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Feds won't deport illegals arrested on Capitol Hill

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posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 09:06 PM
Why didn't they arrest and deport these students? Worried about a protest from American Citizens
on the deportation of illegals? I DON'T THINK SO!

Their Cowards Catering to the Illegal Vote.
And this P. O. Sh$t, [Feinstein’s staff pointed out that she is an original cosponsor of the DREAM Act and has been working for its passage.]end quote
Needs to be voted out.

I'm sorry here's the article for your enjoyment or not, but you can read for yourself how the illegals get better treatment than you and me.

WASHINGTON Federal immigration officials will not be taking custody of Antonia Rivera of Santa Ana and her fellow illegal immigrants arrested on Capitol Hill Tuesday for demonstrating for a bill that would give her and others brought to the United States as children the chance to live here legally.

“None of them have been referred to ICE,’’ said Gillian Brigham, spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “Our focus is on smart immigration enforcement that focuses first on criminal aliens and people who post the greatest threat to the communities.’’

Rivera, 28, a graduate of UC Irvine, was arrested Tuesday along with 20 others. All were released by the end of the day Wednesday and will have to return to Washington next month for court appearances.

“It’s outrageous,’’ said Rep. Gary Miller, R-Diamond Bar. “How can you have a protest right in a U.S. senator’s office, admit you are here illegally in violation of the law and we pat you on the back and do nothing?’’
Rivera was arrested in the Hart Senate Office Building along with 11 others who sat in a circle in the atrium of the building wearing graduation caps and gowns. Capitol Police asked them to move and when they refused they were arrested. They were charged with disorderly conduct.
Juan Escalante, a spokesman for the arrested students, said they are actually disappointed that they haven’t been turned over to federal officials because it would make their actions dramatic.

They came to the nation’s capitol to try and persuade lawmakers to move on the DREAM Act. That measure that would give people brought here as children, who went through school here and went on to college or the military, a chance at legal status.

Opponents of the bill say it rewards illegal behavior and that immigration law must be adhered to.

“You’re rewarding those who have broken immigration laws,’’ Miller said. “Obviously she’s received an education much at the taxpayers’ expense. She should be grateful, not here protesting.]

A True Statement, They should be Grateful for their tax payer assisted education, but instead their protesting? What G#D Damn Sense does that make,,,, Their Spoiled Brats that have being giving every thing by a Great Nation and now they want more.

Please read the article.

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 09:53 PM
I'll ask you Obamanites.

Why Won't Your Administration Deport Illegals?

I guess you're to afraid or you know that it'll make to many Republicans and like thinking people HAPPY and Obama and the Liberals Can't Have Happy People in America.

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