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I am asking the Awakened for assistance! Im ready for the next step.

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 09:02 AM
What is to be the next step if you are awakened?

Sit down, calm down, relax and listen to the this melody on replay mode. Do not let the commercialisation of this music, its background, its connected story or anything else corrupt your mind.

Just slowly let your mind drift back in time. beginning with yourself right through the beginning of civilisation. Imagine you sitting alone on a mountain top and watch how civilisation began as recorded in history - from caves, to cities, to wars, to conquests, the dominance of our species, the poor farmers made homeless by the rich with foreclosures, the child and his brother/father blown to bits by merchants of war who profited from it, brother killing brothers, how throughout it all, noble souls had attempted to save mankind, had our truimphs, only to be twisted by the greedily powerful and efforts failed, and the ultimate result - our enslavement as a species kept divided when we all should be one.

That will be the sad truth that you are to be awakened from....

No person alone can save the world..

But all hopes is not lost. Within that spirit in us is our human spirit to never quit give up. The answer to the next step lays within you. It is love. Not the sexual aspect of it, but the care and concern first for yourself, then for others within your circle reaching out to other circles as well.

You must be able to love yourself first, and only then can you give true love. And that act of love will touch lives and be exponential. We are divinely created, but are not divine beings. We are flawed and have our darksides, but then, we too have our bright sides. We must concentrate on our brightside to help illuminate others and lead the way.

It's ok to make mistakes, for that is how we humans learn and progress, so long as we analyse where we went wrong and take steps to correct it, no matter how many times it takes to get it right.

It's not how we rise that matters. It is how many times we continually are willing to rise, like a boxer in a ring, that matters more. And it is such that true role models comes from, which others will take heart and courage to go through their own difficult battles in life.

That next step you seek, is to reach out to your families, friends and relatives, not by telling them what to do, but by touching their lives from your heart. Some will take advantage of it, but many more will appreciate and return in kind.

We all do know what is good and what is bad from ancient noble teachings. And from there will true mass change comes from, with the power of the masses to move even moutains aside and bridge distances at the wink of an eye...

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 09:05 AM
reply to post by Yummy Freelunch

This is the way I walk.

The last step is belief and the "next step" is Beyond.....

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 09:07 AM
I will post this reply without reading responses. I don't often even do this, as most of what comes down the tube is distraction which I know you understand what I mean.

All of what you have said is shared by others and I like you am looking for the next step. I am reminded of when I said hi to an older gentleman looking at some abandoned homes on the water front near me in Fl. He sat down and we talked for a short while. Suddenly he blurted our which was triggered by my conversation, "I am waking up to something, I have a job to do and wish to hell I knew what it is". He is at the stage you and I are, we know there is more, but so much is hidden as we are trapped within these bodies.

I recently read one of my dreams from my journals which I had forgot. In this, I was instructed to look at this life like a gossamer very thin tissue which lays upon and in this case, a blue durable surface. As I looked this tissue was like a skin, falling apart constantly due to it's thinness, but always the durable blue part remained intact, eternal. I was told that the tissue like covering was our life, insubstantial and temporary, renewing but dissolving and our real selves was the durable blue surface which received the imprint of the dissolving gossamer covering so it to was recorded but did not change the eternal part.

I mention this lesson only as it allows me to know that what we are going through is only a part of a greater whole, it is only a very small part of our greater being, like an epithelial layer which is shed daily.

As to helping to go further, I wish I had the answer, but it is found within and not without, we have to look at that which is our greater part and that can be achieved by simplicity. I have heard and I have practiced meditation, which may work, I have and succeeded in doing telekinesis which works for concentration and growth, but getting back to the simplicity and acceptance of being a child seems to work better. Connecting with all living things, loving plants and animals and separating yourself from mankind's distractions which leads to lower vibrations. We are many of us entering a higher vibrational level and you may experience it now and then. Dreams become more than before, intuition increase etc. The next step is slower, but real.

Keep a journal of your dreams. Practice out of body exercises, try TK, stay away from negative people, and that is why I seldom get into politics, it is overrun with negativity and anger. Turn off the TV. I know you have heard it before, but my inner self directed me this way and I have no tolerance left for any of this, a real disconnectedness from the world, it is a distraction which I resent.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 09:11 AM

Originally posted by Yummy Freelunch
This information was feeding a hunger for truth, for who..or what life is. And who am I.
I devoured everything I could on ufo's, paranormal, history, nature, science, etc...most everything except Hollywood jargon, I tried to stay away from pop culture information, such as People, or any news rag like that. I wanted to filter out the useless CRAP that most people read.

I think you need to take it easy and enjoy your life with your kids.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 09:18 AM
Take this as you want to, as you do with any information/"fact" etc. The only truth you/me ever need to be searching for is yourself. And we need to see that you=everything. Post some random videos etc, there is alot more but its always up to you if you want more information or not. Good Luck! =)

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 09:30 AM
It is clear now - there is NO me. Me is illusion created by the matrix.

Make sure you watch part 4

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 09:33 AM
reply to post by Yummy Freelunch

I just posted without reading and now am following the thread. Now this part you can discard or not, I don't seek support here and I know it will open a can of worms. I have had some bizarre visions/dreams and now shared with my wife.

As to being side tracked with substances like beer, wine ets, I can only tell you of my wife's experience. I will not allow myself to be controlled by things of this earth, it limits spiritual freedom as well as freedom here on this earth. Wow, just saying this much puts me at risk. LOL.

Several months ago, my wife came to me confused and told me we were taken to a large building/ship and looked down upon a beautiful world and was above the clouds. I will leave out the details here, but it was profound considering her being a kinetic person of little poetry. What she was told was that substance abuse which was her forte, wine, was slowing her waking process and she needed to waken further. I was there as well and they, people similar to us, taller, larger heads, round eyes, were together and she would not be able to be part of this if she did not try harder. She felt left out and really liked these people in the end and had been there before. Slowly she is changing and is opening up. I asked her if this was just a dream and she insisted no, it was real, we were there and you were like them only you were you. When she would hesitate in describing the even, I would know the details and this shook her somewhat, yet I have no memory of it, only details. Life is not what it seems for those stuck in this reality.

One thing here, we view negative people now as triggers which cause us personal growth. Like the other day in a meeting where a township wanted our building of eight years destroyed as they made a mistake in permitting back then. I refused and this mi. state cop/administrator was going to beat me up for not going along with his dictates, I am disabled somewhat and an older man, yet this caused us to move further oddly.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 09:40 AM
reply to post by Yummy Freelunch

Hello Yummy Freelunch-

The chains that we all have were put on us long ago. It started with the want of power and control. To have power you must have control and to have control gives you power. If you can take others control away from them then you will have that power over them. The more control you take away from others the more power you will have over them which has lead us to where we are today. Many people keep giving their controls away bit by bit and don't realize they are just adding to the chains.

Our biggest control that we give away is allowing others to tell us what we can and can't do. If you look in todays world most of the people who have the control and power right now are all about just that, power and control, and they want more not less. They are black holes sucking everything they can out us.

To start getting these controls back we must realize that what we see is an illusion. From the day we are born we are told what we can and can't do. This is done by others around us, many times not on purpose but by how they were taught. Other times it is done on purpose by others who only want more power and control. Just remember this, you have the control over yourself unless you let others control you. Try not to control others but to help to teach others see their own chains so that they can break free themselves. By trying to help others it will help you to see your own chains that you otherwise may have missed.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 09:40 AM
reply to post by Yummy Freelunch


Go to and get his book "Human Race Get Off Your Knees" (The Lion Sleeps No More). This book should help you get to the next step in the awakening process.


posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 09:50 AM
Above all push the limits on your own consciousness, psi wise, memory wise, go within, meditate. Sungaze. Questions to bring into meditation that relate to yourself and why you're here, or when listening to music, or while sungazing a bit or in nature, anything that brings you a higher vibrational state, joy for example, are: who am I? why am I here? how can I help? help me love more? what is time? what is the sun? what is "no time"/infinity?

Set intentions, speak them, write them in journal, keep a journal, to meet with Higher Self, to have a dream that answers questions, solves a problem, enlightens you and helps you remember, that you can remember the dream. Program it each night for a few mintues with intentions before sleep.

Hemisynch, music, whales and dolphins open pathways between hemispheres. Let your thoughts drift off, and fall away, and go zen mind, mindlessness, feelings and intuition. Learn to develop energy recongition, and use your feelings, reach into the wave when the phone rings, connect to others. Connect to nature, put an apple slice outside and try to connect to the bees and insects, flowers, and trees, try to communicate with nature. Ask what they can teach you.

Its all about waking up, and remembering, but its also about raising frequency and being loving, caring about the world, helping another, examing all the daily tests and seeing if you can see a better response. For in a clear, higher frequency state, answers come, connections come.

Its all within us, Higher Self is too. That experience is akin to more of you, bubbling up in you.

You're an Infinite Ray of Light, the Many In One, and all is being broadast in so, so in a sense we are like rays of light, starlight or sunlight, for that is the broadcast signal, so in a difficult moment, tired over worked, and about to lose your cool, try to think, I'm the sunlight, I'm a warm and loving ray, and feel it swell up within you and the difficulty should be become a breeze to get through, depends on what it is. People problems are more difficult than the jam jar leaping out at you in the fridge and creating a mess, when you're in a rush and have no time for this, or very tired.

Everyone has Higher Self, the Family of Light, and a Team (even family from within the cosmos, from where you might be remembering) watching over us here. Earth is like a school, prison for some, Groundhog Day for others, Final Exam for a few to go beyond, starting point for some, and also, others come to make a difference, even get family members out for being trapped isn't fun and the pain here can be felt in the Beyond.
Everyone has made it out the otherside, our Higher Selves are our Future Selves, even the bad guys of the universe, but it can be a long journey and for some even longer.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by Yummy Freelunch

Dr. Deming in his philosophy talks about introvert and extrovert. Introvert, we all are born good and honest and to do good things. Extrovert is the influence of environment how we grew up and in what circumstances that shape our personalities and attitude. A criminal or murderer becomes that way because of extrovert influences. Having said that, it seems to me that you are a very honest person born to good family but your environment got you confused and that you are struggling which way to head on. You are not alone. The country of my birth wasn't paying me enough to live honestly and I didn't want to live dishonest life so I left my environment thinking that USA is a place where I could live honestly. But at the end of my retirement age which is now I have been fighting for survival. Don't know if to fight for my own survival or to fight for the survival of my family. Don't have enough strength to do both. To answer your question, change your environment and stay close to the people of your faith. you will find some peace. I can give lecture all day long and give you examples what I did in life for a change to help people but at the end I got the blame. You will find yourself in that kind of situations. But live with your conscience. The world is in the grips of mentally sick people and it is in climax. I assure you that humanity will prevail.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 10:14 AM
Reply to post by Yummy Freelunch

Hey one more time yummy frenchfry, I decided to read more than the 1st page and I like the hugs, they are more important than people realize. But I came back to the writing post to tell a story because you mentioned observing animals and ants in particular and I`ve never told anyone this story, ever. Ok here goes. When I was in third or 4th grade I used to walk maybe 5 blocks or so to and from school. One day I was walking home, alone, and came across an ant colony in the middle of the sidewalk. Kinda down in the cracks I guess, but there were ants goin all over, to and fro. Some were carrying grains of sand or dirt to add to the structure perhaps. For reasons not alltogether known to me, although I suppose it was a mixture of the curiosity and ignorance of an 8 year old, i kicked the middle of the colony. Probly killed a few but also messed up their little cave entrances and such. Now when I look back, I think something changed in me at that moment. Not a huge change, but one of the "baby steps" that led to who I am today. Almost immediately, I was devastated at what I`d done. My little chin stiffened & my lower lip began to quiver. Lol even now a few tears make an appearance! But I`ve gotten used to those a long time ago. We`ve become well acquainted. They`re my "little friends" I don`t tell anyone about, at least not anyone who knows me. Soo I began to try to help the ants rebuild. I used a tiny twig to remove blockage from their little entrances. And was very careful not to step on anyone. I didn`t even realize it, but my little rest stop took over an hour and when I got home, the man I called dad was both relieved and furious at the same time.. I mumbled something about helping some ants that I kicked, and he looked at me like I was crazy. I kinda started realizing my isolation, my DIFFERENTness. And that`s all I have to say about thayut! Sorry, dumb old movie...

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 10:31 AM
Hey yummy,

Well, The first step in wisdom is to know you know next to nothing...check,many of us here realize after awhile how little we truely know.

The daily grind simply has to go on...we need to eat, so we must work for our food, be it flipping burgers so to speak, or growing veggies. We need clothes (winter gets chilly) so more work is required it with aforementioned burger flipping services, or making your own clothes out of skins and plants...your choice really.

I look at the daily grind not as some sort of slavery towards anyone in particular, but towards our own nature...if we didn't spend 40 hours a week hammering away at some crappy job somewhere, we would be spending the same amount of time trying to make the stuff we would have simply bought at the crappy, its basically the same as its always been since man was in caves.

The interesting bits come after the 40 hours is up...its those times when your not simply trying to keep the "container" alive and warm which gives your true life meaning...besides the odd shopping excursion, what you do in your time off is how you identify your point of existance.

I am pretty progressive and am all about the whole global community, but I think that ultimately, for me anyhow, I stop thinking globally in regards to my point and simply focus on my local home, my street, my community, and try to make any changes just there.

If everyone focused on how they want the world, not by massive inneffectual gestures to a worldwide audience, but right in their little hometown...I think the world, or at least parts of it, would quickly shape up to a beautiful place..a puzzle is made of a bunch of tiny pieces, and that is where you need to work make the piece you live on crystal clear and it may fit in beautifully to the greater puzzle.

I think that the msm and internet, although good, distracts us with global issues and makes us lose focus of our own little towns and community. We become terrorized by some murder that happened 100 miles away and so react negatively to people 2 miles away because of the loss of perspective.

What you do, the steps you take...that is not a question for the global community...that is a question for you and regarding your specific life and the life of your street/community...that is where you will be most effective in controlling and empowering yourself and your surroundings.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 10:39 AM

Originally posted by Yummy Freelunch
What you have written here is like a cloak of heaviness has been placed on me...somehow I know you are right.
The behaviors I make excuses for, mostly now, is drinking beer, A LOT! Especially on the weekends. I make excuses, and reasons why I feel it necessary. Or my fear of being in public. I dont like to leave the "safety" of my house.

I am not quite understanding what my next step is..but I want it..I want it so badly.
I have already become isolated. It is only me and my 2 children, for years now. I dont date..I dont desire that lifestyle anymore. All I do is seek information, its like im driven. I barely even eat anymore.

Haven't read the whole thread. But what tgidkp said is pretty spot-on. Awakening is not child's play. In the process you will discover many unpleasant truths about the world and about yourself. Getting rid of the emotional blinders that cause one to conveniently ignore all unpleasant thoughts is really the first step.

You sound like a very introspective person. This will help. Let me recommend a book for you, that is of immense help in the awakening process: Neurosis and Human Growth by Karen Horney. I even wrote a whole thread about it, you can find it here:

I suggest reading the thread and see if that book is something you might want to pick up. It's a painful read because it convicts you, but if you remain honest in your quest for truth you will not regret reading it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that "awakening" is not a destination but a journey, a lifelong journey. Once you're on the path you will continue to occasionally have "realizations" and epiphanies and they won't stop (at least they haven't stopped yet for me). There's always more to learn. You're never done.

Good luck!

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by Yummy Freelunch


The same thing happend to me back in '08, almost exactly like you.

I stopped caring about what people thought, about if my clothes really matched, if my make up was perfect, about anything on tv, about politics, etc. I couldn't get enough of archeology, forbidden archeology, UPO's, Et civilizations, ancient cultures, etc. I think I could have learned anything, my mind was SO expanded.

I have come a loooong way and consider myself fairly awakend. I am aware of the 'game' we are truly playing, of why I am here, of what is coming our way.

You are already there. You are already there.

Let go of that little bit of fear and invite your self in. Don't hate the fear, let it in, feel it, thank it for getting you this far, then release it to the violet flame.

The Call

Very important point, this is where we bring it all together if you say “What was Adamus talking about today?” There’s a calling right now. It’s from within you this time. It’s not out there. It’s not Archangel Gabriel or Gabriela calling. And the call has been persistent, steady.

It’s you. It’s your … whatever you want to call it. I’m going to call it your Body of Consciousness because I don’t even like the word ‘soul’ anymore. It’s your consciousness, your expanded consciousness, your full potential of consciousness calling out. But you haven’t been aware of it for the most part. As a matter of fact, it’s been rather annoying, so you’ve tried to shut it off, much like you’d shut a window if there was a noisy car out front. You’re like, “What is that noise? It’s so irritating,” and it’s coming from within and you’ve tried to shut it out. The calling is from You to yourself.

The calling is, you could say, You wanting to come home to you, here now, not out there. The calling is for the integration, bringing together, living.

The calling has no agenda other than to reunite. It doesn’t want you to do certain things – don’t come back and tell me that this voice within wants you to walk naked down the highway at four in the morning. The calling wants nothing but to be with you; to share the experiences of life; to bring a level of passion with it that has been closed off for a long time.

It’s the Body of Consciousness that has been fragmented into parts that’s calling to come back together and it does it through you in this Now moment. In this no-incarnation that you now exist in, in this identity that isn’t from yesterday but is the I Am of today. It wants to come back.

Through your awareness, opening up, you’re going to really understand and to sense this calling. It’s been trying to call you up through your dreams, been trying to call you up with little nagging voices, little body aches and pains, little emotional discomforts. It’s been trying to get your attention, trying to get back to your awareness. Listen to it. It comes from within.

It’s not necessarily going to talk to you in words, not going to tell you what to do. This ‘You’ doesn’t want to tell you what to do, it just wants to be with you. It doesn’t want to say, “you have to take this job or be with that person,” because that would be absolutely contradictory to what consciousness and awareness is and who you are. But it’s calling. It’s there.

So, dear Shaumbra, take a deep breath and between now and our next meeting, be aware of it. And it may not be what you think it’s going to be. It may not feel like what you think it’s going to feel like, but it’s there.

Between now and our next gathering, dear Shaumbra, please realize that actually the world really is marvelous. We’ve gone through a lot of difficult times, but it’s a grand place. When you look into the eyes of other humans – no longer tilting at the windmills, no longer thinking you have to defend or protect anything, but you’re able to genuinely look right into their eyes – you’ll realize what a precious place this planet is. You’ll realize also that what appears to be chaos isn’t at all.

All really is perfect in all of creation, and particularly in yours

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 10:45 AM
Have you ever woken up in a dream to find that you are still dreaming. You had a dream within a dream. Those who contend they have been awakened don't realize that they are still asleep. There are many levels of consciousness that are ready to be woken up to. Don't stop learning, there is more.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 10:49 AM
Have you seen Alex Collier's lecture videos? Humans are created by 22 different alien specis according to his source of info. Humans are about to evolve into the next level of civilization. The age of Saggitarius is on the horizon. The age of peace and tranquility. The age depicted by the picture of the star map where man/woman pouring out the water in a jar. So, you are right. We are thrown into this planet for observation. To study how a collection of species with the souls implanted evolve by themselves. But the slavery was not by the creators choice but rather it was the choice by the humans, in my opinion.

I think the new technology has to be evolved by the earthlings to free themselves from the slavery. They(aliens) will never give that technology for free to the humans. If it were given free, it will be useless because it requires the pain and suffering to learn the value of the new technolgy.

The money earned by hard labor is more valuable and you wil use it more wisely, if you can think of an analogy.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 11:05 AM
reply to post by Yummy Freelunch

OP, you are at the cusp of true awakening. Just keep following your intuition. Everything you are feeling is the "truth" trying to get out.
What it takes is a shift in "perspective" quit thinking in terms of good and evil. Start thing in terms of positive and negative. No matter what "people" try to enslave/engrain into you is that you must be one or the other"good/evil"

If you lookin into some indepth psycology studies. You will find there are
16 distinct personality types. 15 of those have logic built in to there human skill set. 1 does not. When you can understand and "accept" that one person's message and not let it get lost in "translation"(this is where your "logic" keeps you from getting it. Logic is the on thing that is absolute to the "matrix" of this "world". When you find that you can break through "logic" yet not get lost in "the spirit" you will find tha "balance" need to find what you are "missing".

You are almost there the one component you are missing is "faith"

up up and away

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 11:06 AM
Think about HOW you are enslaved. What is the one thing that keeps you in line? MONEY. You need it for just about everything. I suppose you could doff all your worldly possessions and be homeless, rely on soup kitchens and all that, but who wants to exist in that state?

I think a huge part of awakening is realizing that we are enslaved by a financial system that is designed to keep people in perpetual debt. Sure, some people play the game and get out of debt and make a nice living, but they're still in the same system. When they die, the government comes in and steals a chunk of their money so their decendants can't enjoy the same lifestyle. They have to resort to near-outlaw behavior to keep what they have.

Many people have seen it coming and warned about it. All the way back to the founding fathers. Central banking is the mechanism by which we are enslaved to the masters - the banking elite. If no one knows that by now, you're truly asleep.

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 11:07 AM
look at what subforum this topic is in.

Lies are black and white.

The truth is somewhere in the "grey" area

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