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Any Mixed Martial Arts Fans Here?

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posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by DeReK DaRkLy

I read the quote online so I'm not sure.

posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 11:19 PM
reply to post by Buddha1098

Alastair Overeem got caught for steriods... Almost as shocking as Cyborg Santos testing positive!

Ya sure why not....Shocking!

To tell the truth I hope they don't cancel the fight even if he is on the roids..Like duh.

I really want to see this fight, and seeing as I think Jr Dos Santos will take him, it's kind of a bummer. Plus most roid'rs have the phisical edge because of that fact. They do not hold the mental edge, and especially in mma, Now I really want to see dos santos ko overeem, which I think he has a good chance at doing.

I was looking forward to that card as it stacked. You got cain valquez vs mir...You got bigfoot vs nelson...You got gonzage vs del rosario....hunt vs struve.... mayhem vs dollaway...and hardy vs ludwig...Plus a few other fighters going at it.

That card is going to be one of the best cards the UFC put on for a while...And if the main Santos vs Overeem gets thrashed they really need somebody else to take Overeem spot, and right now I cant think of anybody else in the UFC who would make for a better fight then him roids or not.

But ya the dude had to know, in fact I am pretty sure everybody knew overeem was on roids. What was going on in his head I dont know.

posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 11:40 AM
Alrighty fight fans, another good show this wknd and let's hear what ya think.

Evans/Jones - Obviously Jones is favored, but I think Rashad has a better chance than any other opponent Jones has faced. His athleticism and quickness, coupled with his KO ability makes him formidable here. I bet Evans gets a take down, which will be a first for Jones, but I don't know if I would want to be tangled in Jones' crazy ass long limbs! Evans will no doubtfully need to stay inside on Jones to get some damage. I do think after seeing Jones take some good shots from Machida, that he has a stronger chin than Rashad.
Prediction? Either Jones by guillotine choke in the 3rd, or Evans by KO in the 2nd.

McDonald/Mills - McDonald is an up and coming dynamo, and I think he will be a dominant force as he matures. He already has the full package, and gaining experience will only make him better. I don't know much about Mills, but the one fight I did see was impressive, so this should be a good battle.

Shaub/Rothwell - I pick Shaub on this one, because I think he is more versed and and quicker. But Rothwell could certainly surprise.

Glad to see Torres, the technical master, back in the action, and I hope he gets a win.
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posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

Thanks for the reminder spec.

Looks like this card should be some good fights,

Evans/Jones: I see people already counted out Evans, they shouldn't. Even kind of reminds me a little of chuck liddell or randy couture. Not that there styles are similar but, they both have a habit of coming out on top when the odds are against them and when everybody counts them out.

There is definitely a fire lit under rashad, you can see it in the weigh ins. They might be friends and training partners but there is no love lost, and time to go head hunting when they step in that ring. I really see this as a stand up fight, and rashad might have an advantage on the ground but it wont be much. But I think he stands a better chance of catching Bones in the stand up with a uppercut or a hook then he stands a chance of pounding him out or catching him in a submission.

Rashad aint that much of a kicker, but he should definitely at least test out Bones legs, tender him up a little if he can. The way i see it, rashad will have to move around make Bones come to him, and try to catch him there. And if he gets close he can do that. Bones will try those spinning elbows, and that will be his only weapon that will be effective at that range if rashad gets in...His arms are to long to be effective with short quick punches at that range.

My bet is that he will try to stand his distance and pick rashad apart, which he is more then capable of doing. It will be an interesting fight that's for sure.

I do think after seeing Jones take some good shots from Machida, that he has a stronger chin than Rashad.

Rashad was not in the right mind-frame when he fought Machida. No really he tried showboating against Machinda, that might work with guys like Liddell but against machida if your going to stay there and talk or showboat he probably wont even know what your saying, as from what i heard his English is not that good.

But he aint going to stand around waiting for you to stop talking or put your hands back down, he is going to go in for the kill. And so will bones if Rashad tries to pull that # again.

Just look at the fight, even when dazed he is trying to showboat or talk to machida on wobbly legs. At the end there in the replay he is even saying something to machida as that punch is comming in right for his face.

Bones does not have a better chin per say, what bones has is more more mental discipline then Rashad, if he was in the same position as rashad was against machida he would be all business training and instinct. And to tell the truth that would probably carry him through something like that. From all I heard and seen of his fights the dude eats, breathes, drinks and #s mma, he is always a student.

It would not be easy to beat him, but I do not think it would be so one sided affair that people think it will be, and this could be a very interesting back and forth fight. Saying all that however I got to go with Bones for the win.

McDonald vs Mills: I like Rory Macdonald and think he will take this, and probably in spectacular fashion. But I see he changed his nickname...No more "waterboy" for him, now its "Ares" don't know whats up with that, but I guess he is growing up and got more serious over his fight career. Should be interesting how this will turn up with his new nickname and his new attitude on things.

Shaub vs Rothwel: I really dont know how to call this, but it should be a good fight as well. I see it going to the ground fast if Shaub gets the upper hand on Rothwel, but there both no slouch on the feet. So somebody is bound to get caught I think. And seeing as Rothwel has a harder head I think he will take some punishment at first but might pull out the win.

Also looking forward to these bouts as well, some have not seen them fight in years. But cant coment much on them.

Miguel Angel Torres vs Michael McDonald: Torres should take it if he does not trip himself up with his own techniques, because if he does McDonald will capitalize on any mistake.

Mac Danzig vs Efrain Escudero: This should be a good fight, danzig is a tough sob, and Escudero has the skills and the motivation to get back on the winning track. But I think Danzig will take it.

Mark Bocek vs John Alessio: Havent seen these two fight in a while, Alessio does get a bit technical and sticks to gameplan, but Bocek can really mess gameplans up. So its a free for all I think, that is he who is more lose and free to implement there game plan will take it. And I am guessing Alessio has the experience and cool to take Bocek for the win.

Mark Hominick vs Eddie Yagin: Last I seen of Hominick he got ko'd in like seconds, and the dude is a good fighter. That might play with his mind in this fight but he has all the skills to win this fight if his head is in the right.
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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 12:43 AM
I thought Bones looked great. Credit to Rashad for not getting finished like most of Bones opponents and landing a few good shots but in the end was hurt several times and totally outclassed.

How about this kid Micheal McDonald WOW outclassed Torres and KOed him big time!

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 06:04 PM
reply to post by galadofwarthethird

Twas some really good fights on this one! Hominick/Yagin won fight of the night and man they really beat each other up. Yagin had devastating leg kicks but Hominick endured well. Yagin began gassing as Hominick seemed to get better breath throughout the fight. Yagin ate so many stright jabs aI am sure his nose hurts. but Hominick's legs and face took a good beating too.

Torres, well he keeps getting KO'd, but his weight class has so much dynamics and speed that it really comes as no surprise. Although Torres is a technical master, he still leaves his chin out. Rogan said it well, that as these feather weight guys age, they do not fare as well as the heavier guys can because the competition is just too strong.

Rory! never disappointed and calling him the next GSP may be somewhat accurate. 22 years old and rockin it! I always enjoy his fights and he will surely go far. Mills is tough too, but needs to work on his ground game defense.

Jones/Evans kind of surprised me how it panned out. Rashad's spirit must not have been strong because he looked beaten for the most part. I know he hot frustrated from the reach disadvantage, but I still think he could have won if he would have tried harder. That sneaky elbow from Jones was doing much damage! I would like to have seen Rashad try more takedowns on Jones, especially in the final round. Jones took some good shots and like you said, his mental discipline is strong and he is able to maintain focus and keep his cool well. I love how he throws so many different strikes too.

Rothwell just keeps getting better and his chin is pretty good too. I think he is not strong enough for many of the other fighters in his weight class, but he is still good for the mix.


posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 06:06 PM
reply to post by hawkiye

Yea, I did not expect that one to go the distance. Rashad just did not seem driven enough, and he should have tried for more takedowns, imo.

I hated seeing Torres getting KO'd, but the competition in that division is fierce. I hope Torres becomes a coach at some point because he is so knowledgeable, experienced and skilled.


posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 09:27 PM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

I could only watch 4 fights from this card.

The main event Bones vs Evans: It went pretty much kind of like I thought it would of, bones really messed him up with those elbows, you can see Evans face there at the end. As it stands bones is pretty good, but he is far from unbeatable, and if a few fighters quit playing around and get there head back in the game, they can and do stand a good chance at beating Bones and holding the belt for a while.

Rory McDonald vs Che Mills: I thought it would be more a stand up fight, but McDonald got tagged there in the beginning not that hard but either way he went into take no chances ground and pound mode. Which served him well, must be all that hanging around with GSP he has been doing.
And he put a beating on Mills for sure, his face was cut up and busted up there at the end, it was a total clinic. And Che Mills is no pushover.

I always knew the kid was good and that fight he had with Nate Diaz were he handled Diaz pretty well just showed more of his skills and potential. It looks like his new nick name of "Ares" is pretty apt. We will definitely see him against better fighters, and one day even go at it for the belt if not win the thing...And then the hard part will begin.

Brendan Schaub vs Ben Rothwell: It went as I thought it would go, Shaub is fast and can put on the combinations but he does not have the chin and concrete head that Rothwell has, I figured if he gets into flurry mode and if he does not KO Rothwell fast he will slip and get to sloppy and eager...And then Rothwell will grind his teeth and pull through with a shot of his own. An interesting fight, but if Brandon would of been more patient he would of eventually got Rothwell.

Miguel Torres vs Michel McDonald: I thought Torres would of taken this with his experience but he still has a block, he is trying to be to technical and in mma that can and does some times work against you. In the other fights he lost he was the same and lost for the same kind of reasons.

In a fight like that with the mma gloves on you got to let things flow and come naturally if you try to force it---it will almost always backfire. And he should either went into brawler mode or step back and come in and out till he picks Michel down and out. But going toe to toe with him, like that and especially trying to brawl with a brawler the chances are not good that a technical fighter like Torres would come out on top.

He just needs some time off I think, sometimes when you do things for a long time it gets you, and instead of improving your just stuck in go forward mode while you break down from all the pressure both physically and mentally.

Haven't seen the other fights yet, but will eventually.

posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 10:06 PM
Umm been looking for the upcoming ufc 146 fight Overeem vs Dos Santos.

And bam! the whole thing got switched up, looks like Overeem is out, which is a shame. And news to me.

I was looking forward to seeing what he really has, because Dos Santos is no joke and needs no roid incentives, and my opinion is Overeem would of ended up face first on the canvas. Overrem is good and got better, but I think roids or no roids Dos Santos would take him. It kind of is disappointing, looks like the whole card got pushed back to the end of next month and the roster of vs fighters got a bit switched up.

Now we got the main as Dos Santos vs Mir, which is not a bad choice but it will be a whole different fight for Dos Santos for sure. In fact it might be harder then the overeem fight, because Mir is dangerous on the ground, his confidence is at a all time high and his stand up game has improved a lot. And more importantly there styles do kind of clash, it can go either way on who comes out on top.

And we got Cain Valsquez instead of fighting Mir he is now fighting Big Foot. I liked the mir vs valsques match up more, but oh well. I do not see big foot winning this fight, as Cain's boxing is pretty good and he throws straight punches a lot, and is way faster then big foot. Big Foot has very few advantages over Cain, but in mma you can never be sure, stranger ending have happened and will continue to happen.

The rest of the fights on the roster look to be the same, and it should be one of the best fight cards in a long time still. And I also see that they got a Texiers vs kingsbury....I think there are two Texiera's in the mma game from what I remember but I hope its Glover Teixeira, the dude is a good fighter in my opinion and not only that he is a pretty exciting fighter. So it should be a good fight as well.

Man Overeem f'd up big time when he decided, whatever the hell he was thinking. I do not know how he thought that they would let him fight on the roids like that. And I know there are ways even around that and the tests they do, from all I heard at least. It just makes me wish they let him go ahead anyways, now I just want to see him get a beat down even more.

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posted on Apr, 27 2012 @ 01:31 PM
reply to post by galadofwarthethird

Yea bro, I think Hendo fighting Jones next will be a defeat for Jones. Of course Jones is good enough for a victory anytime with anyone, but Hendo is on a roll and had a granite chin, so my money would go on him in that fight.

Dos Santos and Mir should still be a good battle, but I think Dos will deliver a knockout punch again.
Bigfoot/Valasquez will be a war because Silva has a chin of iron too and has a good ground game. Cain is hella quick though and can certainly finish an opponent.

I am looking forward to Nick Diaz/Brauilo Estima BJJ fight May 12. I have never heard of this guy but after watching his highlights, I have never seen a bjj guy so skilled, other than Rickson Gracie. Braulio is a master of his craft and behaves just like a python, slowly constricting his opponents body, and dominating them into submission. I was really impressed watching a few vids on him, and I think he will beat Diaz. Diaz is a warrior too though, and I would not count him out totally.

Did you see the Sonnen/Silva press release? The fight is now in Vegas, but Chael continued to diss the country of Brazil and his mouth is so bad even Dana is putting some distance between himself and Chael's statements.
I really wish the fight was in Brazil, but still it will be epic!! I think Anderson will mop the floor with Chael this time!


posted on Apr, 28 2012 @ 05:09 AM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

I did not even know hendo is gonna fight bones next for the tittle.

But ya hendo is somebody that can win and if given the chance can take bones out. If he gets in on him that is, and with his experience it only a matter of time, in a 5 round fight I think eventually if it goes all the way that hendo will have the advantage.

If it happens it should be a good fight and a real test for bones.

Dos Santos and Mir should still be a good battle, but I think Dos will deliver a knockout punch again.

Im not so sure its kind of hard to call this one, mir is pretty well rounded. His only glaring weakness is wrestling and dudes like Lesnar who can control and out muscle people on the ground not to mention that come fight night Lesnar was probably somewhere close to 280 pounds probably. But I see Dos Santos winning, and his best chance is in the stand up, if it goes to the ground since he is a nogiera trained BJJ fighter, I'f big nog got his arm broken by Mir then I dont see Dos Santos out grappling him.

If he can keep it standing up he will win I think.

Bigfoot/Valasquez will be a war because Silva has a chin of iron too and has a good ground game. Cain is hella quick though and can certainly finish an opponent.

I got to go with Cain, the dude for a heavy weight is fast and can go at it all day, his cardio is one of the best if not the best for a heavyweight.

I am looking forward to Nick Diaz/Brauilo Estima BJJ fight May 12. I have never heard of this guy but after watching his highlights, I have never seen a bjj guy so skilled, other than Rickson Gracie.

Never heard of the BJJ guy so dont know, but nick is one of the best at BJJ so if he beats Nick maybe we will see him in mma eventually. Oh and almost forgot about Rickson Gracie, it was a whole different time when he fought and his record of 400 and O, ya I doubt that but even counting street fights and challenge matches that still is impressive either way. But if he fought today he would get beat, different time different era, the tricks he used back then were new and not many have seen them. Today however its a whole different thing.

Still he is one of the pioneers of the sport i dont even know how old he is now but I'm guessing way over 50 yrs old or something, long past his prime and time.

On the chael fight, man the guy talks #. But it's all a ploy i think, and he is lucky its not in brazil, because if it was he best clear the house fast and not walk the streets alone because I heard they take some of that stuff pretty serious down there. I mean I understand insulting his opponent but his country and his team mates and the random people who live there, jezz the only thing he forgot is to insult his mother and his little dog as well.

As it is I think he knows Anderson has his number, and I think he is milking it for all that its worth. I really do not see him taking Anderson this time, last time he controlled him and almost won because of that and that his style is Anderson's weakness. This time I do not think it will go the full 5 rounds or even past the 3rd round.

But dam wow, one of the best $hit talkers ever, if they gave out belts for that then Chael Sonnen would win hands down. However they don't. I kind of almost feel sorry for the guy this stuff will fuel Anderson and focus him, I seen it happen before against other fighters he had a personal grudge against the dude does not go sloppy when stuff like this gets serious. Now I want to see this fight go down more and more just to see if all that talking got into Andersons head, or if Andersons fists and shins get to Sonnen head first.

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 01:46 PM
Well fight fans, tonight should be a barn burner, and even tough Overeem got cut from the show because of roid's the show must go on. Not gonna catch the fights till tomorrow probably but I will put my picks and predictions for some fights.

Dos Santos vs Mir: I think Dos Santos takes this and probably and most likely by decision, I don't see Mir winning on the feet unless he lands a unexpected shot, and Dos Santos is in my opinion looking for Mir to throw that unexpected punch or kick, were he will fully capitalize on it if given the chance. And if it goes to the ground I expect Dos Santos to know enough to not stay there for long because sooner or later i think Mir will win out the ground game. It should be a really back and forth fight since I don't think Dos Santos will want to fight it out on the ground and Mir will probably be looking to tender him up before he tries submitting him. But ya Dos Santos by decisions win, or even a Ko in the 4th round.

Cain Velasquez vs Big Foot: Cain all the way on this, Big Foot is to slow to stop his onslaught his only chance is if he backs Cain up against the fence, or if he somehow gets on top of him like he did with Fedor, if he can make it a clinch match and weigh down on Cain he can wear him out and win in the later rounds. But I think Cain with his speed and endurance will outwork him and even probably KO him in the third round.

Nelson vs Herman: There styles are kind of similar, only Nelson can take and dish out more punishment then Herman can. Nelson for the win.

Miocic vs Del Rosario: Only seen these two fight a few times, miocic only like one fight. But from what I seen Del Rosario impressed me much more, so got to got with him for the win.

Struve vs Johnson: Dont know how to call this one, but if struve keeps his distance and does not make it to much a brawl he stands a good chance of wearing Johnson down and getting the win or picking him apart. If it becomes more a brawl then johnson will find the spot and win....I see it as a 50/50 chance of going either way. But I think Johnson may take it because Struve is a bit on the slow to react side, probably due to his size the dude is tall and i think Johnson will get around that reach eventually.

Mayhem vs Dollaway: This fight should be crazy, I dont think it will got the the ground. It should be a strike fest unless dollaway is loosing or wants to play the safe side, in which case he will make it a wrestling match and he is better at wrestling then Mayhem is...I see dollaway winning this by decision.

Hardy vs Ludwig. This is a straight up kickboxing and boxing match, ludwig is one of the best out there at kickboxing/muay thai and hardy has been practicing his stand up for a while, it should be back and forth but I think hardy takes this fight.

Kingsbury vs Texeira: I really dont know how to call this one, Texeira is a good fighter but I have not seen him fight in a while, but I think he will take the win and know enough to know not stay to long in the clinch game or the ground game with Kingsbury plus working with Chuck Liddel's fight team would have got his used to take-down practice and keeping the fight on his feet were he does have an advantage over Kingsbury. So I see it as Texeira for the win.

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 03:33 PM
reply to post by galadofwarthethird

I love Mir he has brass balls and will fight anyone any time! However I don't see it going past the second. JDS is too quick and accurate with his punches and Frank has a bad habit of standing in front of guys too long and getting tagged. I doubt it will go to the ground. No one has been able to get JDS to the ground yet and Frank is not known for his take downs.

Cain takes bigfoot IMO. To fast harder workert better striker and better wrestler. Although BF has size the reach and has been improving so you never know.

Yeah I got Roy vs Herman he can take a punch for sure. However Herman is no push over so could go either way.

Haven't seen Miocic fight so don't know however Rosario is a beast

Haven't seen Johnson fight but the but from what I have read its 50/50 on who wins him or Struve

Mayhem takes Dolloway IMO. Unless the Mayhem who fought Bisping shows up. Saw an interview with Mayhem and at the weigh ins in both he looked to be in tremendous shape and his attitude in the interview seemed super focused said he has reinvented his whole training camp and food regimen etc after his poor performance with Bisping. He has never looked so ripped to me so we'll see.

Hardy vs Bang Ludwig. I got Bang on this one he is mentally tougher IMO but could go either way. Should be a hell of a fight though.

Kingsbury vs Texeira don't know have seen Kingsbury fight and its been so long since I have seen Texeira I don't even remember what he is like...

PS here is a good video of Overeem on the Peds deal. He really seems like a good guy to me and was not trying to game the commission he was trying to heal a bad shoulder was very up front and even brought the vile and gave it to the commision. The doctor whom he got it from even came to the hearing and testified.

There are two previous parts worth watching too but this is the significant part.

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 02:23 PM
Seen a few fights, it was a pretty exiting card. It would of been better I think if it was the original fights, but seeing as they switched up the main fights because of Overeem.

The cain vs bigfoot fight was short, over in the first round. Cain swarmed Bigfoot garbed a kick the first few seconds of the fight got him on the ground and pounded on him and did not let up, opened up a cut with an elbow. And from there on it was a bloody fight, eventually it was a referee stoppage.

The Dos Santos vs Mir. I could not watch the whole thing so cant comment much, but Dos Santos won it, Mir was outmatched on his feet, and got caught. End of story....Dont know who Dos Santos is fighting next, but the guy so far has delivered on his fights, he is going to be a hard guy to beat for anybody who wants to take his belt.

The Roy vs Herman fight.
Herman got clocked with a overhand right, and that was that. Got to give credit to Roy his beard just keeps getting more epic with every fight. No really you should check it out, one of the most epic beards ever.

I cant wait to see how much more epic his beard gets for his next fight.

Oh and the dude has heart, and is even working hard on his skills and conditioning as well, his stomach is shrinking every time he steps in the octagon and is putting on muscle instead of fat.

In the Miocic vs DelRosario fight I thought DelRosario would take it. And he was winning for pretty much the whole fight, even bruised up Miocic ribs with his shin kicks. But then it went to the ground and Miocic put a clinic on him, those short sharp elbows messed up Delrosario bad. The ref steeped in at the end to end it, he even got up there at the end and tried to walk and was wobbling all over the place. Miocic is way better then I first thought.

And I need to watch the other fights yet so cant comment on them. But dam I wanna see Overeem get KO'd more now, hopefully they wont cut him. And put him up on some other card if he cleans himself out, but with roids or without I do not think he will win against Dos Santos or will walk trough the competition in the UFC like he says he will or people thought he will.

posted on May, 28 2012 @ 04:04 AM
How about Jamie Varner I thought Barboza would destroy him wow he put a straight up beating on Barboza. Looks like he is back!

I haven't watched the main card yet will comment when I do...
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posted on May, 28 2012 @ 02:52 PM
reply to post by galadofwarthethird


I agree it was a good card with some good performances.
Yea man, Cain just took over and even though Silva could not see because of the pools of blood gathering in his eyes while on his back, I still thunk Cain would have taken him. An interesting fact disclosed during that fight was that Cain leads the organization in aggressive striking per round, and Anderson Silva is second. II still think bigfoot will be a formidable fighter in the future.

Dos and Mir, I can't believe Mir did not try more takedowns, and instead chose to stay in front of Dos Santos! Not a smart idea! Dos Santos hits so hard that even with a partial hand block he can still knock a mofo out!

I can't wait to see a rematch with Cain!! And I bet it will unfold differently this time.

Big Country keeps on improving and his wildcard wild punches may continue to serve him well. It is nice to have a dark horse in the races.

De; Rosario looked good, but I think he needs to improve his cardio. But yea, those short elbows from Miocic were devastating for sure, ouch! I think both of these guys will get better.

Did ya see the Dan Hardy KO? Rogan basically cued the left hook and bam, Hardy KO'd the dude. I am glad to hear Hardy took a year off to work on his ground game, that was a huge weakness of his.Fight

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posted on May, 28 2012 @ 02:54 PM
reply to post by hawkiye

Dude, I felt the same way! Barboza is an animal, but Varner found the chink in his armor, staying in his face and keeping him on the ground and moving backwards. That's the beauty of mma, ya just never know....


posted on May, 28 2012 @ 07:30 PM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

Cain did what he had to do considering who he was fighting, either rush him or stay his distance and pick him apart. They dont call the dude big foot for nothing, and you dont want to have him on top of you or drawing you out for a long drawn out match with his weight on top of you. One of the things fedor did not do and lost, you seen it as soon as he got on the ground he couldn't get Big Foot off of him. And fedor fought big dudes before and shook them off or submitted them, on that day i suppose his mind was in the wrong place. Fedor has all the tools and skills necessary to do the same thing Cain did to Big Foot in this fight.

Cain is one of the fastest and most conditioned heavyweights out there so it does not surprised me that the dudes output on punches and aggression is so high.

And ya it surprised me that Mir stood up with Dos Santos like he did, I think he wanted to prove something to himself that his standup skills have grown. But the thing is he is ultimately a jiu jitsu fighter and a ground fighter, it really was a bad call on his part to not try and get Dos Santos to the ground a lot more then he did, seeing as he had a advantage over Dos Santos there.

I can't wait to see a rematch with Cain!! And I bet it will unfold differently this time.

Oh I think they will make it, it will be interesting to see how the second fight goes. But I do not think it will be so one sided clear cut victory for Dos Santos as it was the first time around...Only one way to find out I suppose, but if they do it I don't know, but i still think Dos Santos wins it if albeit not so easily as there first time around.

De; Rosario looked good, but I think he needs to improve his cardio. But yea, those short elbows from Miocic were devastating for sure, ouch! I think both of these guys will get better.

Ya rosario was winning the stand the whole time, he must of messed up some ribs with those shin kicks. But I think your right, because I seen Rosario before and he pulled off a way better ground game in those fights, I think he just gassed out there, and Miocic took advantage of it with his steady ground and pound and his constant elbows to his face.

Did ya see the Dan Hardy KO?

Ya, an impressive win for Hardy. Duane Ludwig is a good striker but his transition into mma from kickboxing/muay thai did not go so well over time. But then again i think he only lost to some of the top guys in the sport, dudes like BJ Penn, Josh Neer and other top guys, and now Dan Hardy who were all and are still top contenders in mma.

One fight that surprised me other then the Rosario vs Miocic fight were I thought Rosario would win. Was the Struve vs Johnson fight, I thought Johnson would swarm him in the end and eventually something will connect with Struve's jaw.

I mean did you see the dude he is like 6,11 one really tall dude, before the fight started when you look behind him as there pacing around, the cage looks like its chest high to him, one tall dude for sure. The last thing I expected him to win with was with an arm-bar, luckily Johnson is a pretty big dude also because if it was somebody more compact in that very same situation against the fence, and with shorter limbs being he is so dam tall he never would of pulled off that armbar on somebody built like Cain Velasquez or Roy Nelson.

posted on May, 28 2012 @ 07:56 PM
Just seen the Jamie Varner vs Edson Barboza fight and man Varner came out like a man on a mission, and like somebody who had a fire lit under his ass. Because he made short work of Barboza never even went past the first round.

Which is kind of funny because Joe Rogan commented during that fight he does not want to stay in there with barboza eating up leg kicks from Barboz. It was on cue even, because as Joe Rogan was done saying that a second later Varner caught a high kick and took barboza to the ground, after that it was all Varner he even caught him twice I think with punches in the stand up, the second one though wobbled him and it was all over from there.

posted on May, 28 2012 @ 08:05 PM
reply to post by galadofwarthethird

It's kind of a trip how often the announcers mention something and it immediately happens. I know if ya watch enough fights it is bound to happen, but I have seen a LOT of fights and seen it happen more than just chance. I think some synchronicity is going on. The Hardy one was a prime example too!

But yea Varner prepared and executed his game plan so kudos to him. Barboza is still a force to reckon with and I'm sure he will work on his weaknesses, especially now that he has actually experienced them!

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