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strange strage dream

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posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 06:04 AM
hi guys i finished work at one this morning and jumped straight in to bed i laid ther for about 15 min before i fell asleep. but i had the strangest dream witch i thought i would share with u basically in my dream there was me and 2 of my other house mates all stood in my bedroom just chatting.

then i pulled the curtain back to look outside and there was a fish flying past the window then a frog and loads more other huge fish and then i looked down and there was the garden covered in birds just laid down on the ground.

the floor was just full of birds sat there squaking and making loads of noise then this huge rumble started and it lasted for about 15 min getting gradually louder and more intense. then the house started to shake and just as i thought it was not posable to shake any more the whole side of my house just give way.

i could see my mates faces as the house just collapsed then as we should of crumbled to the floor i woke up instantly this dream was so realistic.

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