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Obama, Sherrod and Beck, Oh My!

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posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 11:24 PM
reply to post by brokedown

Not appear. You need to read the material and catch up. It was because they thought he was going to use a line of her speech out of context. Which he did not do in fact he complimented her.

So much misinformation floating around

posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 11:35 PM
reply to post by Blaine91555

I am thinking set up, the NAACP has the tape and has always had the video tape, who gave Breitbart the Shirley Sherrod video?

Did it come from inside the NAACP?

Was Breitbart being set up?

Was Ms. Sherrod being set up?

something just doesn't add up,

She says the WH called her while she was driving in her car and told her to pull over, and resign or she would end up on Beck, the WH says that is not true, why was she asked to step down with out an investigation?

And the next day reinstated with a new job, a unique position.

Something is fishy?

She is now working for the same agency she sued.?

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 12:23 AM

according to the number of total claims filed not only exceeded the original estimate by almost 40 to 50 times, it is close to four times the USDA's estimate of 26,785 total black owned farms in 1977! One reason for this is that the settlement applied to farmers and those who "attempted to farm" and did not receive assistance from the USDA. Getting the latest round of Pigford cases from the 2008 farm bill settled is said to be a high priority for the Obama administration.

So where does Sherrod come into this picture? In a special to the Washington Examiner, Tom Blumer explains that Sherrod and the group she formed along with family members and others, New Communities. Inc. received the largest single settlement under Pigford.

... New Communities is due to receive approximately $13 million ($8,247,560 for loss of land and $4,241,602 for loss of income; plus $150,000 each to Shirley and Charles for pain and suffering). There may also be an unspecified amount in forgiveness of debt. This is the largest award so far in the minority farmers law suit (Pigford vs Vilsack).

* Was Ms. Sherrod's USDA appointment an unspoken condition of her organization's settlement?
* How much "debt forgiveness" is involved in USDA's settlement with New Communities?
* Why were the Sherrods so deserving of a combined $300,000 in "pain and suffering" payments -- amounts that far exceed the average payout thus far to everyone else? ($1.15 billion divided by 16,000 is about $72,000)?
* Given that New Communities wound down its operations so long ago (it appears that this occurred sometime during the late 1980s), what is really being done with that $13 million in settlement money?

Here are a few bigger-picture questions:

* Did Shirley Sherrod resign so quickly because the circumstances of her hiring and the lawsuit settlement with her organization that preceded it might expose some unpleasant truths about her possible and possibly sanctioned conflicts of interest?
* Is USDA worried about the exposure of possible waste, fraud, and abuse in its handling of Pigford?
* Did USDA also dispatch Sherrod hastily because her continued presence, even for another day, might have gotten in the way of settling Pigford matters quickly?

I second his conclusion that the media and bloggers shouldn't be so quick to dismiss Shirley Sherrod. Let me start by adding another question to the list. In her position at not for profit, Rural Development Leadership Network, a network of activists and community builder, was Sherrod involved in any way in encouraging people to submit fraudulent claims under Pigford? Did she put black people who owned rural land in touch with lawyers who would file the paperwork claiming attempts to farm had been prevented by the non cooperation of the local USDA?

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 12:27 AM
One more thing, this statement by Ben Jealous, president of the NAACP

The reaction from many in the audience is disturbing. We will be looking into the behavior of NAACP representatives at this local event and take any appropriate action.

Was he in the audience?

If you listen to the Sherrod’s speech at Annual NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner in Georgia in March you’ll here her thank her guests and…
“The President who is with us tonight.”

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 01:43 PM
I see a thread poped up this morning declaring war on everyone who does not walk in lockstep with Obama and blaming even Bush for what happened with Sherrod. I'm posting the following on both threads as I've pieced it all together last night.

The real chain of events.

- A source provided Breitbart with an edited clip showing only the part that sounded as if she was making Racists remarks. Breitbart never saw the unedited version and did not know it was out of context until later.

- The Commentators on Fox picked up on it at Prime Time. The Reporters on Fox did not until after they had the whole story. The Reporters did not report it wrong. (For some reason many people don't know the difference between news and commentary; poor education I guess, or they are propagandists)

- Beck had his staff get him the unedited material, decided it was a bad story and never reported it, other than to say she was innocent the next day. (I seldom watch him, but I will now)

-Other Networks Reporters ran with it without checking it out. (Yes, actual Reporters)

- The NAACP, who had the full version the entire time for some bizarre reason threw her under the bus knowing full well she was innocent.

Me, I fully sympathized with Sherrod until I found out the rest of the story which is being conveniently ignored by some. She also said anyone who does not support (vote for) Obama is a "Racist". So, even though she was innocent of the first charge, she is guilty as sin. She still is practicing Racism while pretending to be an Angel. Calling everyone who did not vote for Obama a Racist is absurd and just as bad.

I've lost all sympathy when I found out she was willing to sell out her principals for Obama and I'm terribly skeptical of this now. I'm still not sure this was not a carefully orchestrated event that backfired on them. Even now that she had a conversation with Obama, I'm not sure this is not still part of the charade.

In the end, labeling everyone who does not support Obama a Racist means she is still guilty despite her speech and her being wronged.

How in the h**l does anyone bring Bush into this story! Sad, really sad. Even sadder these people vote. I am no fan of Bush but I'd like to think I'm not a flaming bigot like the Far Left. They make themselves look like fools; nobody needs to do it for them. Political Madness indeed.

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by Blaine91555

Thank you for your post, yes there is a lot that isn't being told,

This is a good topic, wonder where everyone is, hiding from the truth I suppose.

posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 11:36 AM
The Other Side of Shirley Sherrod


Ron Wilkins is a former organizer in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. In 1974, under an assumed name, he hired-on at New Communities Inc. The Emergency Land Fund, an Atlanta-based black land retention organization, which shared oversight responsibility for NCI’s progress, wanted to know the basis for NCI’s continued poor performance. The author’s secondary purpose was to develop agricultural skills. For his role in organizing NCI’s workers, management eventually fired him from his $40 per week position, evicted him from the rent-free shack on NCI property and orchestrated his arrest, on bogus charges, by FBI agents and Lee County, Georgia Sheriff’s deputies in the midst of an NCI labor protest. The charges were later dropped. Presently he is an Africana Studies professor at California State University, Dominguez Hills. He can be reached at:

Imagine farm workers doing back breaking labor in the sweltering sun, sprayed with pesticides and paid less than minimum wage. Imagine the United Farm Workers called in to defend these laborers against such exploitation by management.

Now imagine that the farm workers are black children and adults and that the managers are Shirley Sherrod, her husband Rev. Charles Sherrod, and a host of others. But it’s no illusion; this is fact.

He goes on to tell a story of under her management Shirley exploited and abused the black workforce, the young and old, working long hours in the fields for seventy cents an hour.

posted on Aug, 4 2010 @ 12:07 PM

Originally posted by inforeal
reply to post by Hudson

Please, spare me. Fox news is the devil incarnate, if you don’t know that then what country are you from.

And dont know their history of slander and lies by ALL their hacks.

[edit on 21-7-2010 by inforeal]

Get over it.

Fox News is only the "devil incarnate" to people so far to the left on the political spectrum that they can't even find the center. People like that are actually a small minority in poll after poll.

It's also still a free country here and so people can choose to watch what they want to watch. Guess what? They are choosing your "devil incarnate" over all the others combined. Understand that. No one is holding a gun to their head. And they are all not "stupid" as liberal elitist like to believe about anyone that would dare oppose or question the liberal's beliefs.

So, again, get over it. Quit blaming Fox News, quit blaming Bush. Your people are and have been in power for awhile now. Blame them if things still aren't going your way.

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