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How the gulf disaster will kill healthcare reform

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posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 10:54 AM
So in the wake of the populace of the immediate gulf region being exposed to what equates to a cancer cocktail (Benzene and Methylene Chloride, etc) . One is forced to look ahead at the likely medical costs that will be associated with this exposure. Especially in the light of the new healthcare program.
Given the economic state of the nation who here thinks that the government will be able to initiate their reform on healthcare once the leukemia rates start to rise in the south?
I myself fear the real economic damage may lie ahead over the next few yrs as whole communities become ill due to the effects of these chemicals on the liver and other internal organs and systems.
As a former R&D Organic chemist I can attest to their danger, as an industrial accident exposed me to a near deadly dose of Ethylene Dichloride, an almost chemically identical agent to methylene chloride, that I still have some issues over. This was a one time over exposure which is generally considered much less damaging than chronic exposure such as in the gulf. I lost function in my liver for 24hrs and nearly died. As a result of this I also undergo yearly screening for hepatic diseases and leukemia.
Given my own experience with a singel acute exposure and what I subsequently learned of chronic exposure to organic toxins leads me to believe that over the next six months the healthcare system in the south will be dealing with unprecedented outbreaks of liver disease and leukemia.
Treatment , if given, will be in the hundreds of thousands per case if not millions as they all will either be long term care or allowed to die there is no in between.
Some will say I am merely speculating, which is fine, however I do think it important to address the issue BEFORE it begins rather than have endless debate as the populace dies.
IMO this is the outcome desired and it will change healthcare for the worse faster and with more finality than the weak healthcare reform this situation will undermine.

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 11:10 AM
As a former R&D Organic chemist
ever hear of a bacteria that would eat mustard root?
sorry curious

I think the government needs to make a heath care estimate of furture costs
and hands it to BP to take care of!

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posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 11:32 AM
reply to post by mr20121221

Just about any decomposer will eat horseradish or mustard. All those black spots on horseradish roots in the store are bacterial infections.

I have to wonder if BP has the funds to handle the likely health care disaster likely to follow this event. Do a quick look into the cost of treating leukemia and do the math that 20b would evaporate like water on hot asphalt.
I am praying for the best for my brothers and sisters of the south but am also warning them of what the future may hold given the lack of monitoring all areas but of extreme levels of toxins where measured, And the known dangers of the chemicals present

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 11:40 AM
What should be a topic of discussion regarding health care is the prospect that if FEMA has to mass relocate 20-30 million people because of a major disaster like methane gases and or contaminated water and such, they will most likely not provide medical care. This is concern and a valid one because it involves 20-30 million people. That is a big number to be homeless and in need of assistance to survive.

What concerns me is how will we take care of 20-30 million people without employment, shelter, food, water, transportation, money, communications, and even medical services for those that will most likely be under FEMA control during such a period of emergency?

I have wondered if FEMA is going to dictatorially require contaminated vaccines as a condition of being offered shelter and or receiving assistance from FEMA, but then I began to think about all the medical care that would be needed and I realized that it would not be there for the public.

I believe that the push for the collapse of the economy will pose a most serious dilemma for anyone in a FEMA camp if and when the economy collapses. I mention this because if the economy collapses then we as a nation would not be able to care for 20-30 million new welfare recipients.

This is why the elite seeks to collapse the economy so that all those stuck in FEMA camps will become the initial 20-30 million that the NWO will seek to kill and or terminate because we will not have the means or the financial means to care for them.

Add in food shortages and chaos, anarchy, marital law, social conflicts and it will be easier to kill the refugees than to care for them. In such a dilemma I think humans will be relegated to the ovens as an answer to what is cheapest to do and what is needed in the long term goals of the NWO types that seek to kill a minimum of 150 million Americans in any initial push for their communist inspired regime of death and murder.

20-30 million murders to the NWO is a good start, but it will only be the start not the end of their killing agenda. They will want more and to get there everyone must be processed for death. Add in the elderly, the disabled, the handicapped, the uneducated, the unemployed and the NWO will begin actions much like Nazi Germany did as they built up for the final solution.

They will find select categories to justify killing and by claiming we don't have the food or the money to care for them, the Democrats will no doubt then recommend that certain groups die for the sake of the nation and the planet. To achieve this type of decision requires a system of control and that is why the NWO types have created a Homeland Security and why every law enforcement agency is beholding to the fed for money and funds. Being hooked on the money is all that matters to these agencies and we will find that out as we are being herded to FEMA cattle cars and FEMA trains.

They need a big major disaster that combined with world war, regional conflicts and anything that will be used to cover for all the mass murder that will be going on. Make no mistake about it, these NWO types seek to murder and kill everyone that is not on their side and that is why the health care issue is also a key clue as to whether FEMA plans to care for refugees or whether they are gearing up for mass killings.

It is time to wake up and pay attention. Someone should ask FEMA or the president, "How are we going to care for 20-30 million American refugees if our economy collapses? These are the type of questions that need an answer.

Lastly if the government states that we need not worry or that medical care will be available for 20-30 million refugees and yet no one sees any move to organize, create or fund such a need would be seeing that they don't truthfully plan to offer medical care to those that are tagged for death. It would be a deception needed to keep the sheep from getting excited or from fighting back.

They will not spend money on those they want dead and that is why everyone should ask just how we could care for 20-30 million Americans when the dollar is non existent and when America is bankrupt? "HOW" will we pay for it if we are broke? That is the real question and if they say they are going to provide medical but do nothing to act on that promise, then it would clearly imply a lie and perhaps a hidden desire to begin killing those of us that will cost them money that they don't have. Just a thought that needs thinking about.

Health care will be non existent to those in FEMA camps and that should tell you something. Claiming that money is not available is not the same as stating food is not available.

We are seeing the rapid push by those of the NWO to increase the killing and by looking around the world, we can see that they are being successful in many parts of the world. It is time to look at our health care system and return to a system that benefits health and the patient instead of a system that uses profits as a gauge of whether you get treatment or not.

Killing the patient to save money may make sense to a Democratic Communist, but to those targeted for death, it is plain murder and nothing less.

Anyway thanks for the post, it is a great subject matter that has many hidden health care or medical treatment traps that need to be discussed.

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