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Terror’s Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone

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posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 01:22 PM

A recent exposé in the Washington Post shows that if you have a security clearance and are comfortable being part of a lucrative "self-licking ice cream cone" — a process that offers few if any benefits while perpetuating its own existence — then the "war on terror" is definitely for you!


Interesting article by Ray McGovern, former CIA officer, about the benefits of the war on terror and why it is in some peoples' best interests to keep this war alive.

The article also goes into why Congress might be making the brainless moves its making and invents Project FICKLE...

Contractors commonly are big on acronym labels. For this particular self-licking ice cream cone, FICKLE could be the generic acronym:

"F" for the crucial task of FINDING the militants/insurgents/terrorists (let’s call them MITs). The contractors use everything from aerial imagery and intercepted communications to local villagers paid to mark (for whatever reason — valid or vengeful) the houses of "suspect" MITs;

"I" for IDENTIFYING the MITs by searching, or "populating," mammoth databases;

"C" for CLOSING in on the MIT targets using the whole panoply of high- and low-tech search-and-find mechanisms, especially drones;

"K" for KILLING "suspect" MITs along with those unfortunate enough to be with or near them — the latter being "collateral" casualties of fire from high-tech drones or lower-tech, but well-equipped Special Operations forces;

"L" for LOOKING in search of those who are lucky enough to avoid becoming collateral casualties but become new "suspect" MITs, guilty by geographic association or because they got angry over the violence inflicted on their neighbors or fellow Muslims;

"E" for entering them into one of the giant databases put together by IT contractors; and then starting the cycle all over again at "F." Your tax dollars at work and huge profits for the contractors.

Interesting way of looking at it, eh?

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