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Could the truth about the BP spill be to test out the Hurricane-oil theory ?

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posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 01:36 AM
Did you know that there is a new theory that if oil is placed such that the oil covers a great area of the ocean's surface, then a Hurricane there would be prevented from becoming very large due to this oil that is on the ocean's surface ?

I noticed that today's news stated that the present BP oil cap that is working, will be opened again to let more oil out during this weekends expected Hurricane that may possibly be coming to the BP oil spill area. The reason given by the news is that since all the ships and platforms and everyone will be leaving the area, then there would not be anyone left there to monitor this oil cap.

Last week the news said the opposite, that the BP oil cap would be closed during a possible hurricane.

Maybe a submarine or two could stay submerged for a few days in that area and thus be out of harms way from the Hurricane, and monitor from under the surface this oil cap with the ROV's as is needed.

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 02:03 AM
I was so hoping this 48-hour test or some such would lead to oil being transferred to ships or to another well. Then BP started crying "The leak is stopped !" That was a bad sign.
Now you have informed me they are saying they must let it flow during storms. Argh ! I, too recall the cap was to be closed during storms.
I had never imagined such a jumbled mish-mash of lies would be allowed by the PTB of all countries in the midst of such a world-class disaster. It is infuriating.

I have heard about Oil slicks for hurricanes before. This may be where I remember it from, is this the one you knew about?

"scientists could spread a biodegradable oil slick in front of the storm. The oil would reduce evaporation, cutting off the fuel that makes storms intensify."

In this particular disaster, how can one know any of the reasoning for anything that is done? Maybe they are letting it flow to make colorful artwork for Venusians to test new optical devices, IJDK!
Thanks and blessings.

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 02:06 AM
i am all for the hype of a tropical and its effects on the oil and the spill recovery efforts, however, i want to make a few things very clear with regards to forecasting something like this.

first, this is a long way out when it comes to numerical models. while they can lead to a general trend, when you are talking 4 or 5 days away, its really anyone's guess.

second, they may be making some contingencies, but with the latest runs, this "storm" is less intimidating than this post is making it seem.

For tropical development to continue, you need a conglomerate of ingredients so to speak, and it is really a very delicate process. currently, with the U/L low over the are and shear in excess of 40kts, this storm has a LONG way to go before it is out of the woods.

not to mention, some of the global models have it tracking over central florida, wich would mean an extended time out side of its moisture source and a short time to restrengthen over the gulf, and the models that do depict a track over southern florida and the florida straits are more leaning to a faster track with excessive shear and very limited development with it eventually making it into the northern gulf as a weak disturbance or a very weak storm at best.

yes, it does take several day to prepare. but it is based upon what are called "conditions of readiness"

there are 5 CORs

COR 5 is set june 1st and remains untiil the end of hurricane season. it is for destructive winds possible within 96 hours.

COR 4 is within 72 hours

COR 3 is within 48 hours

COR 2 is within 24 hours

COR 1 is 12 hours or immenent.

most sortie/evac plans are made with the setting of COR 3 dependant upon storm strength and track confidence. if the storm is weak or if the model cluster is split or uncertain, they may wait til COR 2, though it is not a common practice.

Now, also keep in mind, that destructive winds are defined as 50kts or greater. tropical storm strength is considered 34-63kts, and hurricane is 64 and +.

right now both the GFDL and HWRF are depicting a weak tropical storm at best with max winds around 43-47kts over coastal florida, with weakening as it transits the gulf and enters a high shear area, with max winds near deep horizon of 25-30kts.

so as i said before, they are being over cautious, and the media is being over sensationalistic about the storm.

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 08:24 AM
Could Be Man They Do Things Like That All The Time and cover it up

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