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Astral courtship?

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posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 03:34 AM
Ok heres the deal, this happened ot me when i was 15, and i read a post just now where the person said something similar happened. I would've responded but i couldnt on that thread for some reason so i'll start a new one...

Whn i was in year 10 at school i had this dream one night where really got close to this girl at my school. I had never really noticed this girl before and had never said more than a couple of words to her.

Anyway i went to school the next day and of course started noticing this girl alot more. She was cute, funny and easy to get along with... so of course i start pusuing her. I found that when she told me things i got this feeling of de-ja-vu, like i already knew that. I mentioned the dream to her once and the feeling of de-ja-vu and she said she had the dream the same night (she knew because she was shocked that i came and talked to her the very next day which i did) and felt like she already knew me...

my question is. is it possible to get to know someone in the astral plain? is it possible i coul've courted her and gotten to know her tha night i dreamt i was with her and she dreamt she was with me?

the realtionship didnt end up lasting but its always played my mind the way it started (she was my first girlfriend too and prior to that i would never have had the balls to approach a chick but this time it felt like i already knew her... which i did... sorta) and i wonder if anyone else has had similar thing happen?

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 05:55 PM
I've done dream interpretation for many years.

By what you describe, it sounds like there was a group of people in the Spirit that enabled both of you to "remember" that you knew each other before in some way.

When you say "knowing someone on the astral plane" that really means getting to know someone who is in the Spirit (i.e., a discarnate).

But we can occasionally receive insight from Spirit about our shared past or a bond that we have with someone that we know and who is currently in the flesh.

A word of caution: what you get in your dreams is always suspect. If you find yourself having dreams about someone and it doesn't pan out in the physical sense, don't pursue it emotionally. People can and have been deceived in this manner.

For example, I knew a woman that would channel about this person that she was infatuated with but who really wasn't interested in her. The solution was for her to stop focusing her affections on the "dream man" (which was a deception furthered by people in the Spirit who wished to manipulate her) and pursue other physical relationships.

Common spirits in groups love to deceive people for their own selfish reasons. Dream lovers is one way they can do this.

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 08:51 PM
Thanks for that insight... we did pursue the relationship but it didnt last and the break up was quite... how do we put this... bad for both parties. I'd agree with the spirits playing tricks on us coz the backlash from the breakup still haunts me sometimes today and i still come across things all the time that remind me of it. (i wasnt the one hurt she was but the guilt of it still haunts me even though i have done much worse but felt less bad about)

posted on Jul, 28 2011 @ 11:08 PM
Interesting! I've been wondering the same thing for awhile. I mean, I've been having dreams of a man with black hair and brown eyes since I was fifteen. At least, that's as far back as I can remember those dreams. I've been wondering a lot about meeting your soulmate in your dreams. However, I've yet to find this man that I constantly visit in my dreams - and consider you lucky that you didn't have to go on a wild goosechase, but unfortunate if you've never experienced the happiness of spending time with someone special in the astral plane.

posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 02:41 AM
You would not believe what happens on the astral plane - I often encounter people that I had bareley even looked at yet knew that I would see them later...

I will tell you this much, the dream self of most people are far different to their awake selves - it is a paradox how different some people actually are in the dream world.

For example, when I have an arguement with someone, in the dream world they are apologetic and indicate that they cannot control the neuroses that they experience when they are awake - in terms of courtship, I have met many many girls in the astral plane, in addition, when at higher resonances, other species...

Although I should not say this, all my inner urges are manifest directly in the dream world, and, so are those of others that I encounter - everything just seems to "work" on that level, probably because there is no "free will" as such.

For example, I do things that would usually end up with a slap on the face in the real world, however, in the dream world things just seem to work as they are supposed to - I sometimes even watch myself, and realise that I occupy one of several "selves" within this body.

I even remember that I was interacting with a really attractive girl in my dream, and when I woke up, I realised that it was the spider that was sitting on my wall - as she looked human and then sprouted extra legs with the feeling of wanting to make love to me and then consume me for dinner afterwards...

Usually, when it comes to meeting awake people and seeing them in the dream world, usually it is very subtle, you have to recognise it on an instinctual level - basically, at another time, in another world, I would have partnered with that person or in a world of less constricting social norms would have been a regularly occuring thing.

There are many issues that are related to the physicality of our existence, we are basically just too constricted in our flesh suits.
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