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Extreme points of Earth - The lowest artificial point underwater

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posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 02:51 PM

The lowest point underwater was the 10,680 metres (35,040 ft)-deep (as measured from the subsea wellhead) Deepwater Horizon oil and gas well located in the Gulf of Mexico. The wellhead of this well was an additional 1,259 metres (4,131 ft) underwater for a total distance of 11,939 metres (39,170 ft) as measured from sea level.

That is about 6.6 miles.

On your next drive somewhere check how far 6.6 miles is, and imagine it vertically underwater. I know this well was deep, but I didn't know it was the lowest artificial part underwater. Quite a scary thing to have something that deep leaking.

Now the question is... how much oil is in that pocket if they want to go that far for it?

Here's the link. There are many other interesting facts there.

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