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349 pictures of Bohemian Grove, many of which never before seen or posted on the internet, uncovered

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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 12:44 AM
reply to post by KIZZZY

I have to disagree here as well...Im thinking Ashtar (sp? sorry) also. I dont think the Owl represent Ashtar...I think it represent the wisdom of it all. The Grove and the Red Woods....a sign in those pics says in the Grove there is a secret. The Owl is on the sign showing the wisdom of what the poem reads.

But I think its obvious, through the plays and flags of different nations, that they hold alot of different histories of man, even rituals being reenacted, to pass on the 'wisdom'. I think it also shows, they understand that within nature itself, there is much wisdom.

I read that when the club first started it was in the late 1800's and it was mainly of famous actors, musicians, artists, and certain philosophical types/writers.

Ashtar (again sp sorry) has history of being the female counterpart of yahweh. I believe she was first revered in Cannon, as the consort of 'El' and then as yahweh entered the belief of the ones that had left Cannon, knew of the beliefs of Cannon, that for a while, El's consort of Cannon became Yahweh consort.

Just some thought, not saying anything for sure..

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 01:13 AM
As Cathy O Brien, Project Monarch, mind-controlled sex slave said about the Grove....
Among these internationally scandalous tapes are numerous videos covertly produced at the supposedly secure political sex playground in northern California, Bohemian Grove. According to Houston, Dante’s high tech undetectable cameras used fiber optics, and fish-eye lens were in each of the elite club’s numerous sexual perversion theme rooms. My knowledge of these cameras was due to the strategically compromising positions of the political perpetrators I was prostituted to in the various kinky theme rooms.

I was programmed and equipped to function in all rooms at Bohemian Grove in order to compromise specific government targets according to their personal perversions. "Anything, anytime, anywhere with anyone" was my mode of operation at the Grove. I do not purport to understand the full function of this political cesspool playground as my perception was limited to my own realm of experience.

My perception is that Bohemian Grove serves those ushering in the New World Order through mind control, and consists primarily of the highest Mafia and U.S. Government officials. I do not use the term "highest" loosely, as copious quantities of drugs were consumed there. Project Monarch Mind Control slaves were routinely abused there to fulfill the primary purpose of the club: purveying perversion.

Bohemian Grove is reportedly intended to be used recreationally, providing a supposedly secure environment for politically affluent individuals to "party" without restraint. The only business conducted there pertained to implementing the New World Order, through the proliferation of mind-control atrocities, giving the place an air of "Masonic Secrecy". The only room where business discussions were permitted was the small, dark lounge affectionately and appropriately referred to as the Underground.2

Sex slaves were not routinely permitted in the Underground for security reasons, leaving the lounge’s small stage as the only source of "entertainment". This entertainment ranged from would-be talents such as Lee Atwater, Bill Clinton, and George Bush to CIA Operative entertainers such as Boxcar Willie and Lee Greenwood, On one occasion I was instructed to meet with former President Gerald Ford in the Underground where Lee Atwater was picking and singing.

As I waited through the smoke-filled room to Ford’s table, Atwater interrupted his song to cryptically acknowledge my unwelcome presence by singing choruses of "Over the Rainbow" and Byrd’s song for me "Country Roads" while emphasizing the lines of "Almost heaven, West Virginia".


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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 01:17 AM
My purpose at the Grove was sexual in nature, and therefore my perceptions were limited to a sex slave’s viewpoint. As an effective means of control to ensure undetected proliferation of their perverse indulgences, slaves such as myself were subjected to ritualistic trauma. I knew each breath I took could be my last, as the threat of death lurked in every shadow.

Slaves of advancing age or with failing programming were sacrificially murdered "at random" in the wooded grounds of Bohemian Grave, and I fell it was "simply a matter of time until it would be me". Rituals were held at a giant, concrete owl monument on the banks of, ironically enough, the Russian (rushin’) River. These occultish sex rituals stemmed from the scientific belief that mind-controlled slaves required severe trauma to ensure compartmentalization of the memory, and not from any spiritual motivation.

My own threat of death was instilled when I witnessed the sacrificial death of a young, dark-haired victim at which time I was instructed to perform sexually "as though my life depended upon it". I was told,

"...the next sacrifice victim could be you. Anytime when you least expect it, the owl will consume you. Prepare yourself, and stay prepared."

Being "prepared" equated to being totally suggestible, i.e., "on my toes" awaiting their command.

After returning to Tennessee, Houston attempted to distort my Bohemian Grove experience by instructing me to "prepare myself for imminent death". He ordered me into a bathtub of cold water, placed ice cubes in my vagina, then transferred me to his bed. There he tied a coroner’s type tag on my toe, and hypnotically deepened my trance to the point where my heart and breathing were nearly stopped.

Then he gratified himself on my cold, still body through faux necrophilia—reportedly one of his favorite perversions. Houston had "perfected" his perversion to the extent that he handed the keys to my death-state programming to Lt. Col. Michael Aquino for use in Reagan’s Hands-On Mind-Control Demonstrations. My death-state also further equipped me in my role of "anything, anytime, anywhere with anyone" to be accessed at Bohemian Grove.

The club offered a "Necrophilia" theme room to its members. I was so heavily drugged and programmed when used in the "necrophilia" room, that the threat of actually "slipping through death’s door" and being sacrificed "before I knew it" did not affect me. My whole existence was balanced precariously on the edge of death as a matter of routine anyway.

My robotic state did not permit me the "luxury" of self-preservation, and I could only do exactly what I was told to do. My necrophilia room experience was only for the purpose of providing Dante a compromising film of a targeted member anyway.

Other perversion theme rooms at the Bohemian Club included what I heard Ford refer to as the "Dark Room". When he not so cleverly said, "Let’s go to the Dark Room and see what develops," I understood from experience that he was interested in indulging in his perverse obsession for pornography. In the Dark Room, members had sex with the same mind-controlled slave they were viewing in porn on a big screen television.

There was a triangular glass display centered in a main through way where I was locked in with various trained animals, including snakes. Members walking by watched elicit sex acts of bestiality, women with women, mothers with daughters, kids with kids, or any other unlimited perverse visual display.


posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 01:21 AM
I was once brutally assaulted by Dick Cheney in the Leather Room, which was designed tike a dark, black leather-lined train berth. As I crawled through the leather flaps covering the narrow entrance, I heard Cheney play on the word "berth/birth" as the soft blackness engulfed me. With the small opening covered, the blinding darkness enhanced the sense of touch and provided an option of anonymity. Cheney jokingly claimed that I "blew his cover" when I recognized his all-too-familiar voice and abnormally large penis size.

There was a room of shackles and tortures, black lights and strobes, an opium den, ritualistic sex altars, a chapel, group orgy rooms including poster beds, water beds, and "kitten" houses. I was used as a "rag doll" in the "toy store," and as a urinal in the "golden arches" room.

From the owl’s roost to the necrophilia room, no memory of sexual abuse is as horrifying as the conversations overheard in the Underground pertaining to implementing the New World Order. I learned that perpetrators believed that controlling the masses through propaganda mind manipulation did not guarantee there would be a world left to dominate due to environmental and overpopulation problems.

The solution being debated was not pollution/population control, but mass genocide of "selected undesirables."
Remember the picture of the little boy?

I lost my own post about the pictures/topic. Ah well it took me 2 litres of wine, 1 small pizza, and a dozen buffalo wings to get through them.

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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 01:24 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

I am sorry but you are incorrect!

This is the last time I am doing this!

"Since Asherah is conflated with Baal worship, you have your child rituals.
The owl is one of Lucifer's many symbols when it takes the form of a female.
Asherah is the Hebrew word translated to English as "groves". The chief
goddess of Tyre and goddess of fertility either a living tree or a tree-like
pole, in a grove set up as an object of worship, being symbolical of the
female or productive principle in nature. The word is often translated “green
trees” or “grove.” This “nature worship” became associated with gross
immorality, and so the practice of setting up such “groves” or idols was
forbidden by Hebrew prophets"

(Deut. 16: 21; Num. 25: 3; Judg. 2: 11-13;1 Kgs. 11: 5; Isa. 17: 8; Micah 5: 1the 2 ).

"In the original story which developed from knowledge from before the great flood, Nimrod the husband of Queen Semiramis is torn to pieces and he is reborn and or risen from the dead and becomes the son called Tammus or is known also as Nimrod. Nimrod was deified as the Sun-god after his death and this is where all of the sun references came from, at no stage did anybody originally think the sun was God, no they thought Nimrod was so powerful and wonderful that the sun was chosen to represent him. Nimrod became known as the God of the Sun and Father of Creation. In various cultures he later became known as Baal, the Great Life Giver, the God of Fire, Baalim, Bel, Molech, and he was symbolized as a dragon which is why dragons are known to every culture on Earth, he was also known as a bull. Nimrod was worshiped as fire, being the representation of the sun on Earth. To offer a sacrifice to Nimrod was to burn it in a fire, this was also viewed as a purifying thing. Semiramis became the goddess of the moon and fertility, she is also known as an owl. Semiramis is also known under various other aliases, Allilah or Allah, Ariadne, Astarte, Cybele, Goddess with the 12 stars, celibacy is required of her priests. Diane, Ishtar; Babylonian sun-goddess, which is where Easter comes from. Isis; Egyptian sun-goddess, Laksjmi, Lady Liberty, Rhea, Goddess of the hunt, Sin; the moon goddess) Venus; Goddess of Love and most importantly she is Mary and Nimrod is Christ. "Isis was often represented standing on the crescent moon, with twelve stars surrounding her head. In almost every Roman Catholic church on the continent of Europe may be seen pictures and statues of Mary, the "Queen of Heaven," standing on the crescent moon, her head surrounded with twelve stars."

Here is a link to further delineate what OWLS meant to the Jews: OWLS were not representative of wisdom by Jews. They were regarded as an evil omen.

Now it is important to realize that the Illuminati and the Freemasons are also worshiping the same deities or religion. The Statue of Liberty is Queen Semiramis. In the Bible Asherah is translated as grove, so Bohemian Grove is a worship to Asherah which is also the Biblical version of Ishtar, who is Isis or Queen Semiramis. Ishtar is where we get the word Easter from. The giant owl is Queen Semiramis. The worship at the grove is primarily the worship of Queen Semiramis but the large fire that is built and fake bodies burnt in, is Nimrod and him purifying the is symbolic. Nimrod who is known as a Dragon and Queen Semiramis an Owl and are in the bible...


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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 01:54 AM

Originally posted by plainPlaidplain
"All I see is a bunch of overgrown Boy Scouts at Summer Camp. They have plays and skits and have some fun wearing funny outfits. I'm not sure what any of these pictures could prove other than that. As evidence of anything, I'd say they fail. "

Completely agree. The fundamentalists are bent out of shape because of the homerotic themes and activities, but this isn't any more 'satanic' than an Iron Maiden concert. If you see two wealthy gay men at the opera do you scream 'Illuminatus!' and start stockpiling weapons? Alex Jones has a christian conservative edge to his show, and 'exposing' a big gathering of men who'd probably like to keep their activities secret due to the homo aspect GUARANTEES a continued 'investigation/official denial' type dynamic. Great for the conspiracy theory industry (there is one now, btw) and his show, but really a collossal red herring.

I agree with you 100%. I was an Eagle scout back in the early '70's and we had week long "summer camp". Survival, campfires, Indian ceremonies, etc.
No sex, no drugs, no drinking (obviously) just a bunch of guys getting together camping, learning about the outdoors, singing and just plain having fun!

Now, if you want to see the "poor man's" BC....go to Mardi Gras!
In New Orleans (where I am from) "The City That CARE Forgot".
Sound familiar?? Bohemia Grove?

Talk about debauchery, drinking, sex, funny and weird costumes, Indians...
Secret Rights and clubs (Krewes).
KING of Carnival! A lot of "World Leaders", movie stars attend this ritualistic Satan worshiping orgy!! [/sarc]

Start here with the History and go for it. You could spend days researching all of the background, weird rituals. Have fun...draw your own conclusions:
It makes BC look like a school picnic.


posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 02:04 AM
reply to post by tomdham

I am an Atheist, I don't believe in a God and if I don't believe in a god it surely

means I don't believe in a satan . But, because I do not believe in such

things does not mean others share my disbelief.

There is indeed a ritual going on there at B.G. and how odd a Hebrew word

Asherah is translated as "grove" and happens to be a fertility goddess with

also an owl representing it. Coninkeedink? I think not! There you have it.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 02:13 AM

Originally posted by KIZZZY
reply to post by tomdham

I am an Atheist, I don't believe in a God and if I don't believe in a god it surely

means I don't believe in a satan . But, because I do not believe in such

things does not mean others share my disbelief.

There is indeed a ritual going on there at B.G. and how odd a Hebrew word

Asherah is translated as "grove" and happens to be a fertility goddess with

also an owl representing it. Coninkeedink? I think not! There you have it.

I do not know what your reply to my post means. I'm Catholic, so what?
What the heck is "coninkeedink" anyway.
I was pointing out the similarities between Mardi Gras and BG.

And BTW a grove is:

I really do not follow all that voodoo, Asherah, satanic, BS.
I just try and live a "normal" life albeit here in Abu Dhabi, oooooh!

SO, There YOU have it!

Tom (KC5ILU)

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 02:59 AM
reply to post by KIZZZY

I read your replies you posted earlier in the thread
You assume I have not? I still kindly disagree.

Im well aware of what the Bible says about Asherah.

Anywho...I still disgree.

And Im not connecting the owl to Asherah...Im saying the owl represents something....something that this group feels they hold onto..which is 'wisdom'.

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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 03:49 AM
The fact that there doing mock sacrifices says it all in my book and the fact that it looks like they used real kids as props from that one picture of the kid strapped to a board back in the day is just flat out wrong, plus the whole horse thing just seems out there.

Plus what Cathy O Brien just wow.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 05:12 AM
Excellent information Kizzzy, thank you!

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 06:06 AM
The reason why there is so much speculation about such events is because they are secret. As photos and word get out, then people begin to speculate about what is going on.

Of course there are many people who see nothing wrong with performing ceremonies to ancient gods and deities. They have done it all throughout history, and as these pictures clearly show, it is still done in secret in our society.

So for those of you who say you cannot believe that others on here say they would participate, that's being naive.

To say for sure you really know what is going on inside there, unless you're a member you probably really don't, because it is a secret event, and it's members are sworn to secrecy.

Which leads to the question, why is it secret? If it really is a "faggots" club as someone pointed out as former President as stating, then that could be one reason. While homosexuality is much more tolerated in todays society, and in fact permeates today's entertainment, this is a recent change of events. Back when these pics were taken most of the US were still highly religious, and respectful of the Bible, and considered it to be a sin.

But even people representing the Bible these days are up in arms and fighting over whether it is right or wrong. And today's society is so open that if this club went public and they really were practicing a lot of pagan celebrations overtly along with dabbling in homosexual activities no one would care.

What many practicing Christians don't know is that they involve themselves in a lot of the same pagan practices by means of their various religious holidays throughout the year, of which all are of pagan origin.

I'm not trying to say I know or do not know what happens inside the Grove. All I'm stating is that the fact that it's a secret makes speculation, which may or may not be true. And there is no reason to hide something unless you need to hide it for a reason.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 06:22 AM
So who of you guys really believes that Samuel Langhorne Clemens was part of some kind of illuminati-like "ÜBER-CONSPIRACY"??

There's so much info about the Grove I would hardly call it secret. In the 20th century the grove came under scrutiny by the left, since the club degraded from it's Bohemian beginnings (Hint: " Weaving spider come not here " ) to a sort of private business club where the have's discussed how they best can screw the have-nots further.
At that point the Far right picked it up and somehow confused Bohemianism with Satanism; since for them anything "different" mostly is "evil". No one has ever witnessed any (real, as opposed to mock-) sacrifice there; even though the grove has been repeatedly infiltrated in the last century. Go figure.

Alas, it's a shame that a club with such high-minded beginnings devolved into a weird summer-camp for the rich and powerful, but that's just how things go, I guess. To equate Bohemianism with Satanism only speaks for one's total disregard for historic facts (Who knows about the 19th century, anyway?) ... Anyone familiar with American Bohemianism won't be freaked out by the Owls, Ashera, and the mock rituals. Those things were pretty common in the Bohemian era. There's tons of scholarly literature on the subject. It's either that - stuff you can check out for yourself - or it's simply believing what Cathy O'Brian says.
For me the choice is obvious.

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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 06:24 AM

Originally posted by Calender
And there is no reason to hide something unless you need to hide it for a reason.
I agreed with you up until that point. A perfectly acceptable reason to hide something is "it's none of your damned business". What happens between consenting adults, whether in the bedroom or in a "camp", really doesn't have to be public knowledge. That whole "right to privacy" thing...

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 07:30 AM

"The introduction of the Moloch coincided with the introduction of the worship of the "queen of the heaven," although the latter persisted after the reform of Josiah whereas the Moloch cult seems to have perished following the reform. The worship of the Moloch along with the worship of the "queen of the heaven" are therefore to be seen against the background of the widespread worship in the Assyro-Aramean culture of Adad/Hadad, the king, and Ishtar Ashtarth/Anath, the queen, that began in the ninth-eighth century B.C.E. This sheds new light on the controversial passage Amos 5:26: "… You carried the canopy [Heb. sikkut is a deliberate misvocalization of sukkat or sukkot to make it resemble to שִׁקּוּץ; shikkuẓ, "abhorrence," cf. LXX and 6QD 14–17] of your king and the kaiwanu [changed deliberately into kiyyun, as skikkuẓ] of your image[s] the star of your god[s] which you made for yourselves." The kamānu/kawānu, found in Jeremiah 7:18, and 44:19, is a cultic cake in the form of a star which is the image of Ishtar, who is called in Akkadian kakkab šamê, "the star of the Heaven." The image of Ishtar צלמיכם כוכב אלהיכם, is depicted here as having been carried under a canopy in a procession, a procedure attested in the Assyrian documents (cf. L. Waterman, Royal Correspondence of the Assyrian Empire, 1 (1930), no. 1212, rev. 1–10 = SAA XIII: 192; for corrected reading see A.L. Oppenheim, in: BASOR, 107 (1947), 8, n. 4), but unrecognized until now. "Your king" in this verse is none other than her consort, Adad the king, sometimes identical with the sun-god Shamash."

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 09:48 AM
I am glad this turned out to be such a good thread. I told you, I didn't know what I came across but I knew it was something.

I appreciate everyone's input. I have learned a lot. I say my two favorite post were the one where it put Nixon's quote about the B.G. when he came back from one.

And the picture/discussions about the photos showing the tall fellow-with the long neck, with his arms around the two surprised looking men.

Too much.

If this represents the NWO, I say then the NWO is in trouble.

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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 10:15 AM

Originally posted by JoshNorton

Originally posted by Calender
And there is no reason to hide something unless you need to hide it for a reason.
I agreed with you up until that point. A perfectly acceptable reason to hide something is "it's none of your damned business". What happens between consenting adults, whether in the bedroom or in a "camp", really doesn't have to be public knowledge. That whole "right to privacy" thing...

People seem to have a hard time understanding the word exclusive versus secret.

It’s a private club, not a G-20 meeting. It’s an invitation only event. Every American has a right to privacy, and every private establishment has the right to refuse service and membership.

I don’t actually want to read the minutes of every Mason’s meeting, in fact if I was invited to one, I would not want to go.

The truth is, that some of the people engaged in wild speculation on this thread, even if they were invited to the Grove would not go in part because of what they have already speculated about it would frighten them. Some of them if they chose to go, would still refute what is going on in a lot of these activities and entertainments even after having it explained to them, and getting to witness it, in it’s entirety in proper context.

Why? Because they are engaged in a conspiracy of their own of evangelizing and proselytizing and telling others how they should live and what they ought not to do for the benefit of their own superstitious beliefs.

Amazingly the most sinister moments at the Grove are the quiet little conversations held between small groups of members as they discuss political selections, mergers and acquisitions, expansions and monopolies.

It amazes me how many people get caught up in the spectacle and pageantry of the entertainment there, imagining that is proof positive of something, something that in reality prohibits them from intelligently discussing what all really goes on there and why.

As my friend Stevie Wonder likes to say “When you believe in things you don’t understand you suffer!”

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 10:19 AM
Very very interesting thread, and pictures, thank you.

But I must wonder, what pictures exist that they don't show you.
That's of course, assuming crooked things go on in the grove.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 10:19 AM
Double post, sry.

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posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 11:11 AM
so how can i get invited to go there this mid july?

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