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Does Barack Obama Have a Learning Disability?

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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 05:10 PM
Does Barack Obama Have a Learning Disability?

In serious times, it's time to ask serious questions. The op-ed article first addresses the definitions of what "learning disability" really means, just so everyone is "on the same page" & can look at their presented evidence objectively. In the process, I take just a few quotes from the article merely to express my own ideas on it.

BHO claims to have been a professor of constitutional law.

[BHO] ... has regularly referred to himself as "a constitutional law professor," most famously at a March 30, 2007, fundraiser when he said, "I was a constitutional law professor, which means unlike the current president I actually respect the Constitution."

He was not really a law professor. He was a "senior lecturer," though the University of Chicago (U of C), where BHO served as a senior lecturer, claims that he was "regarded as" a professor.

I was always under the impression that "Professor" was universally agreed upon to be a specific, official title bestowed by the Acedemic Community upon those who have well-established academic credentials. Who can say what Obama's true credentials are, since many of them are locked up tight along with his birth-status credentials. Obama has not revealed or confirmed any such "official titleship" regardless of his own statement, quoted above, just as he still has not revealed or confirmed his birth-status to qualify for the position of President.

Not mentioned in the article is Obama's tenacity to blame our current problems on Bush, even though Obama has done nothing to reverse Bushes bad policies...Even more, has acctually accelerated those policies faster than bush ever did.

...unless BHO suffered from LD, or perhaps ADHD (or mendacity). ADHD is considered by many not to be a learning disability. However, LD can coexist with ADHD. And ADHD can be an adult condition, possibly from an undiagnosed childhood ADHD.

Yes, I could agree here...having one such problem does not automatically equate to having the other. But whether or not ADHD is classified as a learning disability can be considered irrelevant, because it certainly does cause problems with "mental focus" during times when learning new things is essential. Indeed, if you cannot focus your attention on an approaching train, it may be difficult to realize that you should get off the tracks before it arrives!

The only thing I can say with any certainty, after reading that op-ed, is that Obama is saddled with one of two different problems...Either way, every action he's taken while occupying the White House has screamed its evidence to every American who's actually paying attention.

Either he does have a learning disability (& if officially diagnosed with such, the left wingnuts & their pet MSM will start shouting "Racism" over the diagnosis), or else it's something akin to "hatred of America & the Supreme Law of the Land, acted upon with deliberation, forethought & malice."

My own personal opinion leans toward the latter...

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