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Out of Africa: The Forgotten Continent

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posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 04:57 PM
Good Afternoon ATS,

We're all familiar with the threads that cover the NWO and possible endgame or police state scenarios. We read them everyday here, with some providing more compelling evidence than others. We've heard that evil forces are aligning in the Denver International Airport, or that powerful families in secret societies are amassing in locations around Europe.

I will begin by saying that I am usually a skeptic on these type of issues. But something rather interesting occurred to me the other day...

Why is Africa so very much forgotten by conspiracy theorists, and everyone else for that matter?

Let's do some quick research. Okay, maybe not so quick, these links are lengthy.

And also... (This link is from 2006)

Both of those links contain a large amount of information, but I found a few tidbits that I wanted to expound on... namely natural resources, population, and poverty.

Africa provides the following approximate percentages of the world's known deposits of the following resources.

GOLD: 50%
COLTAN (used in cellular phones): 70%
DIAMONDS: 30% of the world's reserves

Just by this small sampling of the African continents bounty, you can get an idea of the massive amount of wealth that is there. Not to mention other commodities such as oil, wood, water, granite, coffee, etc. Africa is a cornucopia of plenty... and yet, at least 80% of the population lives under the poverty line as dictated by the United Nations. Where is all the investment from foreign nations, other than China? Why is no one devoting significant capital into finding, harvesting, and processing these resources?

Africa has a population of over 1 billion people. That's correct... one billion. Even considering the rampant spread of poverty, illiteracy, disease, etc.... you would expect to find at least one major world power. And yet, even the most modern of African nations (South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia) are considered borderline second world nations at best.

With all of these factors considered, why has the Dark Continent remained so? Why hasn't the United States, China, Russia, or the European Union made significant inroads throughout the continent to exploit its natural resources, it's labor pool (not talking about slavery here), it's unknown treasures?

Could the possibility be that there are some rather unsettling things happening? And by unsettling, I mean things like..

Illegal genetic testing.
Illegal splicing.
Disease testing/vectoring.
And any number of other nasty things the 'civilized' world would immediately condemn and shut down.

If I were to want a place to do 'unsavory' or illegal work, I could think of no better place than the continent that the world has forgotten. Sparse to no satellite coverage, very low level of technology, a population that is not aware of much of the goings on of the world.

What say you all? Does anyone have any links to strange goings on in Africa, if so please post.

Thanks for reading this and sharing your thoughts.


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posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 05:53 PM
reply to post by GuiltyByDesign

If I were to want a place to do 'unsavory' or illegal work, I could think of no better place than the continent that the world has forgotten. Sparse to no satellite coverage, very low level of technology, a population that is not aware of much of the goings on of the world.

Is it ironic to think that there is no satellite coverage for the ordinary masses, but plenty of coverage for the power barons of the world lusting after Africa's riches? The power elite can see, but the ordinary masses can't.

Colonialism never died like the government history books claims. It continues to this day.

You'd have to pay bribes to do business or you would have to kill them, or they'll kill you first

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posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 05:55 PM
Well when you have the global fascists running things you have to think. If they have so much why do they not get foriegn investments to help export raw materials for a profit to both the countries and the international community? In a simple non-corrupt,non-greedy,unselfish,not vain or short-sighted world the continent would have at least 2-3 world powers but you see it's not that simple.

They don't want them to come up. The Global buildermob fascists,the Robchilds, and the bankster crime syndicate us the MSM to protray the hollywood-esque role of the helpless problem(africans)that need to be irraticated (enginneer HIV, sterilizing "vaccines"(look up Bill and Melinda gates eugenics program in africa)starvation and created warfare from the colonies mixing rival tribes together). So they can use africa as thier personal goods warehouse. They'll own both people,marketshare,mindshare,resources,law,fiat "in good fraud/faith" money, everything will be thiers. They'll murder and infect viruses on them until they get thier numbers to a more managable level.

They think we are emotional barbarians that need to be guided by societal"managers"(freudian fascist ideals). We are gullible that we are conditioned by race bullying therapy and emo-ganda tools to help engineer empathy and animosity toward the targeted "problems" the global fascists don't have to get you to get attached to.

They know what buttons to push and what bells to ring. They know what premitive tribalistic subconscious symbolisms/themes to show john buck normal on a sunday football ad in front of his kids.They know how to engineer enviromental/social indoctrination,propaganda,mindwashing, thought conditioning profiles for us too. That crap is programmed into our minds since we were children.

Thats why I find racist people ammusing. I am black and the more racial venting therapy patients I see and the more racial darwinist/racial fascist(nazis) the more I know the NWO's though manipulation is effective.

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posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 06:12 PM
On one hand you can take your stance and say it is a big conspiracy or on the other hand you can look at Africa at face value and you can easily get why there isnt massive investment. Africa is a corrupt continent with each country within at logerheads with their neighbours, you have rampant disease, no infastructure in most of the areas that contain the mineral deposits. If a company was to invest millions or billions into areas to get at the goodies where do you think the money would go, to the hard working citizen or the corrupt Dictator/Puppet Government. If you want a real answer to your question this link will give you an idea of what trying to do business and develop supply chains in Africa can get you

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 06:32 PM
reply to post by On the level

Quite true, the warlords would probably take the largest cuts by far.

On the other hand, however... would a world power really fear or negotiate with a warlord when they could wipe them out?

I agree that any business in Africa is going to be costly due to the reasons that you and I cited, but given those obstacles I do not see how they would be such a huge deterrent to any power that truly coveted something in the continent.

And if your purpose was to use the population for something... such as genetic testing or disease vectoring... you can further undermine or negate a warlord or tyrant's power.


posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 06:49 PM
from what i gather the first pharaohs of egypt were black africans.

tptb fear the potential so they've set things up so they're forced to live in a hand to mouth world distracted by disease, famine, war, all the lowest of the low living conditions.

i reckon part of the plan must be to wipe out the people wether it be naturally or genocide? and then go in and take the resources to build the new age materialism, tptb have got enough to be getting on with for now..

or something like that...?

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 06:55 PM
They key to Africa's problems lies along its borders. Look at Africa, then look at North America, Europe, and Asia. There are an inordinate number of straight lines in those borders, and there are a lot more of them. There are also more land-locked nations than you would expect. These nations are badly imbalanced both internally and in comparison to each other. These borders are the product of decisions made my withdrawing colonial powers who did not have the interests of the African people in mind.

Older, more prosperous nations tend to have globular shapes, not straight line borders, have grown large, and are seldom if ever landlocked. They have grown more or less evenly by acquiring or losing territory resources and people as their wealth and power (or the management of it) ebbed and flowed.

By dividing Africa in such a way that no one nation can exert broad enough power to make revolutionary changes, and periodically depressing whatever developments there are with relatively little economic or military pressure, the West essentially put Africa on ice to be revisited at a later time. I have even pondered that the grand scheme may in fact be to intentionally allow the gradual extinction of humanity in Africa, allowing the eventual development of the first landmass governed directly by a global organization.

The counter-revolution is not being televised, however the major powers are all keenly interested. They are being just subtle enough to prevent a public debate over whether or not it is right. They apparently don't feel that we will look the other way if they make it obvious, but they do seem to realize that if they put a sheet over it, we won't ask what's underneath.

If you check out this old thread of mine there are numerous links to threads dealing with the little-known battle for Africa. The Original Post in that threat suggests Ethiopian collaboration in US efforts against Somalia 6 months before Ethiopia kicked off the war.

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by Xenopathic Investigator

There is little doubt the NWO is very active in Africa.
However, racism cuts both ways - isn't it also racist to infer that white foreigners are responsible for all of Africa's problems?

The politically correct, supposedly "liberal" paradigm means that fascist and wicked Africans can never be held to account because critics are too scared of being labelled "racist".
This has served the NWO quite well.
The evil on the continent may never be described as it is. It must always be explained away with history.
Under Thabo Mbeki we didn't have an "Aids crisis" - according to his centralized ANC power we had racist white stereotypes about black sexuality. Activists and liberals tolerated that idiocity for a decade.
We didn't have "xenophobia" and African foreigners being burnt in the street, oh no, it was just crime. The former police chief Jackie Selebi being found guilty of major corruption - oh no, it happens everywhere (really?) and he made a mistake. President Zuma making advances on an HIV-poz relative (despite having several wives), and taking a shower as contraception? Well, whatever. Dozens of young Xhosa men dying every year in botched initiation ceremonies - it's their culture. Who are we to interfere or comment?
Mugabe's homophobia, racism, slaughter in Matabeleland, corruption, greed and the inept land siezures coupled with mass Zanu-PF campaigns of rape and torture? Oh no - they're just taking back what belonged to them, and it's therefore their right to stuff it up.

Yes, Africa is an abused continent, but on the other hand, with freedom comes responsibility, and most gender and liberal activists would rather shut up and let the atrocities continue instead of taking people to task on human rights, and demanding global norms.
So, because of the black race-card the African despots can continue the dirty work, because many people are so tired of reverse racism and albiphobia that they don't care anymore. That is really sad.

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posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 07:03 PM
I spent six months in Africa in 2006-2007... Djibouti, to be precise.

The poverty I saw there was absolutely heart wrenching. No National Geographic special or picture can properly describe the despair in the eyes of the people there, or the horrid stench of death and human waste in the refugee camps that crowd the outskirts of Djibouti city.

We talk about humanity and being 'good stewards', yet we are allowed to completely forget about the second most populous continent on the planet, the probable cradle of human kind and all the people and wonderful creatures that live there.

It's rather baffling.

Either we..
A) Don't care or,
B) Someone has designs for it that we haven't seen yet


posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 08:06 PM
Don't get me wrong, questioning Africa's position on the world stage is a very valid endeavor... BUT, in order to understand Africa to position it, you really have to have lived there. I did, I worked for CI, Armscor and the SADF in South Africa, only for four years. In my line of work I've seen things, people shouldn't see. All the people know in North America and Europe is what they see on TV ads, the little kids "starving" and the nice voice saying help us help them. Let me tell you, those kids grow up in many cases to be murders, rapists and monsters who'll skin you and eat your heart. But they call them freedom fighters now, I don't know where in the code book it says you should skin your enemies and eat their hearts? I came from a simpler time, when we killed terrorists. Anyway, in order to take an Alpha position, they must become a bigger monster than the one in power.

Africa is a beautiful and dangerous continent and her psychology seems based on only one thing, becoming the Alpha. Africa has no conscience, no morals, no ethics and it's direction is controlled primarily through petty despots that have been installed by the bankers and military industrial complex. It seems this is the only way to both discount the resources that are acquired and as a method of population control. Africa is a place that only has one real law, kill or be killed, it's all about uncivilized survival.

South Africa had some of the best (possibly the best) medical facilities in the world, of course having 30 million "guinea pigs" getting free health care, experimental and otherwise, certainly helped. It's highly possibly that renegade gene splicing is still going on today, but unlikely. Since the ANC's rise to power, as a puppet government it appears controlled by Oppenheimer and the IMF, medical capabilities have collapsed somewhat along with most other relevant infrastructure like roads, electricity, waste treatment and water supplies.

Back in the day, when Wooter had his tentacles into everything and Magnus had carte blanche control, things were a bit different. You could splice product in the labs from the deep sea creatures, sheep, monkey and viri to produce strains with global implications. Most of those capabilities have gone unless they are in extremely secure private hands.

As far as raping the continent, one need look no further than debeers, anglo-american and oppenheimer. Planes have been brought down as well as governments over a bit of land with resources.

Cheers - Dave

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posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 08:39 PM
Why did we let darfur happend? Really why let people get massacred? What about the christians and the muslims? Muslims slaughtering christians because they don't believe in mahommad.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 12:55 AM
reply to post by Xenopathic Investigator

A little background: Egypt controlled Sudan, the British installed a puppet ruler in Egypt, The Northern Sudanese revolted and drove the British out of Sudan, but continued fighting to drive them out of Egypt as well. The British came back and reconquered them, and from there after stopped administering Northern Sudan through Egypt and treated it as their own colony separate from Egypt. To maintain the separation of Sudan from Egypt, they separated Sudan into a Christian South and Muslim North and intentionally fueled existing rivalries and hatreds. The Sudanese then began working for independence because Egypt was unable to drive the British out. Eventually the Egyptians even gave up their claim to Sudan believing it was the only way to end the occupation of Sudan. Hence Sudan became an independent nation, born for sole purpose of very very slowly coming apart at the seems.

Peace was eventually achieved between the North and South, and the Southern leader became vice president. He then borrowed an American-made helicopter from his friend the president of Uganda... which crashed with him in it. A referendum on separation is coming quite soon if I recall correctly.

And that makes Darfur important. Great to have "our side" out from under the control of the North, but no good to have the North joining up with Egypt. Something bad has to happen to Northern Sudan after Southern independence. Enter Chad. There have already been a few wars between Chad and Sudan (whose border includes Darfur on the Sudanese side), and the Janjaweed militia you hear so much about is part of Qaddafi's Islamic Pan-African Legion that didn't get mopped up well enough by Britain and France.

So the South will become independent, Northern Sudan will approach Egypt, Libya will approach Northern Sudan, for a moment it will look like the United States of Africa has a snowball's chance in hell of happening, and then military action will be taken against Northern Sudan to deal with the Janjaweed and to soften Northern Sudan like Iraqi after the first war until they can't control the border provinces that the South wants. Then its Eritrea next. They'd make a nice Djibouti.

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