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DEFCON's 'Free Byron' Movement. Potential Fire Sale.

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posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 09:58 AM
This morning I was listening to the local news station here in Toronto, They were speaking about a man who was arrested before the G20 after they claimed he had bombs and intended to wreak havoc during the G20. I thought it was odd, until they followed it up with "He is a well known hacker and very good at what he does. He has worked for companies to hack their own security to point out the flaws.
They then went on to talk of an organization of 7000 hackers or so. That are the worlds elite of hacking. DEFCON. They are currently making a movement to free Byron.
Am I crazy or does this have the potential to go very bad.
I mean a single hacker can break into national banks. One guy hacked NASA by him self!!!
Just a thought.
Free Byron movement
And heres some juicy stuff for ya'

Murray has known Sonne for seven years and said he would never do anything malicious. “There’s something fishy to all this. He’s not this kind of person,” Murray said. “Reading all the stuff about explosives — that’s not Byron.” Not long before his arrest three weeks ago, Sonne had joked he was the last guy counter-terrorism officials would be prone to investigate. Sonne made the comment about a month ago at a “Surveillance Club” meeting, a monthly gathering for academics and activists who enjoy discussing surveillance issues and ideas. Sonne shared his plans to protest the G20 and mused he was hardly the type to raise security alarm bells — slightly nerdy with a receding hairline, the computer specialist lives in a million-dollar Forest Hill home with his artist wife.

Toronto Star article

False Flag? Hmmmm....
Lets here what you got to say!

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