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God is the Sun in the sky.

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posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 12:40 AM
reply to post by filosophia

tell me then, if the sun is not God, what is God? Describe it to me, length, width, height. If it is immaterial, describe what caused it. If it is uncaused, describe how it creates life? If it does so spontaneously, describe if it is unified or multiple, if it is unified, tell me if it is our true nature. If it is our true nature, tell me how to unite with it. If we are never separate from it, tell me how we shall remember it, and realize it. Is that God?

Just think about this. The Sun was not the first, nor will be the last. What does every single thing of life contain within it. A life force, a energy. What is throughout the entire Universe, constantly recycling All things are a form of energy. Energy may have no beginning nor end.

There is no height, width for the unseen. Nothing caused the unseen energy through everything...the Universe cycles, recycles. Look all around you, recycling in nature, in the Universe, in the Earth, in the galaxy' recycling energy constantly.

Its not spontaneous...there is order, there is cycles. There is emanation, always taking one form of energy and forming into another form.

To find your true take a personal path of self, seek within you and within all life, seek the orders of life, the cycles. The very life of all things, if a offering of the Holy Spirit of itself. You can seek this Spirit of life, in all things that hold life. Only our flesh body complex makes us think we are separate from the source....but actually, we are FILLED with the source, and so is all life.

God is more then a Sun, more then all the Sun's...more then all the galaxy's, more then all galactic Suns, more then the whole Universe. We must be careful of limiting or bounding God to just one form of energy....such as the Sun, Such as the Earth, such as a man names Jesus, such as each one of us or any man at all.

My best

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 12:48 AM
Think on it, meditate on it, write down the number of times you get a response from the sun brightening your room. But its not God. Stars come and go. The sun is akin to our collective consiousness, and streaming into this holographic school, all that is around us, and also, its related to "time" akin to the clock of our orbit. The solar system is like a mechanism. Observe50 has a very interesting thread on the moons being moved around, like a matrix within a matrix to change the mechanism, block it maybe? Don't know for sure but its all temporal and our Higher Selves are superman to any negatives in this cosmos, they are the Many In One, Designers/Teachers/Programmers of this.

What is time?
What is the sun?
What is a hologram?
What is reality/matter?
Is this streams of energy?
Who are we?
Let your inner self/soul/sunlight well up within you, when you are confused or down, just reach into yourself, and brighten up the room around you. Practice connecting to self, and sungazing, more akin to sunblinking.

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 12:50 AM
I'm now stupider having read this post.

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 02:15 AM
Stephen Hawking used to say that black holes sucked things into them. He then recently came out and said that black holes actually "emit information."

Maybe the supermassive black holes at the center of each galaxy are some sort of portals that "God" uses to emit information/instructions for each galaxy. Once these instructions have been spit out into "space" from the black holes the rest just develops on it's own based on the instructions given from "God."

Stars might be some sort of conscious entities, but they are not "God," the true creator of the Universe.

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posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 10:38 AM

Haramein on the Sun

Black and white whole technology could simply be, waste basket like windows, for debris and old programs, and Influx in from the Beyond. But in a digital holographic school, the stars are programs too, but relate to our consciousness, and the hologram itself. Also clocks, they clock time in our heads with orbits.

But there is a lot bigger fish in the comsos.

This thread came out of some of the "downloads" I got earlier this year,

And in two experiences, one was after seeing something out the door, and knowing we were possibly in for it that night, the masked dream, I call it that because it was surreal, involved 3 from my family being abducted and myself and my oldest son, boarding the craft to fill out a form. The first question asked for a date, and I looked at the blond woman to my left, 4 of them like clones around a table, she shrugged as if, we don't do time (thats what kept coming) and then she said, "But I will tell you this, this day has taken 9 days to complete so far." And to write it down.

Very recently, a medical checkup was done, and during this just prior to me falling asleep, I was told "you must realize this is only a memory from the past". We are reliving the past, in this holographic universe school, each clip in the infinite roll of film is another us, but in No Time, beyond the "suns clock" both in this cosmos, and also, in the Beyond, this is the past. We are living through a past memory of our Higher Selves, in the endless progression.

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