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Greenbrier bunker to close for renovation

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posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 08:02 AM
The timing of this closure to the public will only add fuel to the conspiracy fire.....

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - A once-secret bunker at The Greenbrier will be closed to tourists for at least a year for renovation.


What's your take on this news?

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 08:24 AM
The place is prob. is need of some renovations, but seems to me that they are expanding/reconfiguring (i.e. the data storage) in order to be up to date and ready for something. The data storage part does surprise me. Is this place still under government control? Also, something tells me the Gov. will be the one picking up the tab.

[edit on 6/17/2004 by Trojanex]

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 08:44 AM
Here's some links to the tour ........

this ones has some photos of the tour..

It seems that the gov't ended it's lease in the 90's, but the tour does not include the whole facility with some areas still off limits...

If the gov't ended it's lease couldn't it just lease it again...

I'll keep searching...

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 09:00 AM
very good info and pics

if i understand correctly, the government had to lease this place?

[edit on 6/17/2004 by Trojanex]

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