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How to Make a Difference, Pt. 1. (solution)

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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 03:27 AM
I have been reading ATS, and for some reason, in the last month it has degraded into a very depressed forum where people are hopeless. That is okay, I have been feeling hopeless lately too.

However, I thought that it was time to attempt to bring something new to ATS: solutions. That's right, why not, one small step at a time, try to solve the country's problems, or at least your own life and those around you? We are all smart people on here. If need be, we could even start organizing, gathering intel, or doing whatever to make a positive difference in everyone's lives.

I am not as sharp as I used to be in my hayday, however, I am going to start by writing a series of threads called "How to Make a Difference." Each one will look at a problem that we, as individuals here at ATS, have the power to solve.

----------The Problem----------

We don't think for ourselves or solve our own problems anymore.

This is John Judas on why the government should censor Fox News. (My personal opinion is that I do not like Fox News, but the government should not have the power to shut down news stations it does not like).

“Pre-Fox,” he wrote, “I’d say Scherer’s questions made sense as a question of principle. Now it is only tactical.”

For some reason that made me think. Isn't the natural order of things for those in power to try and keep power and those who are controlled to rebel? We are invited by the government itself to resist. It IS ONLY TACTICAL. They are probably laughing at how foolish we are right now.

If we end up without freedoms, is it not because the *people* failed to do their part? Is it not foolish to expect the government to make us free for us? Does the deer expect the hunter to build it homes and provide it with nutricious ferns? It will not unless it feels it is tactical. It is time to stop feeling like victims and take the situation into our own hands. Peacefully, of course.

Like Lucidity said on the "Liberal Journalists Suggest Government Shut Down Fox News" forum, people are getting really bad at critical thinking for themselves. They probably do expect someone else to solve their problems for them...

I kind of do, I mean how many people on here do? Isn't that the real problem our country is facing? If we expect someone else to solve our problems for us, even to the ridiculous point where we expect the government to make us free for us...

isn't that just asking for trouble? Either our problems are not going to be solved for us, or someone is going to use our willingness to be subsurvient as a form of control.

----------The Solution----------

We need to practice thinking for ourselves and solving our own problems while keeping others in mind.

I think that each of us on here should take one step tomorrow towards improving our lives, and gaining freedom.

I think that each of us on here should take one step tomorrow towards improving our relationships, and making someone else's life brighter as well. Remember, karma does work. If you make someone happy, they will probably return the favor at some point. The whole point, however, is to build a relationship based on trust, which happens after a certain threshold of positive experiences between two people occur. Also, it turns out that helping people can give you enough incentive to do something and gain experience you might not have otherwise.

I think that each of us on here should practice, for a few minutes tomorrow, thinking for ourselves. Coming up with our own ideas and seeing what it feels like to share them with the people we are around. Instead of thinking that you cannot
share your opinion, change your stance and expect your friend or aquaintence to challenge you if they do not agree. It is healthier that way.

And remember, all of these things take practice. One step at a time.

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