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Lawmaker pushes Holder on 'sanctuary cities'

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posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 08:44 PM
Rep. Duncan Hunter, California Republican

California, You have a real politician there. Maybe you should try and keep this one.
I know, first we'd have to find some Republican like minded people in California left there to vote.
Maybe some one there could do a little research on this guy for a possible run for president, what do yo think?

Here is the Article: Frustrated at the Justice Department's lawsuit against Arizona's new immigration law, a Republican congressman introduced a bill demanding that the attorney general also take action against so-called "sanctuary cities," which discourage immigration enforcement.

Rep. Duncan Hunter's bill is the latest step as lawmakers seek to inject themselves into the debate and force their colleagues to take a stand on the contentious Arizona law. One of those moves failed Wednesday when Republicans tried, but failed, to have the Senate vote on blocking the government's lawsuit against Arizona.

Mr. Hunter's bill, for which he started soliciting co-sponsors Wednesday, would stop the Justice Department from pursuing its lawsuit against Arizona until Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. submits a plan to Congress outlining how he would bring sanctuary cities into compliance with federal law.

A majority of voters tell pollsters they back Arizona's law, and Mr. Hunter said the government overstepped its bounds by singling out a state he says is only trying to help federal authorities meet their responsibility to enforce the country's borders.

"The federal government is being inconsistent," said the lawmaker, whose district includes San Diego and other areas just north of the California-Mexico border. "They're saying we don't want a patchwork of laws, and that's why they're suing Arizona, but at the same time they allow sanctuary cities ... to passively impede federal law."

Please read the article, it gives you a very good insight to the thinking of Obamas
D. O. J. and how they are not working for you and me, but it would appear they are more in favor of the criminals among us.

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 10:16 PM
You all know as well as me, That Obama will not allow D. O. J. draw up any plans to deal with action against so-called "sanctuary cities," which discourage immigration enforcement.

Why you ask

It has apparently been leaked from the Obama Administration that President Obama is looking at the possibility of granting amnesty to illegal aliens who are living in the United States. If this is true and if Obama were to attempt to grant amnesty, would this also mean the granting of citizenship and voting rights?
Will Obama attempt to circumvent the Constitution again? He has done so without hesitation several times since becoming President. Obama had no justifiable reason or authority to shut down deep water drilling. Obama had no authority to demand $20 billion from BP, as this is a matter that should be handled by our courts. Obama had no authority to take over Chrysler and General Motors, underpay their bondholders, and give unearned asset to the unions. No one has yet stopped Obama from exceeding his Constitutional powers.

The Obama Administration is apparently trying to find a legal loophole that would allow the Department of Homeland Security the power to change the status of illegal aliens without involving Congress. This is apparently the “Plan B” for Obama if Congress will not give him a broad comprehensive immigration bill that would apparently grant citizenship and voting rights.

They Need The Votes and Obama is going to assure they have them for their 1000 year Obama Reich.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 02:53 PM
Sanctuary Cities are going to be the Death of California.
The state will become one large welfare state, sucking off the tit of the Government and that my friends is exactly what Obama wants.


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