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Revelation: 4th Bowl Prophecy Happening Now?

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posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 07:21 PM
Come to think of it, there was a peace treaty signed with Israel in January 2007. I was never sure if it was thee peace treaty. But if it was then we would right now be in the middle of the tribulation period.

When I find the right link, I will post it here.

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posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 07:34 PM

Originally posted by Student X

Originally posted by endtimer
But wait until the actual 7 seals, 7 trumpets and 7 bowls are dealt before the earth.

What form do you think it will take? I mean, do you expect to see angels in the sky breaking seals and blowing trumpets and pouring bowls?

I myself will be seeing this from a different perspective than a lot of
others. I am positive I will be Raptured before any of this takes place.
The ones left on earth after the Rapture won't actually see Angels as
such. It is mostly symbolic to the people on earth. These will be things
ushered in by God himself. The terrible things described in these
symbolic events WILL happen though in full force for all to see and

I believe your are quite right about a war happening and very soon.
In the end times, it states in Revelation that there will be wars and rumors
of war. What do we see happening before our very eyes at the moment?
Wars and rumors of war. Lots of them. Our daily life is saturated with
news of ongoing wars and threats of more wars and never ending talk
about it. That part of the end times is actually happening now.

Before anything really bizarre happens on the earth though, a seven year
peace treaty will be signed with Israel. This is the start of the Tribulation
period of seven years. The antichrist will sign this treaty or negotiate it
at least. Not too many people will realize that it is actually the antichrist
doing so, but a lot of people will know at that time that the antichrist is
fully on the scene. Who that is, no one knows today. But I believe he is
here now, has his plans started and will show himself fully at the second
half of the tribulation.

I am not trying to force my views and beliefs on anyone here. It is my
belief according to what I have learned from the Bible and have been
taught most of my life. God has given us something called free will.
We can believe in the Lord or not. It's where a person ends up for an
eternity that matters. I am anxiously awaiting for the endtimes to come.
I am prepared for my eternity with Jesus. And hey, it this IS some type
of fairy tale and NOTHING is true, (I believe it is though), then I will have
at least tried to live a peaceful life having followed the Ten Commandments
and the words of the Bible. I can't be tortured for believing it. I am a sinner
like every person on this planet, but I try to live a life following Jesus.
I stray off the path really bad at times, but I have a talk with God and
ask forgiveness of my sins and try not to repeat. That's my life.

posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 07:37 PM

Originally posted by prophecywatcher
reply to post by ExPostFacto

I agree, it could have been trumped up a bit, so that when it happens, only those who believe will understand the signs. But then again, maybe these are warnings for much worse things that are yet to come.

God and his prophets don't exaggerate. The prophets were probably confused at times as to what they were seeing but you can bet if God says your going to burn, your going to really burn. The Sun is waking up from its slumber and its angry.

posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 07:47 PM
reply to post by endtimer

I can certainly respect your point of view. I have heard different arguments about when the rapture will take place. Some people think it is before the tribulation, some think it is in the middle and some think it is in the end. I don't keep a certain opinion on the timing, because only God knows. Either way, its alright with me. I would like to be raptured before anything bad happens, but if we are not, I am prepared for that also. And I know that if we are not raptured before the trib., God will watch out for us.

posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 08:01 PM
reply to post by endtimer

I understand your viewpoint. I used to have a view similar to yours and to Disraeli. I consider myself your brother but you might consider me a heretic, because I am an independent esoteric Christian mystic, and from your perspective I have been corrupted by the New-Age lies of the devil. But I would say that I have been liberated from the cultural and temporal inflections that chained my faith.

If I am corrupted, then I brought it on myself. I was arrogant and I thought the lies of the devil would be no match for me. If so then I have been defeated.

If I am not corrupted, then I am probably one of the Elect or something. Or I'm completely crazy...

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