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Surviving When they come.

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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 09:00 AM
When they come.
This is a scenario that I run through in my head from time to time, but a little more often recently. This scenario has been done by the Nazi’s and I’m sure criminals will in times of an economic collapse too.
This is a discussion about the idea of “Food” confiscation.
Even if you have no “food”, Even if you are not a “farmer” this discussion will for purposes of fluidity assume that you are.
So you are a “Community known farmer” and the “roving band of criminals” are at your door, and they’re here for your “food”, will it come at night will it come in the day?
What are you going to do to survive?
I would imagine it would happen at night as vampires and most evil things are allergic to sunlight.
Now would these “Raiders” be the door crashing type or the type that stands outside your house and orders you to bring out said “food”?
I would assume they be the door crashing type for this scenario.
This will give only seconds between the dogs going nuts and them breaching the house.
I would place a shaped charge into my hallway on a high placed trigger to make a concussion / flash, basically a flashbang claymore on steroids.
This should incapacitate the hallway for 5 seconds assuming said invaders are enveloped in the flash and concussion. That would give time to dispatch any in the hall as they are all lined up.
It would be wise to assume that at least a couple of “raiders” would be outside unaffected by said blast.
But hopefully after dispatching the “invaders” inside of the house you will have the drop on at least 1 of said “invaders” and a huge psychological advantage knowing their team just got wiped.
Assuming you come out on top you collect said weapons from the “invaders” and your bugout bag and head to the bugout site.
Now this discussion is ONLY “food” confiscation by a “Roving band of criminals”.
Please keep it to that scenario and the options and associated ideas.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 09:33 AM
Well it sounds like you have every aspect of this scenario figured out. Now you have only to wait.

One of the key things about our lives is that we draw to us that which we fear. Perhaps it is one of those great Galactic jokes on us but it certainly shows the pattern clear enough over time.

Simply put, what we imagine is what we manifest, if we can see it then it likely will play a role out in one fashion or the other. Typically these things work themselves out in our dreams so that we are not actively playing them out during our conscious states. Our fears that is.

Perhaps now is the time to gain your strength. Begin to open yourself to a sense of Community. Reach out to fellow neighbors and family and express your concerns. See if they cannot pool together and participate in drills, not so much acting out the scene of impending doom, but say for instance emergency drills. This way if anything happens at your house all you have to do is make a call or sound a siren and all the other neighbors come swooping in to help. Whether it is a natural catastrophe or a man-made invasion you can actively participate in an alternative offensive approach.

You could even get bold and have an outdoor Potluck bar-b-que and get the neighbors around for a meeting.

I do not think you can maintain your fortress alone. Sadly it won't be zombies after your food as much as the standing militia when that happens. It is the food that remains from that period of time and any scraps of life left-over that the zombies will have to fight for.

At any rate, the power of manifesting is at your command. You can paint Heaven in beautiful colors but you first have to practice here on Earth. Imagine your fortitude with safety and a force of "Giving". This is the proper path to envision and travel upon. It is definitely much safer.

Again, I think your description tells me that you have this completely thought out and constructed well in your mind. So if that day should come I guess this explains why. Hoping for the best and in the end you can use a canned good as a weapon too!

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 10:57 AM
As a gardener I've given similar scenarios some thought.

Firstly, I would never plant all of my crops in one central location. The more it can blend in with surrounding vegetation and still grow and produce the better. In a real shtf scenario try to avoid crops that will be easily seen from a distance. Right now my corn is 10' tall. Too tall to be hidden so better to have many small patches spread out than one big patch easily raided. Plant squashes, melons and cucumbers in the grasses near streams or ponds.
Tomatoes can be planted there as well but they should be allowed to sprawl rather than be caged up. Plant pole beans near bushes so they can climb and still be a bit hidden. Bush beans would do well in taller grasses.

We've begun seeding the edges of the pond with cattails, useful in so many ways and not something the average person would consider food. We've also taken note of the naturally occurring foods in our area for really hard times. Raspberries, cherry trees, oak trees, blackberry and dew berries, huckleberries, morels, etc.

Even in a raided situation I would hope to have available food sources assuming I'm not killed, but I hope they don't expect me to just roll over and hand it to them on a platter!

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 09:34 PM

I guess I was in a party-pooper kind of mood this morning! Sorry, I should have just imagined the worst rather than hope for roses!

Let's see if I can put more effort.

Currently, because of limited resources, I began fortifying two rooms of my home. It is a cinderblock structure that has two roofs; one is a flat roof complete with a chimney in place, the other is a gable built over that. My thoughts are that one day when the Gulf crisis explodes in madness and there is a mass exodus of people that I will have to move all my belongings into the fortified rooms and lock it up tight

I have utilized public bathroom toilet panels to cover the windows, they are anchored inside the house into the cinderblocks with lead anchors and bolts. The windows on the outside are dressed with curtains and the panels cannot be seen from the outside. The doors are being replaced with salvaged steel hotel doors; these are hurricane proof. Once the doors are in place there will be no access into the two rooms without a cutting torch or tractor to level the building.

I hope that when I have to join the Migration Northward that one day I will be able to return and find that my old run-down house is intact and my two sealed rooms are secure. As much as I am prepared to lose all my worldly possessions, I would be delighted to recover my furniture and memories.

I don't think I could use this house as a fortress because I think it will be the military that comes through to clear everyone and everything out; I would imagine that each door would have a 'Katrina-like' marker placed on each door indicating that all food sources are removed and or the number of bodies that are left behind.

If I stayed in this home I won't survive. The risk is too great that someone will come along to take with disregard to life and the living. Better to move outward to the wilds of the world where a community of insignificant 'mud-people' eek out an existence; totally unnoticed because others would see them as insignificant and non-threatening.

Then when it is all over the Meek Inherit the Earth.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 10:05 PM
reply to post by g146541

Your plan sound good.

I would have to say if/when the time comes you must create a way that they would most like to enter a gauntlet, but not looking like one.

As for explosives that has to be done with care as the average person does not know how to create such devices on the fly untested.

They may cause more damage and death to your team then theirs.

[edit on 23-7-2010 by ACTS 2:38]

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