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Was there a conspiracy,did the japs have a right to fire??

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posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 02:46 PM
Hello ATS. hope your all having a good day
I was wondering if some members could help me out?
During world war 2 my granfather Captain Walter Hill was sailing a tanker ship over by the maldive islands on route from Melbourne Australia to Abadan when his ship was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine as information states below

Tanker British Chivalry, 7,118grt (British Tanker Co. Lt) had been sailing independently on voyage from Melbourne to Abadan in ballast. On the morning of the 22nd February 1944 at 10.30 hours the track of two torpedoes were spotted. Taking evasive action one torpedo passed harmlessly astern, but the second detonated on the starboard side square into the engine room killing the watch engineer, all the fireman on duty and a young apprentice who had been painting the starboard lifeboat. The torpedoes had been fired from the Japanese submarine I-37 commanded by Lieutenant Hajime Nakagawa the same man who had been responsible for the sinking of the Hospital Ship Centaur in April 1943. At the time the Centaur had been sailing fully illuminated and displaying the Red Cross. 317 crew, wounded service personnel, doctors and nurses were murdered in this atrocity. The survivors from the British Chivalry were about to see his brutality first hand. As the survivors were taking to the lifeboats as the ship lay dead in the water I-37 broke surface about a mile away. Rounding up all the survivors Captain Walter Hill took a head count which revealed that the ships Cook was also missing and as the galley was directly above the engine-room where the torpedo had detonated it was presumed he to had been killed in the explosion. I-37 now began shelling the floating hulk and fired another torpedo into the port side, which broke her back and she sank in position 00’ 50S 68’ 00E South-West of Addu Atoll, Maldive Islands. I-37 now began to manoeuvre towards the lifeboats and life-rafts shelling them indiscriminately. The tankers Chief Officer made an attempt to signal the submarine by hand semaphore asking “what do you want us to do” The firing ceased and I-37 passed between the survivors asking for the ships Captain to identify himself. Once this was done Captain Hill was taken prisoner and the survivors in their boats were ordered away and I-37 manoeuvred astern. The survivors had barely come to terms with what had happened when the submarine was seen to alter course and was heading directly for them and then the machine guns opened up. For the next couple of hours the submarine passed back and forth through the survivor’s machine guns firing indiscriminately at the boats and men in the water. Once Lieutenant Hajime Nakagawa was satisfied not a man remained alive his submarine disappeared over the horizon. By some miracle men had survived in fact after a head count it was found fourteen men had been killed and a further five, some seriously wounded and would eventually succumb to their injuries. The thirty-eight survivors spent the next thirty seven days adrift in the searing heat, caught in the doldrums of the Indian Ocean until they were rescued by the British Merchant ship SS Delane after having travelled only 320 miles South form the original position of sinking. Captain Walter Hill had been forced to watch the unfolding tragedy and would witness other atrocities against defenceless Merchant Seamen before being held prisoner at Penang for the duration of the war. He was released when Japan surrendered and for whatever reason he had, he declined to give evidence against his captors at the War Crimes Commission.

What i would like help with is what would he have being doing in them waters during that war?? Would he have being fueling allied troop??would he of just being on a simple a to b sail??
Or something else?
Also why after being locked up for 10 plus years with your family not thinking you were alive and losing a baby while away would you not give evidence in the war crimes?? not to mention eating dog for years?

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posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 02:47 PM
Thanks in advance guys

were the japanese that ruthless??
Or was there something else??? Any help would be great??
It is only daughters left alive and he refused to talk war with them!!
was him not giving evidence just what happens in war stays in war????

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posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by johnny c

Hi Johnny,

For family reasons am carrying out major research into another ( actually one that the world knows nothing about - but 230 men were killed in this one) sinking by Nakagawa for family reasons and have spent many months investigating this man and his atrocities.

I am fully aware of the evnets of the "British Chivalry" and the fact that the Captain was taken back to penang - from a copty of the war crimes trail record from the US Archives and of course the book "Blood and Bushido" .

I would like to correspond with you on this matter and ask that you contact me on


New Zealand.


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