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Ben Stiller Contact Project (BS - Contact Project)

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posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 03:04 PM
Hello ATS members, I wanted to open up an official BS contact thread.
Im sure many of you have seen numerous BS contact attempt threads, but this one is different we will be trying to contact Ben Stiller.

Who is Ben Stiller you ask?
He is an actor that makes commedy movies.

link: Who is he?

I will ask 50 members of ATS to join my BS contact project, this is not about getting close to a celebrity or using new-age and old mystical practices to contact beings which may or may not be real. This is about contacting one person who is known to exist with previously mentioned new-age mystical techniques.

The way i see it we have people comming to ATS constantly saying that they can and will contact aliens with "mind", "light" or "spirit powers". So i say let us see if we can contact someone we know to exist on the planet earth before we start using the same method to contact unkown beings in areas so big that can only be measured in light years (I.e pleiades and Orion).

Everyone is welcome to join skeptics, believers, new-aggers, GFL and Lepers. Lets just do things in order, have to make sure your phone works before you start telling people you can use it to call George Washington.

Precautions and Preperation:

1. Ben stiller may not like this so if he tells us to stop we must stop.

2. Be careful what you wish for, I do not know Ben Stiller but he may not be a nice guy. So if he chases you off with a spirit light gun do not say i did not warn you.

3. Brush your teeth and take a shower, it has nothing to do with the contact project it is just good practice.

4. Keep it positive, we are trying to mentally break into somes head. We do not want to give off the wrong idea.

5. Asking Ben for an autograph is okay, he is a very funny guy im sure he gets it all the time.

6. Most importiant of all: All materials here are Classified, so that if we fail in our contact attempt we can say it is ongoing or we can just say we did it and make crap up

Who wants in?


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