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Spirits to dreams to angels

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posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 01:48 AM
Okay so i finally now am able to start my own threads. Im looking forward to kinda combining all three subjects together on this thread to get a better understand of all this. Between Spirits, Angels, and Dreams i feel like there related in one way or another. But Its kinda getting late so i dont wanna go into to much details But i my self have had dreams about flying and the hole nine yards. Im curious to hear what you have to say. ill repost some of the stuff that iv wrote on other threads to get it started. I kinda feel like im taking over other peoples threads. I dont like that feeling. anyways Goodnight or good-morning or what ever it in your time zone

heres one to start the thread off. ill add more later.

Now before all this happened about 2 weeks before yesterday i kinda felt like i was going crazy. I would see shadows from the corner of my eye and i started feeling like there where spirits near me. I know there werent there to harm me because i felt extremely comfortable. I actually was kinda of enjoying the feeling and the thought that some one was near by. Aside from that one night i went to lay my head down on the pillow and get on the computer and clear as day i heard a voice. I mean it sounded like it was right there. I dont remember what he said but he sounded like an older man with a pretty deep voice. Not too deep like barry white or anything but ya it was pretty deep

So yesterday i was talking to my mom and she had informed me that she had her cards read. And i popped up in them... But before i go any farther with that she ask me to call a friend of the family or i think she is family (idk its been so long) but i did. Come to find out shes a healer. I spent about an hour and a half with her getting my cards read. Iv never done this before. But the angel that surrounds me is st Michael the arc angel. So the whole time that i was talking to her i had my eyes shut. Now normally when i close my eyes its just pitch black. but not last night. She goes on to tell me that for a long time now iv been surrounded but negative spirits. As soon as she mentioned his name I started seeing bright lights floating all around me. and the whole time she was speaking I felt waves of strong chills run threw my body. She delivered a message to me from St. Michael and said that he was here and other angels are on there way. Shortly after that the bright lights that i was seeing with my eyes shut began to get stronger and bigger and brighter.

It was beautiful... She told me to clean my sheets and some other stuff (dont really wanna go there) but i did what she asked. And she told me get something small to eat take a shower and laydown. And before you lay down invoke the angels and ask for guidence. So i did and as soon as i passed out i had the most craziest dream. In one part i was in a field looking up at the stars and i noticed Bright stars shinning in the shapes of zodiac signs. It was unbelievable... It feels good to know that Im not alone and that i should never feel alone. Iv had a pretty ruff passed so hearing that really changed alot for me. When he spoke to you how did his voice sound like

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posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 01:52 AM
Heres another one

Let me first say its about time that i found a site with people i can relate to. I started to feel like i was going crazy for a min. Well im writing on this post because just last night i had a dream of 3 moons. The main details in the dream was the 3 moons (duh) which i saw in the day time. First there were 2 and then when i looked up again i saw the 3, the streets filled with people and kids as if it were halloween or something and when i walked around the neighbor hood i saw people just casually sitting on the side walk talking and having a good time. Very friendly... And the last thing was i meet this guy that tried to spell out a word but i dont know what he was trying to say. the only thing i got out of it was the first letter was shapped like a sea horse which to me was an S and the rest he pretty much scribbled down in like a sloppy cursive hand writing.

Now the guy that i spoked to looked familiar but not like a face iv seen in real life or a movie or anything. Aside from having this dream iv had many many dreams that i fly. Well about a week or two ago i had pretty much the same kinda flying dream except this time i found my self looking at a group of 5 or so doing the same thing just like i do... well i decided to fly to them after they landed and ask them questions. I had asked them where they learned to do that. And one of the gentleman answered "from you! We have been watching you. But where not as good as you." That right there left me stumped. And them i work up. Now iv had flying dreams For the last few years and very often. There was a time that for like 6 to 7 months straight thats all i did is fly.

I looked on the internet and found that some people have had the same kinda dream but not nearly as often. im talking about like maybe 3 or 4 times a year... any clue of what could be going on in the insane mind of mine...

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 03:21 AM
Welcome, I am glad you are able to post your own threads now.

Welcome to ATS!!! Your dreams are very fascinating and your feeling to share that is felt.

I am glad to have you on board, share everything with us. Try to read over posts as there may be errors in your grammar. It took me a while also, actually I am still learning to better myself, but that is what a place like this is all about.

Love new people as I am one myself. Share, share and share.

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 03:36 AM
Your seeing shadows fleeting in the peripheral is of interest to me. Especially since it was followed up by an audible experience. Please talk more about that. Was this the first encounter, or one of many?

By the way, I love your avatar.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 02:28 PM
Well actually No its not the first time. Now that I think of it i remember when i was little i was sleeping and was woken up by my cat coming into the room. Well as i was waking up i remember hearing " Don't worry go back to bed" It was kind of creepy. I thought for the longest that It was my cat that was possessed or something. But if i remember correctly the voice sounded familiar to the recent voice i heard. But i cant confirm that 100%. I have 2 other dreams that i would like to post up But I'm still thinking about it.

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