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Are UFO's Created by Humans?

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posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 01:54 PM
reply to post by grasshopper

Interesting little add-on there. It makes perfect sense, if german Nazi's were given alien technology - then those aliens would have to be German too. I don't know why I've never heard this theory before. [Big Pause] So the young Nazi's were really harvesting Jewish folk's souls for the Alien Nazi's to trade for technology?

If you don't write this book, I am!

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 09:22 AM
Engineering is a slow process and takes time to develop.
Its quite understandable that super engineering developed by man can't
be disclosed and is told as something Alien so we don't ask questions or
look on earth for any evidence. Well people have looked and I for one
can only find the Tesla man made propulsion has definitely been defeated
in the mass mind set, even to the scientific community. Well the work of
Tesla was so specialized it does make sense very few people know its
worth and coupled with Tesla's work being horded and elimination of work
related to the many other important findings. Tesla operated and explained
his coil operation long ago as exerting mechanical pressure. As we now
can speculate that all she took to be improved and flight tested. And as
usual Tesla knew flight and proved flight which we now have denial agents
running free over the internet and mass media and science. All from the
Tesla sound waves in the medium of space at the speed of light.

posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 07:15 AM
Old thread, no April 1 date. Hm.

Nikola Tesla's descriptions of the flying disc he dreamed of building made it sound like it was just a hop, skip, and a jumper switch away, but we all know he ran out of money, got kicked out of Colorado Springs when one of his experiments knocked out the local power plant, met with various other major financial setbacks while concentrating his efforts on creating a wealth of inventions to benefit mankind, and died just a few months before the Supreme Court finally overturned Marconi's patent for the radio in favor of Tesla's patent granted two years before Marconi's. And he's the one who gave us probably the most important technical advance of the 20th century: AC power distribution.

Tesla also listened to voices on one of his radios that he thought were coming from another planet. And sure, the Nazi's were trying to develop Tesla's idea of electrogravitic propulsion but ran into a snag: the Allied invasion.

The "foo fighters" could have smashed Allied bombers and fighters or shut them down in flight. But they didn't. Debunkers like to think they just were balloons launched by the French Underground.

The Avrocar looked like a flying saucer but used three jet engines to power a fan. It was nothing more than a hovercraft, not by design but because the best it could achieve was ground effect, and its design was not based on Tesla's work.

The NASA tether UFO was very well debunked in the UFO Hunters segment on NASA, where an identical effect was duplicated in the lab.

STS-48 analysis from 5:15 here:
Continued here:

The Nuremberg UFO event of 1561 could easily have been sundogs.

Most UFO sightings in the 19th century were in Europe, until the North American wave of the 1890s. One exception was the Omaha mass sighting (around 1860),

The notion that UFOs are U.S. built begs that question of flying triangles a mile in length. The Stephenville sightings might have been easy to ignore until a MUFON radar expert requested and received FAA radar data for a 100 x 100 mile grid up to over 41,000 feet for the period of that event:

Stephenville video, FOIA FAA radar reconstruction

The following statement is a bit of disinformation:
The above statement is true.
Welcome to the whacky world of ufology.

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