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(Dream pranks) Is July 17th a significant date in paranormal studies?

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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 08:56 PM
The theme of all my dreams last night was one that resembled Christmas or New Years. Every where I was, there was a party or at least a few people celebrating. It was a very general thing. I very much felt like I was being pranked throughout the dreams. In one, I found myself in a house of strangers sitting around a living room. They gave me a drug that would help me dream, and I took it willingly. After I took it I worried because I knew none of them. They saw me begin to freak out and I told them if they treated me right I would not do anything crazy.

I realized these people were going to mess with me no matter how diplomatic or intimidating I tried to be.

Then in a moment of hopeless panic I tried to fly out of the house, and as it was a dream it worked, not easily, but just as some grapped at my legs. Before that I was at a friends house on an endless night of a party like New Years. The final prank was where I was at this high-class bar. Everyone was partying and I had this girl that resembled Christina Aguilera with me, though she wasn't as pretty she was very attractive in her own way. I sat at the bar and she sat on my lap. Then next thing I know after looking down and back up, it's a tall guy with short black hair sitting in my lap. I laughed the joke off.

I started the thread trying to figure out what's going on last evening. But I'm also very interested in hearing what sort of pranks dream characters have pulled on you. And what sort of general party experiences you've had in dreams, not just parties, but special occasions, holidays, etc.

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