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N. Korea Warns U.S., Threatens to Turn S. Korea Into 'Sea of Fire'

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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 05:36 PM
This is just getting ridiculous. Maybe Monday is the day? Let's wait and see...

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 05:50 PM

Originally posted by StargateSG7

Originally posted by Danbones
Remember how the south korean leader announced he was going to invade the north and the north reacted by attacking...

Loose lips and stupid claims can lead to bad wars that don't end.

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With some significant experience in the sphere of
modern battlespaces, I can illustrate an event during
President Ronald Reagan's era from 1980 to 1988
during a NATO command exercise "Able Archer 83"
starting on November 2, 1983 that spanned 10 days over
almost all of Western Europe which very nearly caused
World War 3 because the then Soviet Union leadership
REALLY THOUGHT a nuclear first strike was imminent
from the western sphere.

At one point, a "Technical Operations Advance Briefing"
document was sent to Soviet field commanders giving ultimate
firing authority for nuclear assets to in-field command
personnel and NOT the higher ups. An attack from the
West was widely believed to occur within 36 hours
and at that time the Nuclear Missile submarines
of the Soviet Union were put on the alert
for general operational response standby.

See Weblink:

The Soviet leadership were much, much more paranoid
than we were led to believe and it wasn't until the
post-Soviet era that the west was able to fully perceive
how close to a full 12 Gigaton Multi-city Nuclear
exchange we really were!

It can take ONE SINGLE COMMANDER to be overly paranoid
and order an in-field attack and then all hell breaks loose!

Conversely, it can also take only ONE PERSON to STOP WW3:

Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov

With regards to North Korea, the west is grotesquely
uninformed about the true state of mind within the
upper-level leadership. This means we CANNOT ASSUME
that our actions will NOT come without SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES !!!!

then I IMPLORE YOU to read about the BACKGROUND of
Able Archer 83 so that YOUR LEADERSHIP gains a better
understanding of the current state-of-mind of the NK leadership
WHICH NEEDS TO BE ASSESSED on a much deeper level.

Do Not Assume that the current paranoia is mere
Sabre-Rattling !!! When nutcases make threats they
usually INTEND to carry them out at SOME POINT

As a matter of policy, North Korea is MILITARILY STRONG
but economically WEAK and thus the potential for an
ACCIDENTAL EXPLOSION of the powderkeg that is the
Korean Penninsula is NOT TO BE UNDERESTIMATED !!!!!

RONALD REAGAN....Speak Softly but Carry a Very, Very Big Stick!

And because China has a large say in what happens in North Korea,
an attack on South Korea or on Japan by North Korea and that
ANY actions of ANY party which would threaten the sanctity
of South Korea OR Japan would be met with the FULLEST OF
MILITARY FORCE up to and INCLUDING a directed nuclear
bombardment of the aggressor(s).

In this case I AM A SUPER-HAWK...Big forces need to met with
North Korea AND China....Top Dogs MUST ESTABLISH A PECKING
comes to the safety of South Korea and Japan whom we are


As an aside, I decided to add this tidbit on what can happen
BY WAY OF ACCIDENT simply because of misunderstandings
and paranoia or simple stupidity.

20 Mishaps that Might Have Started Accidental Nuclear War:

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Excellent post. You strike me as being highly intelligent, you are like the non crazy version of Dr, strangelove... Ok, maybe a little crazy.

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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 05:55 PM

Originally posted by Catch_a_Fire
Does anyone remember a prediction that was made regarding WWIII being started when war games (excercises) went wrong?. Its starting to ring true.

You mean a sneak attack by the USA whilst pretending to be playing war games in the area.

After 9/11 i would put nothing past the USA and it's zionist bankers.

Follow the money, we know where it leads.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 06:06 PM
I, personally am sure their "physical" "military" "nuclear" response will be for them to detonate, or more appropriately stated, "test" a nuke like they have in the past.

I might be wrong, but I see NK being smart enough to not invoke the end of their country by nuking anything on the peninsula beside another "test" on their soil as a "deterrent".

Drills? Show of force from the US and SK? So what. Thats not enough for NK to nuke the peninsula back to the stone age - they already took several lives when they sunk that ship. Are the drills and show of force going to take any lives?


posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 07:00 PM

Originally posted by silent thunder
have said it before, will say it again:

Lil' Kim's pronouncements of wrath are intended mostly for citizens INSIDE North Korea rather than nations outside...this is the key to understanding the madness. Its a way of terrifying his own population, which is growing increasingly unsatisfied and difficult to control after 20 years of on-again, off-again famine and the increasing pourousness of the border with China. This latter factor is allowing a new influx of cell-phone images and DVDs that are showing the increasingly-angry North Korean people how badly their own gov't has lied to them. Now that the gov't propaganda machine is breaking down, the threat of war is the glue that is binding a desperate, fraying nation together.


This statement is quite untrue in that North Korean officers
and higher-level regular force troops are extremely FANATICAL
and will act in the SAME WAY as what happened in Japan during
World War 2 --- They would RATHER DIE than be subjected to
western control...As you are unlikely to be familiar with the
general NK concept of "Face" or "Saving Face", you are thus
not seeing the bigger picture of how North Korea views
disrespect and dishonour which are DEFENDED TO THE DEATH
by those in many North Korean military and public spheres.

Kim Jong Il and his cohorts are ABSOLUTELY NOT KIDDING AROUND
when they say they will nuke us if we show any signs of aggression
or commit actions that could be SEEN AS aggression.

As you can see by the SINKING of the South Korean destroyer
a little more than a few months ago, KJI and his ilk would not
have a problem with starting a fight. MANY of his officers
are in fact ITCHING for the war to start ASAP so they can prove
to themselves AND their compatriots how fanatically they
would defend themselves from aggressors.

NK is truly an ISOLATED society which means the lines of
communication are EXTREMELY limited on a general basis
and thus the people of North Korea have been led to
believe AND DO BELIEVE the rest of the world is out
to get them.... and I can assure you that the homogenious
nature of NK society ensures that the population will
fight to the death rather than surrender. KJL and the
memory of his father are living GODS in that society
and coupled with "Face" assures the west that any war
started will be protracted and BLOODY beyond belief !!!!!!!!!!
And even CHINA would have great difficulty in controlling
the actions of NK during a spat or general war AND it's
army would have GREAT DIFFICULTY in defeating or even
containing the 3 million strong NK army...I can, in fact, see
a point where the NK forces are well enough trained and
motivated to be able to ATTACK AND DEFEAT CHINA
and when that happens which is NOT JUST A SMALL POSSIBILITY
we would be put into the position of having to defend the people
of China from the onslaught of an ABSOLUTELY FANATICAL
NORTH KOREAN ARMY simply because we in the west
CANNOT AFFORD to have China fall or be under the
influence of a fanatical regime such as North Korea!

DEFEAT the 1.5 million to 2 million strong Chinese
Army, Air Forces and Navy! We CANNOT AND WILL NOT
LET THAT HAPPEN !!!!!!!!!!!! I hope China does actually
understand that North Korea is NOT really their "friend"
and that if the SHTF, know that NK WILL act in their own
interests and completely TURN AROUND TO VICIOUSLY
BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS IT (i.e. China) and thus
I HOPE that China understands that it will need to
stay on OUR SIDE OF THE FENCE when it comes to
dealing with that unfathomable and ferocious tiger
that is North Korea.

Unlike the Afghani Mujahadeen or Taliban, North Korean forces
are actually quite well equipped and HIGHLY TRAINED!!!
Along with a Mujahadeen-like fanaticism and resolution
they would be EXTREMELY TOUGH TO BEAT without
resorting to nukes.

That said, knowing that KJL has but maybe 20 nukes maximum
of destructive powers in the ranges of 5 to 15 kilotons, the USA
still has 13,000+ nukes ranging from one kiloton to 425 kilotons
plus some 2, 5, 10 and 20 megaton multi-stage weapons in
reserve which should be sufficient to turn 99% of North Korea
into a sea of glowing green glass if KJL thinks he'll get fresh
with the Homeland (aka USA)....and I think that at that
point China wouldn't have too much of a problem with the
USA cleaning up a giant mess and letting China eventually
nose their way into and profiting from a massive North Korea
rebuild after a devastating war.

A conventional war against NK is ONLY WINNABLE IF
Any other type of action will make Iraq & Afghanistan
look like a picnic as they pick us off one by one over
many decades.

So if NK starts something, we better hit back fast & hard
for a complete and devastating KILL SHOT...leaving a
wounded bear is the most dangerous thing one could do!
And KNOWING that China would likely try to interfere, we will
have to make it VERY, VERY CLEAR that WE ain't F@!$*($#@
around and they BETTER NOT stick their noses into our doo doo!

We MUST negotiate from a position of STRENGTH and if
NK is stupid enough to start something, then we better be
and if the SHTF, then we go for full out decapitating
non-conventional warfare.

My rant may SEEM like its coming from an emotional
and/or irrational viewpoint BUT I CAN TELL YOU
see things is very, very different from how North Korea sees
things...Again, like I pointed out earlier we NEED to speak softly
but also CARRY and SHOW our very, very big stick so THEY KNOW
not to mess with South Korea, Japan or the USA!

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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 07:17 PM
I suppose we all know the story of the boy who played wolf - I think the boy is nearing his time and wants to go out with a bang. He wants to go down in history - he could really care less about how its done or who it effects. He has a huge narcissitic ego - people like that are super dangerous. They can call your bluff many times and then

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