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Submit & Die.

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posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 12:37 PM
Submit and die.

I have studied the alleged Elitist agenda fora while now and taken part in the lively discussions here on ATS and other places throughout the web that share similar views on the powers that be.

But now I've hit a wall that I can’t seem to overtake and here is why.
Someone I was talking who actually listened intently and became interested in the prospect of a global cabal basically controlling society asked me a question that while I answered, I didn’t exactly answer at the same time.

That was this: “What’s the ultimate goal of all of the elites?”
Of course I stated that these people ultimately from one perspective believe they are gods and want to utterly lord over and enslave everyone.

Okay fair enough but then later that day I got to thinking, what’s with the conflicts of interest with the elitist’s plans?

For example: There seems to be ample evidence that the Powers that be are looking to by one way or another overthrow society and put into place a one world government that will essentially rule over the previously free people of Earth with an Iron fist.

There is always talk of modern day concentration camps being built in America, drills to take over the populace and disarm them. There is quite a lot behind the agenda enough to keep a reader occupied for quite a long time.

The problem came however when I was researching (Extinction Level Events) and the probability of perhaps another happening in the near future. More specifically I was researching how to survive for the longest time during such an event. In any case my research lead back across my own tracks where the Elites are concerned.

According to the elites the stated goal is global depopulation and the eradication of up to 80 to 90 percent of all human life on Earth.
Perhaps even animal life is included in this equation I cant say.
The point being is that the Elite really seem to be planning for the liquidation of human life down to 500,000 people or there about?

I have read this before and understood it perfectly but now I’m wondering what’s really going on.
With all the funding behind doomsday vaults, genetic arks and other such hardened facilities along with statements made by elitists I have to ask what the real goal here is.

Is it to kill off the population or is it to enslave the people and exterminate the obstinate through a methodical genocide?

I’m actually curious to know what the real endgame is.

So this is the title of the thread SUBMIT AND DIE, chosen because of the conclusion I have come to which is the following:

That the camps, disarming and the implanting of microchips into society is the goal and offered only as a way for the populace to submit to the power, after which all the followers of big governments new world order will go quietly into the grave without a fight.
This is merely a way of basically saying, “I’m going to cut your throat now so don’t move.”
Knowing full well that many will not be hypnotized into dieing so easily the elites contingency is to destroy the Earth and everyone on it. It would seem the plans have already been put into effect on several levels.
This will leave a much more manageable population that will have little or no choice but to submit.

The sickening point to be made here is that you really have absolutely no choice but to give into the demands of these people. If you decide to be a hero and fight for the good of humanity and it looks like you may succeed in waking up enough citizens then the elite pull the plug. They basically hit the reset button and start over again.

The goal as it has always been is death. They will have it and you shall submit to it or the earth will be destroyed and everything on it.

Simply put, Submit and die.

Please share your thoughts with me on the subject,
Thanks Snow

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posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 12:53 PM
EXACTLY- there certainly are big fat rats scurrying around and jumping ship.
in the mean time we civilians- no longer citizens or part of the matrix-
(multi anti terrorist information exchange) will be worked to death-
the SS number no longer tattooed on your forearm. but you are tagged none the less.
the corexit being dumped in the gulf is from the rockefeller line of fine products.
bp is poisoning the arctic/mediterranean/africa..
the chemtrails are everywhere.
take your choice of wars- the new recruiting slogan-"HUNGRY?-
join the army of one (world).

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posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 01:02 PM
Well forgive me but I actually listen to the Alex Jones show.....*occasionally*...
Usually for background noise and he was on some rant about the movie The Road.
Well I read the book last year and it was really claw your eyes out horrible,
I’m speaking about the theme of the story.

It was pretty much hopeless as hell. I couldn’t help but think while reading it that even during the plight the characters in the book were facing that somewhere out there in nuclear powered shelter the self proclaimed gods were safe and sound waiting for the right time to reemerge. Sickening really.

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 01:43 PM
Good questions. Lots of talk about all the things going on, but not so much about "why" our masters do what they do, and ultimately, as you put it, maybe we should ask what their "end game" might be?

While I'm not a religionist personally, I do sometimes like the poetic and metaphorical ways the ancients put things, and I also think that they can offer us some insight into human nature. And that's what we're dealing with, notwithstanding those who will jump in with the "alien" agenda pretty soon.

In Genesis, we find the story of why Adam and Eve got kicked out of the Garden. The "serpent" came along, and tempted them. Here might be a key: "Ye shall be, as gods!"

Yeah, we want to live forever. And yeah, we want back into the Garden too. Whatever we believe, the point is, this may shed some light on the situation.

We have this tremendous instinct to "survive". If our air is choked off, we instinctively will "fight to the death", if we have to. Survival is so important, that it may be what is behind all "religious" paradigms, since we all desperately want to believe that we can survive death even.

And so it is with our masters. They are not so different than the rest of us, except for one thing. They enjoy incredible multigenerational wealth and power. As a result, they naturally would deploy their wealth and power to achieve these basic human pursuits, which are: Immortality and readmittance to the "Garden", or perhaps what we would call "Utopia" today.

Over time, generations, they have come to some conclusions that may not be so evident to the average bear. They may in fact have come to believe that these ancient human "goals", as seemingly unattainable as they are, are in fact within our reach. Especially at this late stage in history.

What they are doing with their immense wealth could also be construed as a "story" of people who are seriously trying to achieve something like "immortality". Think about it. When Pharaoh, or Caesar, or Napoleon, or whoever you choose died, were not great "timeless" monuments built? Even "timeless" victories might be celebrated with "timeless" edifices, regardless of cost.

Obviously, much of our programming wants to chalk it all up as major ego, but the point is, we have lots of evidence all around us, going back thousands of years, that tells us what human behavior is like for the Elite.

What if the world was your "apple"? I know, back to that old metaphor. But seriously, what if you could somehow achieve "immortality", if not for you personally, perhaps for your progeny then? Is this not exactly what we see? And we haven't even touched on the incredible recent leaps in science that could put a whole new spin on this issue.

What would this "look like"? How would the application of massive wealth, in pursuit of these ends, manifest itself?

Well, today our masters may not be content merely building monuments to their huge egos. Perhaps they might even endeavor to build nations. And, having succeeded there, perhaps they could build confederations, and unions, and eventually, enjoy the entire world under their undisputed dominion.

Certainly, the "shared goal" you might say, that "unites" them in their pursuit, as mentioned above, would be enough to make things "appear" as if there was a very grand "conspiracy" indeed, even if there was none. But, as time went on, such actually became the case, as secret societies, and subverted religions, etc., were all deployed to get humanity to that place that the masters so ardently desire.

This place might be called "Utopia", but that would all depend upon your perspective. If you, and your children, could be in charge, and have the rest catering to your every whim, well then it would be fantastic! Except for the rest of us, who must do the catering, and groveling, and toiling on what would be, from our perspective, a world-wide "plantation".

"Their" utopia might also include vast tracts of "re-wilded" lands for them to enjoy, without the miserable slaves coming out of the woodwork. Logically, their utopia will only call for so-many slaves, enough to serve, but not so many that could become unmanageable, and certainly not so many that could compete someday for eventual hegemony. This will not do. And so, what we call "depopulation", in it's many insidious forms, makes all too much sense, unfortunately, for the 90% of us who must get out of their way, if they are to enjoy their dreams.

That's the basics, and yet there are other details that often confuse those who honestly try and get their heads around it all. Do factions of the "elite" always agree on how to get from here, to there? No, of course not, and history is full of wars that seem to prove just that. It's not an important issue really, but some will use the idea to "disprove" the likelihood of conspiracy.

But the key is understanding WHO "they" are. I think it's useful to think of them in terms of a religious cult perhaps. In a religious cult, there is dogma, rules, things they all follow. In practice, the best example of their behavior in this regard would be to observe the European nobility. Do they "intermarry"? Or is that just for the proles to do? If one of them stepped out of line, could they even be killed? Yes, think Princess Diana. Her sacred seed would not be mixed with that of the beastly Arab. It would not do, and she is dead. But their "seed", remains "pure"...

It's not quite as simple as this however. There is an esoteric element to their "faith" you might say, that observes occult "rules" that go beyond the scope of this small presentation. But our masters, through experience, have learned from whence power and success come, and so their "faith" you might say, is continually "reinforced" by the many terrible things they do. After all, they can indeed look back at their ancestors, and triumphantly conclude that "might makes right", that crime pays, and that the more ruthless, the better. This is "their" precious history, passed on from generation, to generation.

All of this is hard for the average person to fathom of course. But why should the barber's son, or the farmer's daughter, ever even need to think about such things?

Anyway, a star and flag to you. "Submit and die?" Indeed, in their tradition, it is their "right" to demand it, if it suits their plans or desires.

Such is the "real" world we live in... (Sigh)


posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 02:00 PM
What i want to know is, how are you all prepared for all of this? meaning it's obvious something will happen, but how are YOU dealing with this.

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 02:09 PM
reply to post by JR MacBeth

I absolutely do agree with what you have stated, a very good post.
I do believe that their agenda is based on transcendental qualities. They believe they have a destiny without a doubt.

In regards to Eden, and the serpent tempting them, once again I agree.
I use this and another analogy when Satan tempted Jesus Christ, basically showing him the entire world and offering it to him if he would but bow down.

So I do believe they stand in the religious extremist group.
What makes them dangerous is their grasp on the world. It would appear that if there is someone to bow to for control of the world they have done it successfully.

I have a concern though that they may be attempting to, even now destroy the world utterly.
What, I’m referring to is an E.L.E or (extinction level event), one that may cause nearly every living creature on Earth to die, by blocking out the sun killing the trees and plant life etc.

The few Humans that would be left would die of completely for lack of food in say 20 years or so, which by the way is the length of some reactors generating energy for potential shelters. I’m trying to find the article now.
They have the seeds and genetic material for nearly every living thing.
While an E.L.E would wipe out life the planet would eventually recover at which time they would reseed and start the world anew.

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by Canadian FrontMan

Do you mean mentally or logistically?

In the situation I’m referring to the only way to “prepare” for it is to kiss your rump goodbye.

Consider yourself lucky if you die in the initial stages of such an event because the world after is not one to live in.

Simply put, you don’t prepare because there is nothing to prepare for?
Are you going to store food? Will you have it in 10 years?
Are you going to hide out? What if you have to move on to find food?
Stockpile clothing? It will wear off.

There is nothing you can do, unless you cut the head off the snake,
I'm sad to say I don't think this can be done.
I’m not saying lay down and die by any means, just that we were successfully trumped long ago.

When the sky rains ash for 20 years and all the animals on Earth die off what are you going to do? What’s your plan for the long haul so to speak? That’s a question that I want an answer to myself. Thus I have created this thread to help me in my search for the answer.

As if I were going to survive or something..

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posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 03:06 PM
Everyone serves a Master.

The story here is elemental at best, Good vs. Evil; this can only mean the inclusion of another dimension, as clearly this one is of 'Good' there must be another of 'Bad'.

Perhaps the next journey for our mind is to grasp that a man no longer has a hand in his actions once he chooses which side he is on. This World has been slowly, then forcibly, transformed before our very eyes; even the people have become transformed.

The agenda to rid this world of the masses has more to do with bringing forth the Universe of those that predominate our World today; the Possessed, Dark, and Negative. Can we not look around and see the poisoning of the air, water, and all living creatures of this physical dimension? Purposely and methodically!

The Realm of the Bad to encompass the Good is the agenda; one Dimension breaching the other. Ultimately our parameters are of our own making and it is not hard to see what is Good and what is Bad in this World.

The story of our beginnings is part of the tapestry of Man, each part can be taken down to the thread, and each thread is a story within itself of the very struggle that has brought us to this time.

Is it the end? Is it time to complete one tapestry as if it is but a thread of its own, part of the larger weave of this Great Awe!

Until the return of our Lords, to set right their most contemptuous of children, we must embrace the subtle and magnificent forces of the Almighty, that which is above all else and resides in this realm. We have to choose to accept a higher power because the Bad has become so overwhelming to us all.

I do believe the story unfolds as the Good overcoming the Bad, the evil being driven from this World to their own, and being sealed for one thousand years; until we are then given the opportunity to accept once again which Master we Serve.

For me I have already submitted to the end.

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 03:43 PM
You are certainly right about the massive expense and effort that has been gone through to ensure the long-term survival of the elite. It's pretty well-known that "their" underground cities have been designed for something potentially "extinction level", with everything they need to start over afterwards.

Most people who stumble on this kind of info will probably come to different conclusions though. They might even applaude our "wise" masters, for taking such comprehensive measures. To have gathered seeds, and animals, and the "best" peoples...almost sounds like an updated Noah's Ark!

Some might point out that one potentially very bad indication of what this may actually portend, has everything to do with it's paramount secrecy. Of course, many will be quick to point out that secrecy would be a given, in any circumstance where only a very few could be saved at all, and that could perhaps be legit. For those who prefer to assume that we have benign leaders, it could all still make sense.

But one thing any student of history "should" learn, is that our leaders are anything but, benign. Over, and over again, the exact opposite proves true. They do not hesitate to slaughter by the millions, if it should suit their plan. For them, having Ivan the Terrible in the bloodline is a thing to boast about. Really, this is where they are coming from.

And so, I can certainly see how a rational student of conspiracies could begin to suspect some very bad things on the horizon, in light of preparations that are being made.

Personally, I don't think they are that stupid, although I will concede that they may just be that arrogant. Would they cut their nose off, to spite their face? Well, they wouldn't see it that way, if indeed an ELE was being seriously considered. More likely, it might be something more like the 9/11 operation. Sure, it was planned, decades in advance, but the most ingenious part of the plan was that the buildings were built in such a way that they would HAVE TO come down, one way or the other. It was as if someone lit a fuse, and once lit, all would agree it was too late to change the plan. I know, too much for this thread, but the point I'd like to make is that often, there is a whole lot going on behind the scenes that we have no clue about. And yet, our masters DO have a clue, even if it is only that.

SO, "what if" at some point, our masters became aware of something that was going to befall the planet? The classic case would be the in-coming asteroid of course. Most agree that we would never be told (and why bother, right?). But what if, whatever our masters discovered wasn't exactly a total planet-killer? What if they found that something terrible was going to occur, that would likely wipe out 99% of humanity? Would they tell us about it? Or would they go about making survival plans?

For example: Some who seriously study the Sun have suggested that things can get quite bad for living organisms if the earth's shield should go down, for even a very short while. Further, some who think that there may be a magnetic field shift, a "pole-shift", could result in a temporary shut-down in the Earth's magnetic field. If so, most would receive a lethal level of radiation, and die within weeks. And a pole-shift wouldn't even be necessary, the sheer power of this star so close by, can overwhelm the shield, under certain circumstances.

Again, "if" they knew something like this was certain, what would they do? Perhaps they even have good indications of "when" such a thing would be likely to occur. Surely, if YOU were one of them, if you had come from a noble lineage that stretched back centuries, and longer, would you betray your ancestry, and give up? Hardly. But neither would you suddenly begin caring a whole lot for your slaves either.

Sure, all speculation of course, but it could make more sense than something devilishly "deliberate". BUT, sometimes I think about how they have abused nuclear weapons, HAARP, and recently, what's going on in the Gulf of Mexico...maybe our masters (or at least a faction within their clans), would make a bad calculation, as they sparred for ultimate supremacy.

Maybe it has already happened before, thousands of years ago? Hmmm.


posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 09:40 PM

Is it the end? Is it time to complete one tapestry as if it is but a thread of its own, part of the larger weave of this Great Awe!

Until the return of our Lords, to set right their most contemptuous of children, we must embrace the subtle and magnificent forces of the Almighty, that which is above all else and resides in this realm. We have to choose to accept a higher power because the Bad has become so overwhelming to us all.

I do believe the story unfolds as the Good overcoming the Bad, the evil being driven from this World to their own, and being sealed for one thousand years; until we are then given the opportunity to accept once again which Master we Serve.

For me I have already submitted to the end.

You make a point that mirrors my own on a few levels.
I tend to look at the unfolding events of life as a great, but still as of yet unfinished artistic masterpiece. The mere fact that I’m even allowed to be a part of it regardless of my position with in it is an honor and a privilege.

Some may misinterpret what I’m saying, believing that I’m giving my glory to the prospect of mass destruction and gratuitous murder; however this is certainly not the case.

By whatever means these events unfold, be it divine providence or synchronicity, one thing is clear and that is that we were here, we lived.

WE will leave an imprint on this planet and maybe the universe, albeit, a potentially evil one. Never the less we can not be denied.

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 10:22 PM
reply to post by JR MacBeth

JR Macbeth with yet another hella insightful post thanks.

Let me start out by saying that to many it may seem pointless, perhaps even counter productive to subjugate a population by way of gross planetary destruction.
Moreover it may also seem improbable that an elite group of alleged masterminds would do it intentionally.

It may be more as you have stated, that being a held knowledge of impending doom being repressed from the majority in order to save the “golden” minority.

There are so many potential angles for this that a single thread could not cover them all.
Ill try to make my points short and to the point.

The first one being: With al the movies floating around about the end of the world and the elite’s finger stirring the pot in Hollywood I often wonder if there really is a hidden message. The mantra is almost exactly the same on every level.
. 90% of life wiped out.

. Years of hardship, cannibalism, and misery.

. From the ashes of the disaster a world governance arises, or only a world government can save the remnants.

. Only elite are allowed to survive, usually proclaiming to be genetically superior. (As in the movie 2012)

. That there is no way to stop it, here are two quotes: The Road “We saw this coming, even if you knew what to do, you wouldn’t know what to do.” and another from 2012 “ How do you warn six billion people that the world is going to end?....YOU DON’T. “

.God has forsaken you turn away from hope, that is if your hope lies with God.

. Usually multiple calamities befall civilization at once, ( The Book of Eli), (2012)
. Doomsday vaults and underground cities. ( Deep impact, several video games.) ect, ect.

. Submitting to martial law and military checkpoints as well as arriving at detention facilities. A few examples: (The new Terminator movie, the crazies, Dream catcher, I am legend, and outbreak.) The list is rather long

Now as far as the elite knowingly destroying the earth rather than merely knowing an E.L.E. were going to occur. This is something I strongly consider. From what I gather there is really only one thing that stands in the way of their self proclaimed destiny and that’s us. Not that we are knowingly a hindrance to them for the most part, but simply cows that are to stubborn to move. It would behoove them to eradicate us.

If their technology is truly as advanced as I have heard it may be, then surely they have the capability to strike a deadly blow that we can not recover from, at least not without them.
I used to view them as predators, but now I see them as parasites.

I assumed that when a predator reaches the apex position there is a divergence within the species. The predator begins hunting down and killing off its weaker kin. Eventually doing this would produce an even greater creature, the cycle will continue. I could be wrong though.
It is clear now that they need us for their adoration, otherwise what’s the point.
What is a god without someone to call it such?

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 12:50 AM
The problem isn't taking over the world, it is holding onto it. Nobody or group for that mater ever has. Even when Alexander the great took the known world his death caused it to fall apart. Rome fell, Egypt fell, all great civilizations fall due to corruption.

Doesn't matter how powerful you are when enough people hate you, and you can't kill everyone. Look how China slowly but surely is making the transition back to where they should be. People do not like being oppressed and will fight.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 01:26 AM
reply to post by bcroper

I agree with you for the most part with one exception.
For the first time in Human history mankind has the ability to completely destroy himself in a very short period of time.
Not only that, but also has the power to destroy most living things on Earth.

It is my contention that these people have studied history in depth and know full well what happens when you try to oppress free people. For this reason like I said in my OP, the contingency is devastation of the globe.

The idea that they would simply take over via despotism is laughable and guarantees an uprising; however there can be no uprising against en extinction level event.

Thos who survive may well have been chosen by the elite because of their willful servitude or for some other reason. At any rate 500,000,000 or 500,000 is still a much more manageable number of people than the better part of seven billion.

Upon reemergence these freaks may have a technology that puts them a in a position of power greater than what we currently have. If that’s the case then standing against them after being rocked back to the Stone Age is unlikely at best.

I assume that a large portion of the 10% left is their military force they use to oppress.

Also consider this. It was once proposed to implant people with microchips that could be sent a signal and then release a poison killing the implanted individual in the event said person got out of line..

If you have an army of say 50,000 soldiers and there is even a hint of uprising, these minions could easily be eliminated. The survivors of the ELE if there were any may very well be implanted at that time for this reason.

This would most likely not be argued in the least considering that in my scenario a good 15 to 20 years would have passed after the E.L.E., at which time most if not all food would be gone most water contaminated and plant life destroyed.
If a person wants a place in the Brave New World they’re going to need a chip.
The alternative would be starvation, frigid weather, cannibalism, and death just to name a few.
Though I don’t think it would necessarily get to this point, it wouldn’t be empirical of me not to include it as a potential.

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