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The UFO base in Aksai Chin

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posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 02:22 AM
The UFO base in Aksai Chin

India Daily Technology Team
Jul. 25, 2010

It is now clear that multiple UFO bases exist in Aksai Chin, the Chinese controlled part of Kashmir. The bases extend from India's Ladack to China's Aksai Chin.

When the Sun is about rise in the 14,000 ft elevation, Kashmir's remotest part where the earth's crust is thick due to fold mountains of Himalayas, the UFOs cluster in formation and come out from their underground bases. For a long time Indian military thought these were Chinese Air Force Advanced reconnaissance vehicles of odd shapes and sizes. Now it is clear that even Chinese authorities are surprised with the number of UFOs that are coming out from underground these days.

Aksai Chin is a no man's land whre neither Chinese nor the Indian authorities exert their influence. The local know about these UFOs and they also know not to disturb these ''higher order Gods from Heavens.''

The UFOs come out and disappear in the middle of gravity wave modulations. They propagate with electromagnetic flux. They navigate with gravity wave shield. Their armor is made of time encapsulated zero point energy modules.

Aksai Chin is largely a vast high-altitude desert including some salt lakes from 4,800 metres (15,700 ft) to 5,500 metres (18,000 ft) above sea level. It covers an area of 37,250 square kilometres (14,380 sq mi).

The main UFO base is in Soda Plain and uses Aksai Chin's largest river, the Karakosh. The region is almost uninhabited, has no permanent settlements, and receives little precipitation as the Himalayas and the Karakoram block the rains from the Indian monsoon. It is perfect for underground UFO base formation.

The maximum UFO cluster formations happen in Aksai Chin Lake area. The radioactivity in the lake is surprisingly above normal in early hours of the day.

Hotan County in the Hotan Prefecture in Xinjiang of China administers Aksai Chin. The administrators knowingly avoid questions on Aksai Chin underground UFO bases.

China National Highway 219 runs through Aksai Chin connecting Lazi and Xinjiang in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Recently people treveling in the highway have reported many UFO citing from the area.

The satellite imagery on the Google Earth service revealed a terrain model of eastern Aksai Chin and adjacent Tibet, built near the town of Huangyangtan, about 35 kilometres (22 mi) southwest of Yinchuan, the capital of the autonomous region of Ningxia in China. The satellite imagery also reveals strange spots in the deep terrains. Many believe these strange deep spots were previous underground UFO bases.

Indian Daily

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 02:24 AM
I haven't seen any google maps images, but the Indian daily? Now even the serious newspapers are reporting this with a very weird certainty, likes it's common knowledge...

I can't access Google earth right now, but maybe somebody can provide us some pics

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 02:36 AM
India Daily is a serious newspaper?

Looking at some other articles I have my doubts.

So, uh where's the evidence of the claims made in this article?

It just sounds like a load of rubbish to me.

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posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 02:52 AM
reply to post by Hellas
An unlikely story and one that's been going now for a few years. If you think about it...the news article is describing a 'no-go area' occupied by aliens! That's one big story at the box office nevermind about the 24hr news stations!

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 03:49 AM
reply to post by Chadwickus


He missed this one.....

The fastest and most advanced UFOs from the chilled universe below the Hyperspace

Maybe...maybe not

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 04:29 AM
The linked site has ads by google so its obviously legit guys....

Number 2

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 04:38 AM

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 07:53 AM
reply to post by Hellas

When I start reading threads that make highly suggestive but only passing references to incredibly complex technology that power UFOs, I never allow myself to finish the article. From where came the data? Bad grammar and spelling hasten the deline of interest.

posted on Oct, 3 2010 @ 04:34 AM
reply to post by Aliensun

Its a translation from a chinese article actually. who runs india daily anyway?

and in the threads topic,

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posted on Oct, 3 2010 @ 04:50 AM
The Indian daily? I nearly fell off my seat.

Is that even a real paper? I tend not to listen to much that comes from India except through legitimate channels. Its hard to trust a paper whose website looks like a 2 year old put it together.

posted on Oct, 3 2010 @ 05:13 AM
Well it's not like whoever wrote the article is making it up, there is UFO activity in many places nearby and also it's considered normal to many natives who have lived there.

But as for the base it sounds like they're implying there is classified information from India/China having to do with their acknowledgment of UFO activity, inc. those remote parts. They probably know as much as we could, i don't believe people out there have been seeing black project crafts

posted on Oct, 3 2010 @ 05:24 AM
reply to post by orazio


Those stories about UFO bases in northern India have been around for a long time.

A couple of years back there was much talk of Indian "UFO disclosure".

Kind regards
Maybe...maybe not

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posted on Oct, 5 2010 @ 03:59 AM
time encapsulated zero point modules. wat?

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