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alternate energy

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posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 07:20 AM
First plese excause my bad spelling.
So you want to know about what has been buried in terms of inventions to help with energy.
Ok here goes (please feal free to look any of this info up im into science not scifi like a few people here lol) first in the 1960des germany came out with a car that got 69 miles to a gallon .The genius book or world records puts a gas run veical at OVER 4000 miles to one gallon.
Every time someone makes a pation for a VAPER carbarater the car companys buy them up .The reasion being a vaper carb could get any car over 100 miles per gallon.
In 1920 under the fastest car catgory in genius records a STEAM car went over 200 miles perhour . Moderen tecknolgy could easly make a steam powered car with instanc POWER no wating for it to heat up.
LOOK up water powered car on the web and see blue prints on how to convert a car to run on hydran .
How about these two .WIle i will never be able to do this my kids mite.(Money lol)
1 a electricty genarater that needs no out side power sorce to spin. Just put it in your closet and get power for oo probly around 100 years or so . The key is magnets. idea.
2 NOT tested but the physics are sound .
a battery for lack of better term .Hold the power of lightling BILLIONS OF VOLTS Bllions of amps . Never run out of power again . And the best part its the earth that makes it for you.
And a few dozzen more but it would take pages and pages to share all the info i know with you. Ps im no one special not claming any special knolage .Its just that science is my life. Fealo free to wright back.

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