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Prophecy- Caesarius von Heisterbach (1180-1240)

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posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 07:29 AM
Original German link:

A time will come when only the evil, vengeful in the world will still be respected. The pain, which caused all the tyrants and faithless prince always be renewed by the pursuers. For the malice and wickedness of the cruel inhumanity of the Huns and Vandals will be nothing compared with the troubles, illness and pain, which will prevent the Church. The holy temple be destroyed, desecrated their patch, which houses abused and plundered, because the hand and the wrath of God will be on the world because of the amount and consistency of sins ...

All elements to be released and changed the whole state of the world. The earth will tremble with fear in several places and devour the living. Many cities and fortresses are ruined ...
the crops will rot in the fields and bring no fruit seeds.
The sea will roar and rise against the countries and devour many ships and people ...

Many and dreadful characters will appear in the sky, the sun will darken and appear bloody red. Two moons at the same time you will see four hours, surrounded by amazing things. Several stars will collide as a sign of the destruction of almost all people. The natural train of the air is changed because of the plague and wrong; people and animals will die quickly, a terrible famine will ravage the entire world and especially the West, never since the beginning of the world you have heard the like ...
But after so many calamities the creatures of God will not lose all hope.

Note the consistency in all prophecies about the ending coming from the sky with fire and instant destruction for all evil people. And the sun turning dark, Eddan prophecy has it the world will live through 3 straight years of winter and the sun and the moon will disappear for a while.

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