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True Blood: Season 3 episode 1

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posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 01:29 AM
(mods: is this thread worth keeping? you be the judge ;P lol)

I just finished watching the first episode for this season of true blood (season 3) and its always full of layers of symbolism, and it is just fantastic in every sense of the word.

anyways...there is an issue of men's health..."His Plan" 2,791...
at first i thought there was no issue that had this on the cover, i was wrong...
BUT, it is still interesting to note, and i will.
hope to not see this number in the news, in the future.

other than previously stated, mods, please feel free to delete.

i found the video on youtube...the actual cover is for October 2009 so i still feel it is subliminal messaging, though, as i said, not as significant as i initially thought.
the magazine cover is shown about 1:16

if embed doesn't work...

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posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 02:17 AM
i don't mean to bump my half-lame thread LOL -but-

i also noticed earlier in the episode that there was a symbol on a dead guy's neck...and when they were looking through Rune symbols to find a similar symbol they came upon the "Operation Werworlf" symbol. i thought i was interesting since the word is spelled wrong for the way they seemed to be using the words (there were what seemed to be werewolves in the end of the episode)**edit: i know nothing of RUNES so i am not sure if this "WERWOLF" is the correct spelling in the runes or not...can anyone confirm?**
anyways, i researched that too:

Operation Werwolf was conjured up by Joseph Goebbels, Ministry of Propaganda . It was a concept dreamed up and half halfheartedly executed by the Nazi’s, as a last gasp at keeping the illusion of being in power, as they were being systematically dismantled. It was used mainly as a propaganda tool. The War was coming to it’s conclusion and they were determined to continue to pretend nothing was wrong. While the hype at the time was, this is a group of Elite Commandos/Guerrillas that would infiltrate behind enemy lines, this turned out to be no more than a mythological creature, a fantasy.


i thought this passage was interesting about Operation Werwolf.
it reminds me of what a friend recently said about The-Powers-That-"WERE" in that they are no longer in power, though they seem to carry the illusion that they are, eh eh?

anyways, i guess i thought this may make my thread a bit less lame. ;D
im intrigued, anyway.

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ADDED: "The history of Werwolf was compared to the Iraqi insurgency by the Bush Administration and other Iraq War supporters."
WOWZA!!!! just found this on wikipedia:

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