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I am one of the "parasites" on unemployment benefit who is draining your income

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posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 08:20 PM
reply to post by Ko-Dan Armada

Actually we're quite used to Americans (sorry, to be specific American Political/Media Talking Heads) making broad statements about Canada. And meddling in how we run our country (I believe it was... 2002 or 03 that we relaxed (bordering on decriminalizing) marijuana. The American government responded by threatening trade embargoes similar to those imposed on Cuba, we then retightened our laws. Even though over 90% of marijuana in the US is homegrown. Sorry that I don't have links for that stat or about the circumstances surrounding the marijuana laws 7 years ago. I'm lazy when it comes to hunting down links.
As for three or four things (remembering that you said specifically relating to socialism) that should be adopted by the states (as well as canada). off the top of my head, and looking at many scandinavian countries which are strongly socialist:
government funded or subsidized post secondary education. (again, i regrettably don't have links at hand)

The rest basically breaks down to more effective/supportive versions of programs already in existence in the US and Canada, such as a functional public education system (and there's no way you can argue, even statistically, that Americas is anywhere close to functional), health care. I dunno, maybe take a look at your countries stance on the death penalty and the company you share by having one.
Culturally, European countries with strong socialist leanings also tend to enjoy shorter work weeks (40 h, instead of the 50-60 that's becoming the norm in N. America) as well as longer periods of vacation. I wouldn't be surprised if the economic recession has changed that. And much of it could probably be traced back to cultural differences, the same ones that find people on unemployment labeled 'parasites'. but there you go.

As for the newfoundland seal hunt: It has been exaggerated by the media because 'awww, wook at da widdle baby seals, dey so cute!'. But it's no more disgusting than the treatment of cattle and poultry raised on factory farms for food. These are animals that are used in their entirety. I personally believe that meat is meat whether from a cow, seal or kitten and that fur and leather are better alternatives to synthetics as long as they're made for purpose and durability and not fashion. Not to mention that for the first nations people in that area as well as the NW Territories it's a cultural part of their life.

As for Quebecois separatism: The supposed international/political shame it would bring Canada (although most Canadians at this point just want the bitching to stop) is secondary to the ever changing list of demands the bloc has along with separatism. And the rampant xenophobia and racism shown by many separatists.

I should also point out that with it's position as a superpower, and its use of the position to bully other countries into falling in line with its will, we as non-Americans, regardless of nationality, do have an investment in the goings on of America.

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 11:07 PM

Originally posted by __rich__

Originally posted by EnlightenUp

Originally posted by __rich__
I did not offer it as anything. Not a proof, not evidence. Nothing except a photo of an angry old man yelling.

So, I was close? Just an illustration.

My cage isn't rattled. I'm enjoying the fun this place is meant to provide.

"ObamaCare"...but I assumed it was obvious in the context of the conversation.

Not with the semanics and logic Nazi nitpickers running amok!

Here, how about a nice cartoon, instead?

Si, si!

In the Micky Mouse one posted by the other fella, somehow I think he's flipping the double-birdie under those mitts.

Ha...that's the spirit.

Yes, it was illustrative of my own perception of all the anti-"Obama-care" town hall meetings and rallies that happened.

Bunch of geriatrics ON MEDICARE yelling about death panels.

More like a bunch of easily-led automatons.

# the old people. They're a drain on our resources.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 02:22 AM
Actually in your case you are NOT a parasite. The problem is most people do NOT know the meaning of words or why things occurred. Take unemployment. I when I was a wee boy thought like you. My father taught me how wrong I was and I have had it confirmed over the years by many employers. Unemployment is NOT a benefit nor was it ever meant to be one. It comes out of YOUR pay. Company's list it as part of YOUR compensation. It is paid for by paying YOU lower wages, sort of like a automatic deduction to an savings account to help you past short term lack of work. If you doubt me check with your employers.

Now for the good part. lol. Since YOU are having it taken out of your check you are paying for it so it should pay you to at least the amount of money you have paid in right? No they limit how long you can be paid for it not based on how long you have paid in but on a minimum time you have worked. Say you pay that in five years. Than you keep on paying but get nothing back for it. Sucker! Unlisted tax. Not a benefit. Someone has to pay for those who do not work even IF THEY HAVE NEVER WORKED ENOUGH TO PAY FOR THEIR UNEMPLOYMENT. THEY are the parasites. It is called a benefit so YOU do not understand what is happening.

Consider what has happened to the various fees and taxes over the years. For you young folks it will be an eye opener if you have not thought about it. Take the garbage fee most people are not only paying now but can be fined additionally for. Think about it! How many times must you pay for your garbage to be picked up? Twp, three, or as many times as they want you too? Almost everything they now charge extra for was ALREADY COVERED by the taxes you paid as a group. Now they want you to pay an additional charge for what you are ALREADY paying for. Sucker! You do not understand that you have ALREADY paid for it. They want you to think you have not paid for it and that you are a parasite. Meanwhile the REAL parasites think it s\is something they deserve as it is a BENEFIT!

This can go on and on but the truth doe's not seem to matter anymore. Maybe because people are stupid or uneducated or just plain ignorant meaning lacking knowledge. If we gave our money to a bank or business to pay for something and than they keep the money and tell us we have to pay because we haven't we could take it to court. With our government they just have to say it is a benefit and we have to start paying all over again. Social Security is NOT a benefit. It was paid for by working people. Medicare is NOT a benefit. It too was paid for by working people. Unemployment, Medicaid, garbage, road work, schools, HAVE ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR! Problem is it is being given to a lot of people who have not paid in for it who are told it is a FREE benefit.

There is going to be a war soon. It should be those that work and those that don't against the thieves and rip off artists in government. It won't be because they have changed the meaning of words and people fall for it. LEO's and soldiers will protect those they are told to. The ripoff artists and thieves in our government. The poor will be told it is the fault of those working that they no longer get the benefits they are ENTITLED too. So they will attack the workers. Than it will become a race war. Not because it is about race or workers or the unemployed. It will be to ensure those that have caused this problem do not get hurt. Everyone else will.

About 15 years ago I was out of work. Long story that does not matter right now. Anyways I got a job with a local company. Married secretary's were giving their bosses bj's and saying they had no choice they needed the job. I was offered OT and when I said yes was told to clock out, I would work for free. Nope. Bought some beer and sat in the parking lot. Long story short. The owner did not know what was happening and found out when no one worked OT anymore. Managers were fired.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 03:10 AM
reply to post by FuzzyDunlop

Hi. You seem a reasonable person. Only problem is you have a lack of knowledge and therefore can not see what has happened or as my father were put it you have been conned. Things here in the USA have ALREADY been payed for. Now we are being charged double or triple for what we have already paid for so the government can pay off those who know no better and vote for them. I have been both a union member and a free contractor. Neither unions or the corporations are for the worker. Both are after what is in it for me and will sell anyone down the river.

I can not blame you for your naive beliefs of what is going on in our country. Most of our citizen's are young, stupid, and believe what the government teaches them over those who have been around for a while so why would you know better?

An example. Now old people are a drain in society or at least that is what people are being told down here. Part of why those of us who have been around understand when hearing about death panels. How about an example for you? I have paid into Social Security, Unemployment Compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, and countless other things I have received nothing for yet I am considered a drag on society. Why? PAY ME WHAT YOU OWE ME YOU THIEVES! I paid you took, now I want my money back. Oops. Kill me instead and you do not have to pay me ANYTHING that I am OWED. Paying me back for what I have put in IS a drag on society! Get it? If they REALLY feel this way and are willing to do what is right I have an option for them. They won't take it thought. Just pay me BACK what I have ALREADY put in over the years minus anything I have used. Forget about interest. Than I will take my money and leave and fu to all of the greedy bastards!

They will never do it. Much cheaper to kill me. To kill all those who have paid in. Sounds paranoid? I am not. Just know to much. Know how the government thinks down here and how people are being played. Are ANY of you so smart knowledgeable people aware that the day before the shuttle blew up there was a communications breakdown of several hours? Nobody ANYWHERE has asked about this. It WAS NOT EVEN HIDDEN! There was no wrong done. Just a overbearing idiot who didn't know what he was doing who wouldn't listen. Yet no one knows about that or many other things. It is laughable. I mean come on! CNN showed a piece from NASA saying the pilot was at fault because there was a manual control stick between his knees which he MUST have, as he had done it before, hit taking the computer off line. THAT story lasted about 8 hours before being pulled. When I told them at work they said I was lying but they showed it one more time before removing it. To many people KNOW there is no such setup yet they went so far as to put it out as the TRUTH before someone finally took it off.

I have know what is going to happen for three years now. My friends are shocked at how correct my predictions have been yet they still do not get it. I was going to move to Paraguy three years ago but I had 8 heart attacks and two surgerys. If I had gone I would be already dead now. It is too late to run so I will sit and watch. It should be fun!

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 03:22 AM
The "old people are a drain" or "It is all boomer's fault" posts are often shills. The idea is to drive a wedge between people. It worked in the 70s, for a while.

Anyway, back to the OP. I read your post and your reasonable statements and I want to say Thanks for being humble and mellow about this hot topic. Even Saudi Arabia is having an employment crisis, and anyone with a lick of sense who can read would know this crisis is worldwide. This is no coincidence.
Best of Luck to you. I was just hired and dam glad of it, don't give up.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 01:42 PM
Wow, Just Wow! How lazy America has become! Not only that but I get so darned tired of hearing the excuse/blame on corporate greed. I too agree that corporate America/World is an issue but in reality it isn't them that we should blame. Perhaps if Americans weren't more greedy than the corporations, or didn't need so much useless krap for prices so low we can barely pay the sweatshop workers to make the useless items we love so much, perhaps corporations could raise prices, hire more workers, and unemployment would drop accordingly.

That won't work though b/c not only do we have greedy corporations, we have greedier workers that are simply, as is exemplified by this thread, to darned lazy to take a job when its offered!

On top of all of that we have a government that thinks, against all research and historical examples I may add, adding unemployment benefits or increasing the length of time for benefits will fix the unemployment problem. We have a bunch of whining and sniffling small people who would rather collect unemployment, sue their best friend, and watch TV, than go to McDonald's and make some hamburgers for a few months with the hope of getting promoted or finding a better job with more pay somewhere better.

We have a country full of people who no longer feel it necessary to "Pay Their Dues" so to speak. We have a country full of people, INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT, who would rather blame their situation on corporations or the government or Wall Street, and they keep forgetting that blaming will not find them a job or repair the true problem. We have a country full of people who want to wait for a job to come to them instead of searching for a job.

I have a Masters degree in Economics and a Bachelors degree in Physics, I have strong and informed opinions and I am usually correct with my assumptions and solutions when I am asked for them. I am supremely qualified, yet NOBODY CAME TO ME to find a job. In fact, my resume' looks GREAT and I was turned down for over 30 jobs, all over the country before I found the position I accepted 900 miles from where I lived. If I was able to be turned down for 30 positions but still find a job then any of you can do the same. I should also add, I never accepted unemployment benefits.

I left my brother, my 2 nephews, and in an indirect way, caused my parents to relocate away from my brother and 2 nephews as well! Its sad that I had to move my family that far, but it means we can all choose to do so. You may not want to, and it may not be ideal, but the respectable, responsible citizens of this ONCE great country, DO WHAT WE HAVE TO DO!

If I had waited much longer I was planning to deliver Pizzas with my Masters degree. Don't you think I am a bit over qualified for that? BUT I WAS WILLING AND PLANNING TO MAKE THE PROPER ARRANGEMENTS! Why you may ask, well, I LIKE TO EAT and I LIKE TO GO PLACES, and I LIKE TO BUY KRAP I DON'T NEED!


Believe me, we are being forced at gunpoint, its pay your unemployment benefits or go to jail for not paying my taxes, and they will arrest me with guns drawn, make no mistake.

It really upsets me that I, with all my student loan debt and my family to feed, that I was willing to take that menial job and pay unemployment benefits to you lazy arse people who, like the mother I love, are not even looking for a job!

I can sum this up in 11 words:


What happened to the values of the WWII generation!?!?

[edit on 26-7-2010 by memarf1]

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 10:55 AM
Some people need help, I completely agree with that. It is hard right now for a lot of people. The problem is there are a lot of people taking advantage of the system and they are ruining it for all the hard workers that just happen to need some help. There are sooooo many ways to move things around and many ways to get even more money into the unemployment fund to help people like you. Problem is, this government doesn't want to do it that way.

Didn't unemployment just get extended? Problem is, how long can we do this for. If the government would smarten up and stopping helping people that don't really need the help, then the people that do need the help would be in a much better situation.

Unfourtunatly that won't change because the government wants as many people as possible depending on it, it is a way for them to control people and get votes. All these people, that we elect to vote for, are only looking out for themselves, for their next term.... People need to get their prorities straight and that won't happen.

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by FuzzyDunlop

Well of course there is shorter work weeks and longer vacations. Why work towards anything if you can't benefit from it. That is laziness and complete government control. I don't understand why people would want to live in a soicety where working for something means nothing because you can work as hard as you want but still you'll only get what the next guy gets.

If I want to work 80 hours and week and take no vacation so I can move up in a company or save money for my own company, I should be able to do that. I certainly don't want to live in a country where that isn't possible.

The laziness of canadians is fine with me, I don't live there. However, the determination and hard working Americans should benefit for what they do. If you are fine with somebody telling you what to do, how much to make and what Dr. to see, then you obviously don't have the brains to determine that for yourself. Anybody who wants other people to control what they do is lazy and wants the same thing as the next man without working like the next man. Ignorance, laziness and pure stupidity in my book.

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 04:03 PM
I would just like to ask what tax payers think about incapacity benefit. Do you only agree with giving financial aid to those with physical disabilities that stop them from working and not mental health problems? I read on this site every week about how mental health problems are no big deal and you should just 'get a grip''s natural and you are just not strong minded enough to overcome the problem etc I was wondering how many people think like that in terms of receiving benefits and would rather it was not given to people?

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 05:05 PM

Originally posted by Jeep4x4
reply to post by Visitor2012

I would say keep trying. Keep saving. Teach your children the same. Because as you say, many people are working to stay afloat. I just wouldn't recommend giving up... succumbing to the perceived despair in the world.

Don't you understand that Working jobs IS succumbing to the perceived despair in this world?

That's how they cleverly got us into this trap to begin with. We thought that if we "didn't do it" we'd somehow suffer for it and fall to the bottom of the barrel. This entire Fear based logic system is a lie and an illusion.

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posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 05:10 PM

Originally posted by Jeep4x4
reply to post by Visitor2012

I also hope you don't believe I wear rose-colored glasses. I know many people have it hard and barely break even. Hey, if I lose my job... with the debt I am in from going to school, I know damn well sure that I would be at Walmart and the local gas station applying for two jobs (or anywhere and everywhere) to keep my family from sinking until I can find a new position in my current profession.

Don't you see the futility of that way of life? getting more and more jobs to pay for life? What would you do if the dollar fell 50 points? Work twice the number of jobs to make up the difference? I mean, at what point do you just throw up your fists and realize the futility of working for tokens. The value of which, is controlled by criminals?

Is this just your matrix coping system? It would be a sight for sore eyes to read posts from people who want to get out of this control system and start living what little life we have left. Creating and expressing who we are without having to whore ourselves out for worthless paper. It's taking it's toll on people's health and well being.

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posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 05:30 PM
reply to post by Visitor2012

OK, you started off completely insane, but you are starting to make a little more sense.

I happen to agree with you on this point. Even though you got to your point in a whole lot different manner than I would have liked, you are finally on to something.

It is a very BAD idea to keep working more and more and harder and harder just to maintain the status quo. It is a very BAD idea for a families to require two incomes so that they can pay someone else to take care of their kids and buy stuff that nobody is at home to enjoy? It is a very BAD idea for people to continue consuming disposable stuff and battling to make enough money to buy enough things to fill up their trash cans every week, and then paying somebody to haul off the trash?

So, while we disagreed for most of this thread, I have to agree with you latest post. We need to work, we need to earn, we need to be RESPONSIBLE! We can opt out of the Consumerism lifestyle. We can choose to not buy a new car/couch/TV/dishes/video game every year. We can choose to recycle and buy high quality locally grown or manufactured products. We can choose to take care of our stuff and not just use it up and toss it out.

If we change our lifestyle, then we can change our work habits, we can spend quality time with our families, we can raise our own kids, and we can stop depending on cheaply made sweatshop dollar store items! Use glassware, wash it up, reuse it. Buy decent furniture and take good care of it. Buy a decent car, and then wax it, maintenance it, and keep it for a decade or two. Imagine how much more money we would all have if we stopped paying car payments and credit cards and replacing broken or obsolete stuff every year!!

This VIDEO should be played in every elementary school every year. It should be mandatory to watch for high school graduates, and it should be a mandatory subject in every college. It should be part of 'home ec' class and 'shop class.' We have to stop being "consumers" and then everything else falls into place, including the energy crisis and National Debt!

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posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 05:26 PM
The sad fact is you are going to have socialism no matter what,government socialism or corporate socialism. My wife works at McDonald's and receives a pittance for working a schedule that changes daily! Took her 2 years to make"management" during which time she was forced to "train" off the clock. A practice ,I had to point out to her ,that was against their policy according to the very manuals she was "studying". They are constantly understaffed ,also according to shift requirements in training literature. With new Min. wage she makes about the same as a new hire and they are 3 months behind in paying her scheduled raise. They habitually alter time cards even after she has called them on it. I shudder to think how much they steal from the youngsters that aren't paying attention. My point is that the "at least a job is a job mentality" has let these company's make people feel guilty about getting paid. My schedule is altered,childcare is costly already without the variance of her schedule and yet this billion dollar corporation has business practices that promote theft from their own employees. Corporate culture=pass the buck management and passive aggressive brainwashing.
What they fail to realize is that without my wife's schedule at her "McJob" I wouldn't be so time pressed that I would even have to spend a dime on their crappy food. They want to keep you blind to the fact that we do not NEED over half of the stuff any of these companies produce therefore do not need them. But people better take the job "'cuz its betternuttin" She is finally starting to see you can't work from the ground up when there is lousy business practice from the top down and her job cuts into time that she is not compensated for. So you either have government stealing from you and in your private life or corporations stealing from you and jacking up your private life.

posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 06:07 PM
I truly hope you get sorted or something comes along for you.

It's wierd but I feel more angered at this post than most of the craziness in the world because it's a personal story which should be making headlines more than most other things, in that you have so much value yet as you say you have to go to someone who may have just come out of school to decide your families welfare and security despite being able to do there job, there supervisors job and still have experience left to do 3 other jobs they could never do!

Another example of how the good honest people in the middle are having some of the worst times

Here in the UK especially the land of political correctness, health & safety nonsense (or should we say common sense) why it should be so hard to turn your hand to something else!!!

Again I truly hope something comes along for you Muckster



posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 06:40 PM
I understand where you are at. I live in Texas and i lost my job from a restaurant that was suppose to have excellant potential, but, they did not get the business that was projected. They cut over half of us from the restaurant and I have been trying for 5 months to find a job in a restaraunt and can not find one.

I am going to Culinary school right now, and the only way an employer will work with your schedule is if it is a restaurant. So i am stuck living off money from my father while trying to find work. It is not the same as drawing unemployment but it is demoralizing. I wasn't even working at the restaurant long enough to apply.

Keep your chin up Buddy, there is something out there, we just are the poor saps that get stuck having trouble finding it.

posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 06:53 PM
reply to post by Victoria 1

wow. just... wow.. first of all Canadians aren't *told* what Dr. to see. However, an individual doctor cannot see an infinite number of patients. Nor are we told where to work, or how much to make. Laziness has nothing to do with what I was talking about, and actually you prove my point about this 'live to work' mentality.
I agree, if you want to climb the ladder and make a six figure income you shouldn't be able to achieve that working 40 hour weeks. But you shouldn't be expected to work 50-60 hours a week to be 'rewarded' with what doesn't even pass as a living wage (which are usually 2-3 times minimum wage depending on where you live).
Prioritizing actually living life and spending time with friends and family ahead of saving up for that mcmansion or BMW doesn't make a person lazy, and to be frank, I'm disgusted by people who would say otherwise. I know a lot of people who could be making six figure incomes, but instead have chosen to live modestly and work part time so they have the time to pursue the things they are interested in (travel, camping, courses in cooking or first aid, etc.) These are without an exception all people with university degrees at the minimum, and in many cases masters or better, in fields like physics, economics, and so on. These are not lazy or uneducated / unintelligent people.
To summarize:
-yes people should have to work and dedicate themselves to climbing the corporate ladder and making 6 figure or better incomes. (good luck actually being rewarded for your hard work. sincerely)
-people should NOT be expected to work those hours for a job that leaves them living hand to mouth, with no real chance of promotion, or even loyalty from the company they work for.
-thanks for basically calling me a lazy idiot because I'd rather not spend 3/4 of my waking hours working for the benefit (and car payment) of someone else.
We should all hope to be as enlightened as you.

posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 07:08 PM
I too am on umemployment benefits and i have been for over a year now.

I have only one and a half years of "claimable" work experience which is in the steel fabrication industry.

Due to my lack of experience no fabrication companys will hire me.

Due to my having "skills" places like McDonalds wont hire me.

I have put in applications at literally every type of company anything from security to fast food.

There is nothing out there anymore people

posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 07:52 PM
reply to post by LittleIndianJr.

I feel for you. I hope you find something soon. The longer the gap between employment the less likely you are to even get called for an interview. Isn't that comforting news? that employers see a gap in employment and figure 'well this person hasn't had a job for a year, so that's a pretty good reason for us to not give them one'.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 03:42 AM
Having been unemployed in the past, I know that diligently looking for a job is a job in itself. I'd been told to spend forty hours a week looking for a job, the same amount I'd spend if I had the job.

That's not a parasite, people that are actively looking for work are doing their bit.
I live in an area where not one person is filling out applications, nor going out on interviews, not even scanning want ads.
Before the unemployment benefits in America were extended, a guy on my street who was about to run out of his payments spent his days drinking on his porch dreaming up frivolous lawsuits in an attempt to keep himself in cash. None of his dreaming ever came to anything. I was one of the people he wanted to sue, but of course, he had no case.
Now that is a parasite.

It's hard to be optimistic when it seems the whole world is telling you "No".
I'm wishing you luck in find in a job, I like working, and it sounds like you want to get out and do something.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 01:52 PM
I don't think of anyone as a parasite just because they are down on their luck and unable to find work. There but for the grace of God there go I.

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