their technology (which exceeds ours by thousands of years). Bringing knowledge of this technology back to earth would pose a great threat to ourselves, and we would use it to destroy ourselves before we use it to benefit all of humanity. Maybe in 2012 when the aliens reveal themselves to all of humanity "maybe" things will change for the better. Until then, these aliens do know about this and if they do being someone they aren't bringing them back.


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