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25 years watching the skies

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posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 09:52 AM
Hi everyone:
I have been an amateur astronomer for 25 years more or less and through all this time I have never seen any UFOs........
i wonder why?????..... I do have a little theory about extraterrestials.
Space is very, very big! not so many people can relate to the incredible distances there are in space. Alfa Centauri, the nearest group of stars to our solar systen is 3 light years away...try your math and you will be surprised how many zeros this generates in your calculator. Now try 300 or even 150 light years to some pretty near Galaxies with millions of stars, which could have planets where intelligent life could develop.
Space is too big, distances unexplorable......even if there is life somewhere else well never meet them " we are all too far".
Have a nice day.

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 10:03 AM
Yep space is HUGE i aggree but saying we can never is very short sited .
Now Im not claming that ET have been here but on the other hand if scienc has taken us from horse and bugge to the moon in less then 100 years what mite it do in a thousand Or million?
Even today with moderen science we have already revised our understanding of the possibilitys of traviling to other star systems.
I for one know for a FACT there is a way even with our tecknolgy to travel to another star.
No im not talking star trak im talking generation ship. Take a astroid 20 miles around or so hollow it out put in all parfaniala you need to live and wala a micr planet. even if it takes fifty thousand years you could get there.
Look up the square footage you could get by building something like this it could hold millions of people and still have plently of room.
Oo sure it would take us fifty years to build it but we could .Theres only one real problem with a generation ship how to be sure everone rembers what it is they are doing there for 1000s of years.So to say its not possible is not very insitfull . Anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 10:04 AM
Same argument everytime, making conclusions based on our science... And not taking other possibilities into consideration, for example ET's possibly being hyperdimensional (of a higher vibrational frequency), using wormholes or anyother technology or system that we can't even begin to dream of. 101 years ago there were scientific publications that proved that man powered flight was impossible. Even after the Wright brothers made their first flight.

Because of this having been discussed for the umpteenth time here on ATS, I will close this thread in two hours.

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 10:06 AM
I too had questioned the reality of UFOs and alien life for many years.

I got my first telescope when I was 9. I have been watching the skies ever since. 24 years.

My Granny told me of a UFO sighting she had when she was in her 30s. I believed her as my Granny was a devout Christian and never lied. I believe that she truly had seen something.

I had almost given up on the whole UFO thing. Being a huge X Files fan and avid amatuer astronomer, I was becoming skeptical.

Then one night it came. There it was shining bright in the sky above me. Luckily I had an 8mm camcorder handy.

I was outside looking at Venus when suddenly many small pulsating lights appeared moving across the sky. After about 12 of these things, I went and grabbed my camera. I filmed about 30 of these small , off in the distance pulsating lights and then I tun around and there is a huge ball of light just above me.

I ran towards it trying to film it and it toyed with me. It moved like nothing I had ever heard of. It made no sound. It was about 200 yards away and 80 feet up in the sky. I calculated it to be about the size of a large car. It moved behind some trees to give me a little perspective on its size. Then it moved up and flew away with amazing speed. I sent the footage to a specialist in aviation and a former Air Force Colonel. He couldn't tell me what I had captured on video.

So be patient and maybe some day you will see the light, or lights as well.


posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 10:12 AM
Agree with Bandit.There is the possibility that their science/physics is completely different from our own,and what we believe to be the limit of possibility is merely primitive thinking to them.My guess is that they have mastered space time,and do not travel in traditional linear style,but 'skip' vast distances in moments between time.This would seem to coincide with many witnessess(including myself)who have seen a craft 'blink out',only to appear in a spot many miles away in a second.

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 10:14 AM

You know we all want to see that video...

I haven't seen all your posts, so I don't know if you have it uploaded somewhere...

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 10:23 AM
Space seems infinite, yet all that...out there, we cannot be the only life in the universe, that sounds more absurd than saying 25 years of viewing the heavens and I have never seen a UFO.

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 10:51 AM

Originally posted by TheBandit795

You know we all want to see that video...

I haven't seen all your posts, so I don't know if you have it uploaded somewhere...

Yeah, I'm having trouble transferring it to digital. I have a friend who is able to do so but he works out of town and I hardly ever see him.

Not only that, the entire footage is almost two hours long. The 'main' footage with the close up UFO is only about 3 minutes long. Still, that would be a very large AVI file. I only have 10 megs of storage on my server, and 8 of those are already taken. So there is the problem of hosting the video whenever I do get it transferred to digital.

I would rather make it available on DVD , but I do not want people to have to pay for it. However , I could not afford the shipping costs for very many inetrested people. And I don't want to sell-out on this thing as I believe that alone makes it lose credibility.

I previously had taken stills with a digital camera by shooting the TV screen. The stills didn't come out very well. They were on my old computer when it crashed and I never made back-ups.

I had wondered if anyone out there was interested in aquiring a copy of my video and having it tranfered to digital, Then I would need someone to host it.

If not, I will have to wait untill I can access a computer with AV input. Then I will have to offer it on disc to anyone who would want it. But they would have to at least pay shipping. I just can't afford the hosting costs or the S&H charges. You really have to see the entire video to get the entire picture of what happened.

Either way. I am working on getting it transfered, hopefully soon. And when I do I will at least be able to produce stills and possibly a very crude AVI clip.

The footage however is not so different than many other UFO videos that I have seen out there. There are many similarities in the footage to other sightings.

The best part of my video is probably the 'main' craft that came close to me. But what makes my footage unique are all of the other 'craft' lights in the distance, over an hour of them. I believe I counted over 30 in all, I'm not sure if I captured each of them on video, but most of them I did.

Once again, all in all there is over an hour of footage. I could edit it down to possibly 15 minutes and include all of the lights and craft. Also the sound is important as well for the narration and conversation while I shot the video. My mother was there as well. It shows for one, that the craft made no noise, and two, that it really freaked us out. I also point out a few facts as I shoot. This will make the digital version even larger.

While I have experiance in coding and programming and IT, I am not very experianced in the digital Video/Music field. Perhaps it could be done. I have downloaded video files of 15 minutes and they were over 100 megs. Yet I have also downloaded video files of 30 minutes and they were only 30 megs. I have no idea about these things.

So I could use some help if anyone out there knows about this stuff.


posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 11:01 AM
Your eyes might be open, but your mind seems to be shut. Astronomers are interested in fixed objects, galaxies, stars, etc. and will tend to observe only a very tiny window of the sky. Chances of seeing an ufo is not very high. Check out the internet and you will see polls showing that about 2% of astronomers polled have seen an unidentified flying object.

Your light-travel limitation argument is a very old one. Check this:
Speed-of-light travel limitation

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 11:02 AM
nutzobalzo, when you have your film in digital format, send me a u2u and I'll try and help you make it as small as possible

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