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The Jesus they don't want you to know about

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posted on Jun, 16 2004 @ 11:19 PM
The 1st Mystery - The Human Mind-Spirit

The human mind needs light to work. This light, when strong, is bright, healthy, and causes the body to have health, and the mind to think great intellectualy thoughts.

This light is the cause of the universe, it is the immortal component of our existence. It is this light that all religion speaks of, it is this light that accompanied the prophets, it is why men listened to them, why men followed them, and it is what gave them power.

In this word today, this light is scarce, and rare, and hard to find. People have forgotten what it looks like, people begin to think that people without light are normal, and the light itself to them becomes a myth, or a lie.

This is older than anything else, India called it Prana, and they said that by the prana that was emminiated by the mind of God that the universe was fashioned. It is a material that comes from thought, it is intellect itself, it is the essense of spirit.

There are other forces on the earth, invisible to the natural eye, without bodies, but they exist in the dark form of this energy. These are the demons, the spirits, and the shades, they are here among us.

Human life is a great varied group, some of them are very bright lights, connected to the higher spheres of light. Others are in between, having light sometimes but darkness other times. But EVERYONE knows what the light is, even if they don't have the words for it, their natures understand.

There is also darkness, and beings that dwell in it. Upon the earth, these forces are present at the same time, and in conflict.

The human mind, when surrounded and infused with this light is healthy, bright, and strong, and this light comes from the good ones.

When the human mind is evil, degenerate, and ignorant, darkness comes out instead, it comes from the bad ones.

Jesus was a bright light, who taught men of the light, and was able to give this light others, driving out the darkness like slimy gook.

Human beings today are all pressed together, locked into a system, and the powers of darkness have found this to be very advantageous to their aim, which is to flood the world in their dark material, so that all human minds drown in it, smother in it, and are overcome by it.

The current time we live in a very terrible time, because the world has become so saturated with these forces of darkness that they have organized themselves into great strength, their human collaborators fill every land, every institution, all earthly power has been siezed by these forces.

You poor people! You suffer and do not know why, you are miserable and depressed, and you are not aware of the cause, evil and wicked are the things that have done this to you, and to the world.

It is made worse by the nature of man, who is cruel and ignorant, and this is made only worse in this time, when all knowledge has been cut off from our people, and we are trained only to be the cattle of the system, unthinking, unspeaking, slaves until death. Their lives are to be spent acquiring the products of the system, the praise of the system, and the advancement of the system.

Our "reality" is a total lie, the motivations of people are not what they claim to be, no one just "lives" and "acts", there are deeper motivations and more complicated motives for every action of the people.

Women who delight in influencing the consciousness of other beings, and who possess the senses, the nerves, and the awarenesses of other people, we call evil, and they are the servants of demonic forces. Their will is rooted in these ancient evils, and if you look closely you will see how they are similar. These are the women of darkness, cursed they be until the day of judgment.

Men who delight in the invasion of the mind, the oppression of the spirit, and the manipulation of the subtle energies of the human spirit are those whom we call evil, they are the sons of darkness, and inside of them is a very dark and evil power.

These are the adversaries, the collaborators, the traitorous dogs who have surrendered to the enemy of mankind and become the battle thralls and slaves of the powers of darkness. They are the majority of men, and they live among us.

But Oh, they will say, "we are not such things, we know not what you speak about."

And I say, "I can see what you are thinking, and I can know the thoughts of your heart."

Here is what is in such beings! They seek nothing but to get into your inner being, to control your mind, to inject the same material that was forced into them, into YOU. They will speak to you only to learn how your brain and muscles work, which then they may "see" and use their own minds to influence it. That is the nature of the power of darkness, and the understanding of the psychic mind, which truly exists. They are able to steal the subtle energies of your body like a vampire, flood you with desires to make you further expose your inner self to them, and to attach the dark energy that is in them to YOU. If they can do this, then they can follow you around, and other beings like themselves can get into you TOO. That is the nature of the battle. Face it and stand up.

When we are children, we cannot see these things normally, and like myself it was many years before I was able to see these things. That is how we are confused, we are led into a trap, a great snare, and a great and evil lie. We are raised up as a cattle people for these powers, whether we know it or not, to be consumed once we reach spiritual maturity, to sustain the needs of these powers of darkness. That is the whole story for you, and only the most honest men will tell it to you. Everyone who denies this, is either a collaborator, or in great ignorance.

Our human lives are taught to us when young, we are taught nothing of the real nature of the universe, nothing of the human mind or the influence it has on others, or anything of the spirit.

There is no Separation between spirit and state. Such a thing is a great lie in itself, how can a human organization totally ignore the most basic and important aspect of human existance? Mature adults who understand the "Way it is" have an understanding of these things. Yet they do not teach them openly, which is proof of their nefarious intent. They will lie about them if confronted, because they have made a place to hide within our culture and our language.

Such is the deception, such is the lie, and such are the ones that came before Jesus all the time to question and trick him.

To sum it up, most people are part of a kingdom that is not the one Christ came from, but another one, a darker one. These are imperfect beings, jealous, who worship a jealous, envious god, and who seek to rule by force, deception, and power.

There are darker realms than this, but I don't want to talk about them.

This would all be bearable, except that for the ambition of these beings of the lesser realms, who have considered themselves the masters of the world, and have attained something of a kingdom upon it. Yet this kingdom is a evil one, Instead of imprisoning the demons, it allows them to run free, instead fo fighting against evil forces, it arranges a collusion of cooperation. Whoever these demons can take, they can take freely, and these powers will allow it.

Such as these are those who will power, and who wish to dominate and control, they do not have goodness, reason, or benevolence, they only want kingdom, and power, and rulership.

These are the ones Christ came to confront. To free the human race from their persistent rule and influence, to liberate the rare and special beings whom these powers of darkness have extraordinarily abused, killed, and oppressed, who are the true rulers and lights of the world.

Are you still a Christian? Or are you just taking the name?

This world, he said, was theirs in this time, it was the hour of their reign, and true this is, for they have attained the apex of their era, the world is filled, and their influence has become global.

The true Jesus is when you teach your children to keep their light, to make it stronger, and to avoid the world and its desires. That is the true Jesus. Jesus is not in patriotism, Marriage, labor, or in anything else found in this world. Western Christians who do not know these things are the enemy. There is no misunderstanding here, the orders and structures of this world do not resemble what is happening in reality, they are the carcasses of institutions long dead, the systems of a former nation, a republic that has died.

The True Jesus is to fight against these forces of darkness with your words, your thoughts, and deeds. It is not to be a good "citizen" and go to work and take your pay home. That is a civil matter, not a spiritual one. Do not confuse the two!

Jesus was a being who had a very powerful light. This light was able to push back all evil darkness, all evil spirits, and all demons. We all know how this works, it still exists today in certain beings.

In the ancient world, good nations and kings were primarily occupied with spiritual matters. The modern notion of secularism is a degeneration, and a great deception. What is more important than the successful growth of the human soul, the human mind, and the passage into the afterlife? Most of you believe in this, so why don't you put your money where your mouth is?

Yet most of you will still desire to control, to watch, and to excersise your small will, and to do evil. Your passage into adulthood is the ability to control others with your mind, to corrupt your souls so that nothing from heaven remains in it, but instead the rotten light of the deceiver, and the fire of women.

Stop lying so boldly. Stop living the lie. Stop denying what I am clearly pointing out in the bright light of day.

So proud are you, so confident in your own strength, so merciless you are in your will. Your natures have become corrupted, you are far from where you began as children, you have become filthy and miserable, and now seek to esacpe the consequence for a time.

It does not take a prophet to tell you what will occur to these people. It doesn't really even take an act of God, or a great destruction of some kind, the re is no people that can exist as a healthy nation while under the rule of these powers.

That is because the root of these powers is darkeness, death, and destruction, and that is what you who have served these things are working towards, if you but knew.

So do understand the consequences which you have proudly put off for so long, how you have esacped the fate you have purchased with your deeds! You cannot rule the earth, you cannot maintain the nations, you cannot hold the people under your lust.

How can you build anything at all? You have only siezed what was built by better men, or inherited what our great men have left behind in their dotage. The knowledge of building new institutions has departed from you, you cannot found any republic, write any constitution, or liberate any people. Therefore your rule is fated from the beginning.

How ignorant are you! You did not know how the powers of light kept the world together so that you might steal from it, its bounty and abundance was never from you, but it was from the God of Light. And from Him you stole, ungrateful ones, and you made nothing but trouble for his children.

Now folks, if you read this, and you feel angry eyes on you, awaken, and do not fear, for this is what Jesus really was, and you have just learned the greatest conspiracy ever to be cast upon the earth.


posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 12:12 AM
That was an awesome post, it's like the words from a very spiritualized being. May the light of Christ prevail.

posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 07:19 PM
I have to admit that its an interesting read.

Are you still a Christian? Or are you just taking the name?


Is this original or from elsewhere?

posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 07:26 PM

( Women who delight in influencing the consciousness of other beings, and who possess the senses, the nerves, and the awarenesses of other people, we call evil, and they are the servants of demonic forces. Their will is rooted in these ancient evils, and if you look closely you will see how they are similar. These are the women of darkness, cursed they be until the day of judgment. )

How there you to accused women, when the evil of this world is rooted on men alone and their inefficiency of being able to control their carnal desires.

Women had always been victims of been creator of life. Remember a women is the one that give you life. And to that women you own the reason of been in this world.

[Edited on 19-6-2004 by marg6043]

posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 08:32 PM
probally something the catholics didnt want you to know.

posted on Jun, 20 2004 @ 04:11 PM
Sister Marg,

The psychic infulence of women upon men should not be a mystery, it should not be a thing hidden in the shadows. What do you seek to accomplish by hiding from me?

Much evil is done to my brothers by women who have acted on their own will, and have sought to dominate us, even from our tender ages.

What is good to you? Do you give your spirits to men who are pure? Do you harm and oppress men whom you do not approve? Why do you hide you abilities, and resist all efforts to bring them into the light? Do you want power so much, do you want control over us? What are your strong reasons for this? Are they not carnal themselves, are they not for envy?

Sister, I have no love for the secrets and the mysteries of darkness. I am not amazed at the mysteries of the mind. My will is to teach my little brothers this, and to cause them to escape from you and the mischief of your sisters, and the men they have caused to fall into corruption.

I know what perfection is, what divinity is, and it is not aided along by the spying psychics, those who oppress and attach themselves to us. If you seek to be a healer, and a being who assists the good works of the Higher beings of the Universe, then cease to pry into the minds of my brothers, stop leading them into your carnal ways.

I watch as the new generation of my little brothers become taken into the snare, their natures becoming corrupted by the oppression of psychic darkness, they are led into a great trap from their young ages, to get them to take off their clothes as soon as they can, and to pollute themselves with you. And then, having accomplished this, you strip them of their light, and then make them vulnerable to the common enemy of us both, the demons and the evil spirits.

What then, do you say, you guilty ones? You have done evil, and not good, you have done your will, and served the will of the powers of darkness who desire to possess us and our entire race.

So then, sisters, I put the same weight upon you that you have put upon us!

You speak about the evil that men do, but it is the same evil that women do, for evil is the same, and it is neither male or female, but is darkness. Do you, foolish ones, think that you are divine, or perfect, and that men are your slaves to be governed? Such a wicked and arrogant notion.

A carnal women and a carnal man are of the same order, they are meant for eachother, and are burned at the end. Their spirits go into the blackness, and are not preserved into the Immortal regions.

But upon the earth there is a war raging, and it is evil that men and women be adversaries to one another. I know your sensitivites, I know how you hate them that do evil.

I have been struck the by the evil of women, and tasted their madness firsthand, I aroussed their envy and their lust because of the wisdom I have attained, and of the love that I enjoy from the pleasant things of the earth.

A woman judging a man is a curious matter, what assumption of authority do you make? What criterion do you rule by? What is the nature of your authority, that you act without shame upon the minds of the boys, and the young men, who are kept ignorant of your natures?

What has caused our language and our society to hide these matters? It is a great and terrible evil that has done this, in an attmept to cause men to bow to its rule, and to submit to its power.

What then, woman, do you say to that? Will you love Jesus, but hate his work, which I am the product of?

It is not a matter without resolution, it is not a mystery without any hope of illumination, it is a matter to be brought before the minds and eyes of all men, in the bright light of day.

You who have taken captives, release them, you who have found a weakness in a person, and have latched onto them, let them go. I know your evil natures, and how you think yourselves safe in the hiding places you have found, but these places will not forever bear your concealment.

I know what is in the hearts of men, and what is done by both sides of the order of heaven, and I learn more and more as I inquire and speak.

What would you say to this, woman, and I will know your intention by your answer: Let the little boys be kept away from women as soon as they are of sufficient age, let them not be taught carnal ways, let them be taught to avoid the desires of the flesh, let them be taught in the ways of the mind, the spirit, and the body.

There is no knowledge that is evil of itself. Our bodies are not sinful, nor are the nerves therof, or any of its functions, my pleasures are not evil because they are pleasureable, but rather because of the mingling of the powers of darkness in a person, and the demoic parasites that attach themselvs to us to steal the functions and energies of our bodies.

Men are not evil, nor are women, but it is the will that is questioned, and the intention that is weighed, be honest with me in your answers.

It seems that our bodies are very much the concern of these powers, and they have corrupted our understanding of them, so that we cannot escape their influence. That is evil, that is the root of all wickedness.

Can you leave a man be whom you are envious of? Can you not do a thing, can you withold your power from a person? Or are you so out of control that you harm whatever you can grasp with your fingers, whatever your mind can enter you will seek to abide there? Who then is the greater evil? The child who pleasures himself, the fat man who eats too much, the man who drinks or takes drugs? Are these things what you desire to rule? Is it good that you judge them, harm them, and rule them?

Then I say, be damned, satan, and be cast out of the world, every work of your kind be broken up and dissolved.

Let there be an end to the persecution of our race, the sneaky and dispicable intrusion into our minds and bodies by dishonest and wicked people, both men and women.

Is there a rememdy for this found? Can reason and good will be enough to cause you to repent? Or will you continue until this world is destroyed, and the nations of men are burnt down, and the generations of man scattered and smitten to the levels of beasts?

I have yet to hear a women speak about the intention of good, or the will of God, or give us any good words towards the perfection of our race. Most women I hear from come to me as an adversary, seeking to find fault with this or that, healing nothing, helping nothing, but seeking only their own advantage.

Is that good in your sight? Is that perfection? Is a nation well built upon this kind of spirit, this kind of mind?

How long will the true understanding of Jesus be hidden from the world? How long can the powers of darkness hide away the light from us? How long will we bear their persecution? Is there not any remedy for us at all?

How reluctant my people are to confront these issues, which are the root of all other activites! How deceptive my sisters are, and how irritating their arrogance.

For this great foolishness, I prophecy that every single mystery that has been hidden away will be revealed, and it will be as thought the sun appeared at midday. Every mind will suddenly become enlightened, wisdom will be given by the spirit of God, and every shadow in which you hid will be destroyed.

There will no more be the persecution of the psychics against the children, but the power of God will be upon us all, and will be greater than your power, and you will be bound up and destroyed.

Those who practise the power of darkness, like shameful dogs you will be, having clung to the legs of the children, and will shrink away after the hand of the master smites you.

Furthermore, the orders of the world, and the lower heaven which are mingled with it, will be dispersed and smitten, because they founded themselves on the deception of darkness, and sought to rule men by secrecy, and by obfuscation, and misled the children into destruction to serve their own will and kingdoms.

If you don't gather up with us, you are scattering the grains, and are lost.


posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 01:11 AM
When I first started reading your post Arkaleus, I thought it was going to be very insightfull. You do a good job of 'fluffing' your thoughts up and making them sound like they were taken from the bible or some other religious text. But really I learned nothing from your post. I think it would be better if you would state what kind of research had led you to believe these sorts of things.

As far as your theory as to evil spirits attaching themselves to humans and draining their life force, this is another place where I would like you to post what research has led you to believe this (if this is somehow true I would like to know, but I am not just going to take your word for it. Post why you believe this). As it is now, it sounds like you have read Falun Dafa one too many times.

In your second post I think you are entirely off base. I might even suggest getting counseling to deal with your negative views towards women. You can't blame women anymore than you can blame men. The majority of women are a product of society just as the majority of men are, and our society is for the most part based around social/financial status and sex. Just because people take part in this society doesn't mean they are satan's henchmen, nor should you treat them that way.

I'm going to be honest here. With the way you word things, the people whos eyes you are trying to open are going to read your post and they are going to think you are a religious quack (no offense). In their minds their actions will be justified because what you say would just seem so out of place in the world they live in. You do have some good thoughts though. My advice is if you truly want to open peoples eyes, let them know how you came to the conclusions you have. Everyone has at least some desire to find spiritual meaning in their life. Let people do their own research but help them in their journey. Nobody is going to take your word for these kind of ideas but you will make them curious enough to check it out on their own.

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 08:35 AM

Just one question and I will ask not more, are you a monk? or you just do not associate with the female gender? I apologized if I come to strong but is just curiosity. And you don't have to answer if you don't want. Is just that several of your posts are very negative when it comes to female gender.

By the way your last post is very poetic, in a gender negative way, but very nice, if it comes from a book I will like to read it.

[Edited on 21-6-2004 by marg6043]

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 10:48 AM
i read your story a couple days ago so the freshness is not just cut open.

i believe that the truth of Jesus is hidden, buried and disfigured, because it is liberating. Jesus came to tell us the truth about our human condition. that there is no hell or eternal condemnation. that we decide our own fate. and has absolutely nothing to do with some jealous god that would banish a poor soul to eternal torment for rejecting or not knowing of his gift. hell was created by evil forces and dark principlalities in high places to scare the there underlings and subsidaries into submission of their exhaltation.

jesus may very well be the light, but the darkness is sort of light fear and believing a lie like there is a a hell, or that anyone person is better than the other because of there spirituality or whatever. the darkness or the ones who are evil are the ones who perpetuate the lie of condemnation by god. only you can condemn yourself. if you continually suck the blood of others, cheat everyone, lie, kill, and steal. you are only doing this to yourself and therefore choosing a path for yoursefl that will include all what you have done to others to be experienced yourself in this life or the next.

why fight yourself.

light and darkness
yin and yang
positive negative
day and night
summer and winter
life and death
penis and vagina

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 06:07 PM
I am not a monk.

I do not have issues with women.

I am not quoting from a book. I develop my own words.

I am heavily influenced by the Gnostics and the Christians.

I am not against any gender - I love them who love, and them who seek to do good.

My whole point was to discuss the hidden and concealed natures of the human mind and spirit, not to debate about women, men, or any kind of gender strife.

Americans especially maintain a dual awareness - the manifest physical world in which we all interact: The world detectable with the gross senses, the carnal, tactile world.

When they become aware of the hidden powers of the mind, they CONCEAL them, and use them for advantage, or evil, and seek to hide the wonderful things God has caused to be in us.

It is like anything else a human being does - There is no separation between the physical and the spiritual world - one is the offspring of the other.

To me, concealing the spiriutal powers of the mind is like trying to hide an elephant behind a flagpole - Our interactions with one another are based upon these spiritual things much more than just the physical, but instead of developing these things in our culture Like they did in ancient times and other enlightened societies we seek to keep them concealed, deny them, and mislead our children as they learn about the world they have come into.

This is deceptive, and malicious! I spoke about women because I see them being the most deceptive in these matters, perhaps they seek to preserve whatever advantage this confusion gives them. All confusion is evil, all concealment of truth is wicked, and comes from a mind that has plotted evil things.

Instead of arguing about what you think I said, I want to bring into the light this discussion the things you have thought to conceal yourselves - What have you found in others, what have you experienced? What mysteries have you seen in your life that have to do with the mind, the spirit, and the powers of the same?

That is what I am talking about. I was not trying to make war against women, men, or anything else except evil and darkness.

About my fluffy language --> Now THAT's fluffy. (I believe it is called eloquence)

You people are my brothers and sisters, we should never be fighting, we are in the same nation.

I get along fine with women, unless they harbor a lot of darkness in them. That's true for men too. It's not a gender thing, it's a matter of what you have inside of you. I love what is spiritual, and hate what is corrupted and evil, it doesn't matter what kind of vessel it occupies.

Since human beings are exactly that - vessels our bodies are the objects of a war and a contest between many forces. That is what I want to talk about, not if my words are right or if I get dates.


posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 06:52 PM

You belong back in the sixties with your poetic writing you would had make a heck of a song writer.

Now about the post I will tell you the Jesus I know.

He was a real man of flesh and blood with desires and hopes wish loved and lived a life in wish his views of the time were a littler bit to radical for the government of the times, he was not son of a God and he was not divinity either and for me I believe in the Goddess of the earth and she is the mother all human kind.

posted on Jun, 21 2004 @ 08:37 PM

As far as your theory as to evil spirits attaching themselves to humans and draining their life force, this is another place where I would like you to post what research has led you to believe this (if this is somehow true I would like to know, but I am not just going to take your word for it. Post why you believe this). As it is now, it sounds like you have read Falun Dafa one too many times.

the bolded part here is something that i have read before...this is in reference to Psychic Vampirism (google this to find more) short...there are those that have the ability to attach themselves to us psychically...and they "feed" off the life force and energy of our bodies...much like a vampire would off blood.

My whole point was to discuss the hidden and concealed natures of the human mind and spirit, not to debate about women, men, or any kind of gender strife

Arkaelus...i find in your words many concepts i too have been you i too am a seeker of light and truth...but there is something we must realize...the light and truth reside inside each of us...and it is up to us to bring it to the surface through the love we hold for ourselves and our fellow man.

I believe that what Jesus came to teach all of us was that we are all ONE...we are all brothers and sisters...we are to understand and love those that are stilll struggling with their inner light and we should be an example to them and help them...for is it not true...they will know us by our works...?

Each of us fill a purpose in our being...for some it may take longer than others to find their purpose...but none the less it is our hearts

As for the psychic forces you have referenced...that too has a purpose...all things must balance in order to exist...both positive and negative are contained in the whole..and that is what we are...children of the whole...for that is what was made by our Creator...out of which we came.

Something else i feel compelled to i said there must be opposites in order to maintain balance in creation....thus woman was created out of man, according to the scriptures...not to walk ahead of him, nor behind him...but beside otherwords...each to be a balance unto the other.

there is truely a hidden and concealed nature to the human race...and it is those with the light that should show them the way out of their darkness by not judging them for their unknowing ways...but, like Jesus them unconditional love...and lead them to what they seek...for it is they that are thirsty..and hunger for the taste of Truth...


posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 07:19 AM
I am aware of the so call psyche vampires I have various book in the subject and yes I can see some true when it come energy draining, but I am older and wiser and I see this thing in a different way and a littler different explanation for it.

And yes you can look for enlightenment and find it but that is a personal grow and blaming evil on others because of evil forces around, that is something I see as personal choice, I have seen more that other has seen in their life when it comes to spiritual things and we human are strong beings and we are the ones that make the choices ones you liberated yourself from religious propaganda and mislead religious beliefs that went you will find the light.


you are not the only one looking for enlightenment and truth I have done this for years and guess what, I have seen it, but as human we get blind by our human condition. But I have growth and I make now a lot more sense to the way things are instead on blaming on evil spiritual forces.

I wish you luck in your endeavor.

[Edited on 22-6-2004 by marg6043]

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 08:44 PM
I want to take this thread in a slightly different direction.

ORACLE - You mentioned the "necessity" of having a light side and a dark side. I want to take issue with this. Not only take issue, but I want to run up along side and open all the gunports, and let loose a 21 gun salvo.

Let's start by looking at the light side. Do I, a being of light, require the existance of evil to continue my own existence? Does my presense in the universe somehow obligate the presense of evil? A child does not need any knowledge of evil to grow healthy, wise and strong. They need only what is good. I do not need to eat poison along with my good food.

It is a foul corruption of reason and religion to say that light needs dark to be whole, or anything else. Light is WHOLENESS AND COMPLETENESS. Good and evil ARE NOT intertwined, or from the same source, or anything like that. That is the nature of imperfect men, who for their great numbers you have accepted as the norm.

To understand this better, you need to understand the structure of intelligence in the universe. Everything that has been created is the result of the intellect of "God", or organizing force, or whatever you call the venerable principal of generation. Darkness, evil, chaos, and decay were not found in this principal. These evil things were not required in the creation. How could they be? They are like dirt and oil getting into the fabric of the weaver, what good weaver lets the devil ruin his cloth?

It is a mark of submission and impotence to say, "Good and evil both belong together." It is a great corruption of virtue to hold this as a religious doctrine. Yin and Yang are earthly concepts, not heavenly ones, and the Great God of the Universe is not a dual nature.

It is not possible to be good and perfect, and have evil expressed in you. Just as true, it is not possible to be evil and dark if your thoughts and works are good and true. While it is obvious that evil and good are expressed in this world today at the same time, their origns are not similar, and the condition of their interaction is not part of a greater equilibrium. It is an adversarial condition, a war, if you will.

Those who say, "I am part evil, and part good," are altogether in darkness. For if you have good in you at all, then you will revile against all darkness, and all evil, for it is the nature of the light to destroy the darkness. Conversely, those who love evil will not remain evil if they accept the light for themselves, and cease doing evil things and having evil thoughts.

You must understand the nature of the light in order to understand what I mean here. How easy it is to understand the darkness, it requires no effort at all to become evil and wretched. But the light is another matter entirely, it is part of the intellectual grandness of the phenomenon of intelligence, purest and brightest are the Thoughts and Emmanations of God and His Children.

The children of light do not require darkness to exist. They do not require darkness for their happiness, indeed, the universe does not require evil or darkness at all, for the universe did not come from darkness, nor did evil or darkness ever create ANYTHING.

How can you elevate evil and darkness to the level of equality with that of Light? It is not sensible to compare the lamb to the wolf, or the fire to the cool water, just because they appear to be opposites, they are not equals.

Example: An evil mind is filled with darkness, they draw upon the dark forces of the world and the universe. Are they the equal of the Archangels, who cause the nations of men to form civilized cultures, laws, and sciences?

The First Thought and the First Act was that of Light, not darkness, and the Universe was made from this Good Beginning. Darkness appeared AFTER this, it is the corruption of the original purity! In no way is darkness equal with the light.

Because of the nature of matter, and time, and this world, darkness and light can appear to be part of a greater whole, but it is a novice who thinks them related to one another. The darkness is alien to the light, it is altogether different.

For intelligent beings to develop and grow, they do not need the forces of destruction thrust upon them, tyranny, deception, or any other negative power of the darkness. In fact, the universe would move quite merrily along without any evil or darkness whatsoever. Kinda like when the government "shut down" a few years back: Nothing at all really changed, it was all in the perceptions of the people.

Now conversely, if Evil were to gain total control, the conciousness of intellect would decay, die, and cease to be organized sufficiently well to continue existing. It would fall apart. Do well to understand the forces of life and what keeps them healthy: The powers of darkness are poisonous to them.

Part of being a human being is coming into the awareness of the greatness of our place in the universe, we have sufficient power to understand and alter our world and our universe, therefore we must strive to attain godhood ourselves, and participate in the government of the Universal Conciousness which began with God.

Those who do not do this, are children of the chaos, and destined to be destroyed, for they have founded their existance upon a shadow, a lie, and a non-existant foundation.

In short, it is like saying that the "devil" is equal with "God". Or that the Wolf is equal to the Farmer, and the fact that the wolf steals the flock from the farmer is just a part of the equilibrium. If the wolf were exterminated then the farmer and the sheep would be just fine, and would increase forever. Yet if the Farmer and the sheep were to be destroyed, then the wolf would enter a hard time, and starve, and die.

Dark and light are just the same. The processes of life, progenation, and intellect are found in the regions of light. The darkness REQUIRES them to exist, it consumes the produce of the good ones, it makes none for itself, but is a parasite and a thief.

Such a thing has no standing in my philosophy, for whatever requires something to exist serves what provides it, and cannot be called its equal. Those of you who have exalted darkness to light in a system of duality have errored greatly.

But such is the nature of man in this world, beings who do not attain perfection in this life retain evil in them, and in the end it burns them.

I will compare this to a parable - If you are making bricks, and you make one batch with good clay, and strong straw, then you will be able to build strong houses and great palaces. If you mingle the other batch with sand, leaves, and rotting grass, then your bricks will not hold together very long, and if you build a house with them it will fall apart as soon as the rain comes and the wind blows.

Men are like the bricks, and goodness and light are the good straw and the even clay. Evil is like the sand, and the leaves, and the rotten things. The fire is like death, in which the man is finished and his way set forever.

Whatever diminishes life, intellect, knowledge, goodness, is alien to this universe and does not belong in it. To destroy it completely is like removing weeds, or killing wolves, it is a good thing. To preserve evil in word or deed is abdicating your godhood, and rebelling against the good order set forth by the Great God.

Do you understand anything of what I have said?



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