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Any Mixed Martial Arts Fans Here?

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posted on Nov, 12 2011 @ 05:15 PM
reply to post by galadofwarthethird

Thanks for the vid of Monson v. Kharitonov.

Lol, Fedor practicing a similiar escape that Henderson pulled on him.

What boogles my mind about Fedor is, how in training Fedor's boxing is crisp & accurate. BUT. . . come fight time, that all goes out the window.

Sloppy & brawler. . . Lately it seems as if he expects for fighters to stand there and get ko'd out or drop their ground game.

However, I do commend Fedor/M1 Global for fighting in Russia & introducing more Russian fighters.

Has anyone every heard of Guram Gugenishvili? He's under the Fedor umbrella M1 Global & I don't think he lost.

posted on Nov, 13 2011 @ 02:49 PM
Well last night was a bit of a surprise, but yet a testament to Dos Santos' punching power,solid man! I almost think Cain could have endured the fury, but it is hard to tell what just one more hit would have done if big Jon hadn't stopped it. It looked like Cain had lost some weight, but a year off with major shoulder surgery may do that.
He's still a major contender though, and will be for some time.

How bout the Overeem Lesnar fight coming up? Talk about two giants in the octagon! I feel that Lesnar has a touch of weakness in that I don't think he likes getting beat on, and when it gets down to it, he gets a little scared. However, judging by his Carwin fight, he is still a trooper that can respond with intensity. I think he will take Overeem, who I am honestly not that impressed with, but he his a big dude with power. I think he is already getting inside Lesnars head with talk about retiring him and sending him back to WWE.

I'd like to see Dos Santos and Lesnar. At least the heavyweight division is exciting again.

Guida vs Henderson was a war, which really came as no surprise. Henderson is so well rounded, but Guida is as tough as nails and quite the odd opponent to face. I am glad they put on a good fight for the first Fox fight, especially since the main event was so short. I think Henderson will be around for a while.

Looking forward to the GSP/Diaz war too, and they are both bad mouthing each other, so an emotional war between these two will be good! You know who I'd like to see also is Diaz vs Sonnen as well as GSP vs Silva. Next year should be a good year for some exciting fights!

Shogun Henderson will be a good one me thinks, and I would go with Shogun, but at the same time, never count Henderson out.


posted on Nov, 13 2011 @ 02:56 PM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

Even though he did win, Lesnar's fight with Carwin, as well as his fight against Valesquez showed, that he really hates to get hit. And he looked terrified against Cain. He may beat Overeem, but I think Dos Santos will be hanging onto his belt.

posted on Nov, 19 2011 @ 01:04 PM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

Dam missed this fight, was looking forward to watching the fight....But looks like Cain fell victim to the curse....And that is! the easy part is getting to the top of the mountain. Staying there however is a whole different thing altogether. Especially since when you get there you have a big target on your back, and everybody looks at you like there starving, and your covered in gravy.

But still I like Cain he is a good fighter, but Dos Santos is definitely game for anybody. It was a short fight, and once again I got to say in this sport you just never know how it will happen. But there are so many things to worry about and so many ways to lose that it's the little things you never think about that get you in the end.

Now it's time to see how far Dos Santos will go now that he has a target on his back.
Not taking anything away just yet from the other fighters in that weightclass, because on any given day any one of them can come out on top.

How bout the Overeem Lesnar fight coming up? Talk about two giants in the octagon! I feel that Lesnar has a touch of weakness in that I don't think he likes getting beat on, and when it gets down to it, he gets a little scared. However, judging by his Carwin fight, he is still a trooper that can respond with intensity. I think he will take Overeem, who I am honestly not that impressed with, but he his a big dude with power. I think he is already getting inside Lesnars head with talk about retiring him and sending him back to WWE.

Overeem is no joke, and lately he has come a long way since he got KO'd in Pride FC by chuck Liddel or even got beat down by Shogun....The dude has been hulking up that's for sure, and he seems to have grown into his body size, back a few years ago he used to be a tall lanky fighter but now dam, what is he like 260 pounds or over easily....

But ya Lesnar's instinct is all wrong when getting hit, he draws back and tries to cover up...Which against any heavy handed fighter will be like a invitation to go in and finish the job....I think it comes from his wrestling backround and in that they dont train to get punched or kicked in the head.....And in this fight it could be his doom again, if he does not get Overeem to the ground withing the first round, or the first few rounds....Then it will be just a matter of time before Overeem Ko's him, or knocks him down and pounds on him like a drum.

What he needs to do is when getting clocked hard, instead of turtling up and backing up...He needs to duck and go forward and engage the opponent on his terms while his head clears up. A good example is that fight of fedor back some years ago against Fujita, he got clocked and instead of backing up which would give fujita lots of room and time to go in for the kill, fedor went forward and grapaled with fujita and basically tangled him up so he cant do anything within that range.

Turtling up like he did against Cain and Carwin will just get him pounded on, and technically KO'd again. That defense might work in boxing because due to the big gloves and rules, but in mma it's a no no. And even fancy head movement wont save you once the dude knees your head or gets on top of you.

The thing is Lesnar needs to train a little differently in his striking, I think in most his confrontations people were scared do because of his size to stand toe to toe with him...Overeem however and everybody else in MMA will have no problem doing that, even if he has the size advantage....Lesner however has one big advantage over Overeem and that is wrestling and controlling the fight, and if he cant do that he will lose, especially if he tries to stand toe to toe with Overeem.

Guida vs Henderson was a war, which really came as no surprise.

So far from the fights I seen of that card it was definitely the fight to see. It was a back and forth pretty evenly matched knuckle drag down fight. I think it's one of the reasons people like to watch the lighter fighters is that those dudes go at it and are all over the place. There is always action in the lighter weights that's for sure.

posted on Nov, 19 2011 @ 01:30 PM
Ok got to put up some predictions for tonight's UFC card.

Shogun VS Henderson:

Even though Henderson Ko'd fedor I dont see him taking this fight, if anything shogun probably has his number. And will handle him, if shogun does not mess around and try to be fancy. If the shogun who beat the snot out of Rampage shows up tonight...Then I see it Shogun by tko in the third.

Wanderlei VS Cung Le:

Both these guys have each-others weakness, Cung is prone to dudes like Wand and his fighting style that aggressive always coming forward brawling style...And Wanderlei is prone to always getting tagged and being out technicaled by dudes like Le in fights.

If anything I see Cung Le taking this fight, as long as he can keep Wanderlei at a distance and fighting his game it will be a KO in about the second round...But if not! then Silva will swarm him and it will be a short night for Cung le.

Faber VS Bowels:

Another drag down battle but Faber has more tools, I got to go with Faber winning by decision in this fight.

Martin Kampmann VS Rick Story:

For some reason I see story wining this, I cant place my finger on why exactly. But there was one of his recent fights that got me thinking he will beat kampmann, either by decision or by tko.

Stephan Bonnar VS Kyle Kingsbury:

Got to go with Bonnar, even though I have not seen many fight of either figher from what I seen...Bonnar seems to be more well rounded and could take the win.

Ryan Bader VS Jason Brilz:

Dont even know how to call this fight, but it seems pretty even to me....I flipped a coin and the coin came up Brilz.

Well should be a entertaining fight card tonight even with all the other fighters I have not seen much fights on, but unfortunately I have stuff to do, so wont watch any of the fight till tomorrow most likely.

Peace out y"all.

posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 12:52 PM
Holy moly fight fans, e had a good one last night no?! Tito and Nog - Tito is too old for the new scene imo, he lacks luster and speed and man did his ribs get busted up! He should have retired after Rashad caved his chest in with those knees. Tito had a decent start but Nog just out fought him.

Mir and Nog - Wow, I thought Mir was finished for a minute and he looked sluggish and overweight. What a comeback, and to finish it with snapping Nogs arm, wow! It looks like he broke his upper arm bone rather than his shoulder, owww!! That makes two devastating arm breaks Mir has to his credit. The first was Tim Silvia, which to his credit, he continued to fight, but that too was a compound fracture.

Jones- Machida - A sweet fight and it was the first time Jones ate some good leather. I like Machidas style and his ability to close the distance quick and counter punch as well. I think Jones was trying to test himself in striking, and I kept thinking if and when he takes it to the ground, things would change quick. He remained calm and collected, and acted as if he wanted to go the full rounds, being somewhat conservative along the early rounds.

But man, with his frame, when he gets a hold of someone and takes them down, they are in trouble. His freaking long arms and legs and tremendous upper body strength is always going to be tough for his opponents. Then his elbows of fury bring the destruction too. We got a chance to see his chin tested a bit, and he took some decent shots but remained unfazed. It really looked like he just cruised for a while before really amping things up. He will no doubtfully become a great and long lasting champion imo. I like the way he can just hold his arm out for defense because it is so damn long.

Honorable mention: Krzysztof Soszynski vs Igor Pokrajac
Igor looks friggin tough, focused and has great accuracy and strength! He will be a good opponent for the mix.
I have not yet watched the Korean zombie and M Hominick yet, but it was a good fight too I guess.

Peace and combat yo!


posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 12:55 PM
reply to post by galadofwarthethird

Did not get to reply on this fight but the main events were incredible! Henderson continues to surprise and I was glad to see Vanderlay get a win. Both were exceptional battles!
Man this year had some of the best fights of all time imo.
GSP has a torn ACL now , so Diaz will fight Conduit. I really wanted to see GSP/Diaz!


posted on Dec, 15 2011 @ 09:30 PM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

Some crazy fights spec.

Tito got beat down, plain and simple I don't think he is a competitor any more and probably has not been for a while. I mean he can probably get back in the game, but everybody has his number and knows what tito will do, and against the better fighters he will in all likelihoods get demolished.

The Mir vs Big Nog fight tough it was freaking crazy, nog almost had mir out and if he didn't try that half assed choke and went for some ground and pound he could of ko'd mir right then and there....But when the choke failed and he got turned around and flipped, man did he end up in the wrong position....But ya if you watch the replay they showed Nog's arm is broken, you can see his shoulder pop and the arm snap if you look close....I hope he will be back....But I don't think it will be for a while.

And the machida fight was interesting, there both distance fighters only bones has a huge advantage in the length and reach department, and it also played a part in that gulitine choke at the end. It's usually not that easy to choke a guy out standing up in that position if he is the same height as you....But with with jones height and reach advantage it was over fast once he got a hold of machida. However jones he is very much so beatable, the dude is on a role, but I can see a couple of fighters either beating him or giving him lots of problems if they ever fought.

The Korean zombie vs Mark hominick, short fight if you didnt see it, then it wont take long. The whole fight was like 4 seconds, mark came in sloppy and got caught right on the chin went down and took a few more shots, he got knocked out for like a second then kind of snapped back to, but was frozen with his hands and legs in the air in guard position....I think he was protesting the stoppage but It was a good stoppage, because chan sung would of pounded him out again if the ref didn't step in.

And I think I remember seeing Igor Pokrajac fight before in a fight or two. But yes he looked impressive in this current fight, and Soszynski is no push over and to ko a guy like him in that fashion says a lot about Igor. Will be looking forward to see his upcoming fights in the UFC.

posted on Dec, 15 2011 @ 09:44 PM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

The Dan Henderson Vs Shogun was one of the best fights I seen in while, if anything I thought shogun was going to get kod in round 2 with all the punishment he was taking.

But the dude wanted it bad and pulled trough, really I have a hard time calling that fight and saying that Dan won, I can see it going either way, especially since by round 5 it was all shogun, and if he had a little more gas in the tank shogun could of finished dan in that round....

Oh and if you watch the interview after, dan is barely standing up and has to take a breath after every word he says, his team mates are basically holding him up so he don't fall on his ass during the interview.
And shogun looked like he could go another round in his interview, even tough his face and lip was messed up.
But all in all dan did a lot of damage in the first few rounds to shogun, and that's what won him the fight.

If anything I am impressed with shogun, most guys would of not made it past the second round if they were in his position and got caught as hard and as often as shogun did...If anything this should wake shogun up, he needed a good wake up call, and needs to get back into his old ways of being relentless and needs to mix his game up.

I can see shogun coming back with a vengeance and even winning the belt again, from Jones or anybody who has it, but he needs to change his fight style up a little and learn a thing or two and even going back to his roots in chute box, but when he does he will be demolishing dudes left and right once again.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 01:18 AM
bj penn all da way

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 03:37 AM
Yeah Hendo shogun fight was awesome. I don't see anyone beating Jones anytime soon. He just gets better and better. People think Machida exposed a hole but Jones adjusted hit him with the superman punch and choked him out with a standing guillotine and Machida is a BJJ blackbelt that was impressive The counter is to reach under the leg and pick him up but Jones apparently had him pressed up against the cage well enough to prevent the counter either that or Machida was on queer street from the punch...

Overeem v Lesner ends quick I think with Reem taking it but anything can happen. Cerrone v Diaz could be fight of the night I got Cerrone in that one. Nam Phan v Hettes will be a good one Phan takes it, I think those will be better fights then the main event.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 04:31 PM
Lesnar / you said anything can happen. if it remains standing then overeem, if lesnar can take him down and keep him there lesnar will take it

gotta go with diaz and nam

should be intersesting!

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 08:34 PM
Been watching the countdown show, and the weigh ins, for ufc 141 that is happening tomorrow.

And so far this card looks like we will be having some heads flying...There is some animosity between some of the fighters in the fights like the Diaz vs Cerrone fight, and the main event between Lesnar and Overeem.

And the three main fights look like they will be barn burners...

I got to give my predictions for those fight.

Lesnar vs Overeem....I really don't know. This fight, it can go either way...But I think Overeem will take it based on the fact that I think Lesnar will not be able to take him down as easily as he usually does, and the obvious gap in there striking skills. So it's either a ko by overeem or a wrestling match by Lesnar, not to say that lenar cant ko him, but the chances are just against him....But in a fight you can never really know, and lesnar can definitely ko overeem if he gets the chance.

Diaz vs Cerrone...Man oh man, I dont see this fight going to the judges, if it does it will be a miracle...But there both pretty evenly matched so I think it will come down to who will make the first mistake....And tough I like Cerrone I think Nate Diaz will take it. Because Cerrone is prone to making mistakes...And with a guy like Diaz he will definitely capitalize on the first mistake he sees.

Fitch vs Hendricks....I have not seen Fitch fight in a long time, last fight i seen him in he was on a losing streak...But overall I see fitch wining this fight by grit alone...He will outwork and keep going and pushing, eventually he will out point hendricks or submit him... I think it will go to a decision, and in favor of fitch.

Should be an interesting Friday.

posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 11:52 PM
Man Lesnar is done as far as I am concerned. I can't believe he tried to stand up with Overeem. Surely his coach did not advise such. His strength was freight train'in and ground and pound, and he never even tried. I wonder what the pound per sq inch was in Overeem's kick to the side? Gotta be powerful to hurt Lesnar's frame. Brock is just not a competitor anymore in today's mix of heavyweights, imo.
Dos Santos is gonna knock Allistar out me thinks for the title. I still can't believe Santos KO'd Cain so fast either.

Diaz looked good with the "Stockholm slaps" he and his brother are so good at.
Fitch must have some glass in his chin and I was never that impressed with his overall ability. He has a good ground game but it ain't enough in today's competition.

Looking forward to Sonnen and Munoz as well as Diaz and Conduit, but that is really all I am excited about for the near future. The next few cards are kinda weak imo.

Anyhoo, rock on fight fans!


posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 04:47 AM
Yeahh Brock blew me away standing there trying to trade with Reem, but I did notice he didnt b
ack pedal as much after taking some shots, he kept pressing. But stll I was waitinf for him to shoot and just plow but it just never happened, must of been his pride thinking he was gonna try and trade standing up idk.

Diaz was a beast. His cardio juss doesnt stop. His striking was pretty impressive, any one know what the percentage was? Cowboy found his weakness though with those leg kicks but never once went in for any GnP,
he maybe would of had a different outcome

Hettis jiujitsu looked top notch transitioning in many different positions, He had some real nice hip throws and leg sweeps going on

posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 12:05 PM
reply to post by DarkwingDuck82

Hey DD, welcome to the thread man
Diaz's numbers were:

Diaz backed up his pre-fight smack talk with a record setting performance, landing 248 punches at an 82% accuracy rate.

Yea he and Nick are cardio monsters! I think Brock has just remained humble to the point of fear almost after the Valesquez beating. I did notice Overeem had a low stance anticipating a shoot, and man taking down another 260+ could have been a challenge, even for Brock. I am sure Brock will fight again under contract, and I hope he gets back to business. I was rooting for him in this fight, but man, he has to get mad and fearless again.
Have not seen the Hettis fight yet.
Here is a link to watch the fights free, although the resolution isn't great, but today it has Fedor and Aoiki's fights, another couple of warriors I like to watch.


posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

wow some nice statistics for diaz

how about Hettes stats, he also had some real good GnP going on, with amazing accuracy even dropping some elbows. I like the fact that heʻs part of the next up and coming generation. I think the sport will evolve into some pretty interesting styles, really blending in the best of all, just my thoughts anyway

Looks like Brock retired after this fight. Reem/JDS is gonna be a bad ass fight especially if reem goes in again at 265

posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 09:59 PM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

Lesnar was unsure and doubting himself that fight, but if he did try to freight train in, he would of probably got caught coming in by overeem...In fact from overeems stance being low and keeping his hands at his waist it looks like he was expecting lesnar to shoot in or bullrush him.

And Lesnar is just not used to getting hit, you got to condition your mind and body to take hits not only giving hits, because sooner or latter no matter how big or tough you are, your number will come a calling because every dog has his day.

Overeem seems to have come full circle and really have filled in especially in his physical frame since the days that shogun beat him down twice in pride...And the dude looks hungry, which is the opposite of what shogun looks like now a days, in fact somebody needs to wake his ass up...Hopefully the loss to dan henderson will do that, because i really do believe that not only can he beat Jon Jones, but if he gets on track, he can be champion for a long time.

In the next fight Overeem vs Dos Santos, it is going to be crazy me thinks...I dont know but last fight were he beat Cain he lost some weight for speed purposes, he was around like 230 I think, and from what I remember his natural weight is more around 250 or something....I think against a guy like overeem and his length strength and striking prowess, it will be better if he puts the muscle back on...Least he be pushed around if they ever end up in the clinch...Which is were i see it going...Basically Dos Santos will have a big disadvantage if he stays on the outside like he did with his other opponents so far...Against overeem it will be a mistake.

Diaz vs Cowboy....good fight, and it was typical Diaz bro style, once they establish a rythim the will just pot shot you till eventually you wont know what to do...The thing is cowboy made a lot of mistakes the first was.. To try and trade with nick in his tempo, and the second! he should of fought more like Rory MacDonald did when he beat nate, I mean he does not have the size to slam him and push him around, but he should of used his kicks way more.

Against a boxer type, you dont want to stay in the pocket, use the legs both for taking his legs out, or just to keep him out of range with a front kick, or head kick...Dont really look for the ko, just use your legs to beat him down and keep him at range..And if you get into a slug fest, go in axe murderer style and make it a muay thai clinch fest, using mostly elbows to the face and knees to the body...Basically your either far away with legs, or your really close in dirty boxing/muay Thai clinch fighting.

And in the case of the diaz brothers with there jits background you don't want to stay to long on the ground, so wrestling and ground and pound is out of the question, unless you're really good. I think cowboy got way to hot headed and in his head he was going to go in there and just out punch and slug Nate, but as you can see that did not work out to well.

The Fitch fight dam...I thought he was going to take this fight, but he got caught plain and simple. But from what I heard he has been out with injury for a while, and stuff like that does have an effect on your mindframe, and fighting is a mental game much more so then a physical game....I hope Fitch comes back he is an entertaining fighter, but you never know.

posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 10:14 PM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

Seen a few of the dream fights, one thing about them...There always entertaining if a bit out there, got the love the weird match-ups, one guy wearing boxing gloves, the other wearing mma gloves or no gloves at all....And did you watch that sakuraba wrestling slap match, the thing was hilarious....But sakuraba the dude is always in wraps all over his legs and body, even when he was in his prime the dude was always taped up like a mummy...In fact his nick name should of been the mummy.

And the fedor fight was a give me for fedor, but this is japan...And fedor is big there, I think its like a tradition there were every new year they want fedor to fight some japanese fighter, or anybody really....One thing I noticed about fedor is that he is at least starting to clean up his punching style... Usually the dude swings in circles, then dips low...And it worked for him so far but now a days and especially under ufc rules, that stuff will get him ko'd.

Ussualy he swings in, and when he dips to the side he is either looking to grab somebody or clinch, against smaller fighters that does work...But against some of the other heavyweights in the ufc now a days it will be a determent, especially since it's so predictable...And the last fight he had he seems to be correcting that, he even started punching straight down the pipe a couple of time....And if fedor ever learns to straight punch and keep people at the end of his fists, the dude is going to be a monster again.

If he gets his head and heart back in the game, and learn's some new techniques and changes his style up with little things like straight punches, and other subtle things. I feel sorry for his future opponents.

posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 10:25 PM
what do u guys think about some fights being fixed? I recently saw or read some where that Brock/Overeem was fixed (not that I believe it was), but that question lingered in my head, I thought Iʻd ask seeing this is a conspiracy forum and all. And what kinda adds more weight to this theory for me is MMA is starting to enter the gates of mainstream, and we all know how to connect the dots to the elite, so to speak, from there.

I dont think any fights were rigged, but I do think the possibility is there in the future; what do you guys think?

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