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Big Black Wolf?

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posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 12:07 AM
My step-father and I with his dog Roxane were driving home from getting car parts at a junkyard on the outskirts of Oklahoma City, out by Nicoma park on Hwy 62. It was a lazy Saturday in March, March 13th to be exact, so we just decided to drive around a bit to see what we could see. I don't really remember where we ended up I know we went south of Tinker Airforce base. We were driving down a lonely streach of road a ditch and a forest on our right sides a steeper ditch and bare farmland on our left.

But anyways it was around 3:30 and the only reason I remember the time was because a friend called asking if I wanted to go to a movie so I looked at the time to see if I would be back in time, that was about the time our dog freaked out she jumped up into my lap and started barking and snarling and growling at the window I thought I did somthing at first and I went to move to get her off and I saw somthing out of the corner of my eye. I looked at there at first I thought a bear following the truck it looked roughly the size of a black bear and it had black fur.

I started looking more as she whimpered and got off my lap that it wasnt a bear it looked more like a big black shaggy wolf and it was running along side us and I know we had to atleast been doing 55 miles per hour. I looked over at Jim and he asked what did roxy see and I'm like are their bears or wolves in Oklahoma and he responded by saying not that he knew. I looked back again and then it darted at the truck I told him look out we're going to hit it sure enough we did it felt like hitting a dear and the we felt the thumps and bumps as the front and back tires hit it.

We came to a screeching halt and Rox was whimpering and whining and shaking now in the back seat of the truck. We both got out to see the damage and there was no blood or damage to the front of the truck, I was like well maybe it turned back and the wheeles got it, so we looked at first behind the truck, nothing no blood no fur, then we looked under again nothing.

Jim said maybe we knocked it into the ditch so we looked at eather side again nothing. So I sugested maybe it just wandered off serverly wounded to die in the forest I kinda want to go see. So I started heading toward the woods and thats when Roxie got up in the front seat and started this ear peircing howling and jim said to hell with it lets just go we got back and and she ran away from us and got into the farthest back part she could to stay away from us.

When we got home she wanted nothing to do with us and every time we came around her she would snarl and snap at us and go off and hide, was like that till we took showers and even after that she was reluctant to go near us for a few days. It took her about 2 weeks and 2 truck washes for her to get into the truck again, and that isnt like her she is a bye bye dog has to go everywhere but she refused to leave the house specially if we were taking the truck.

I figure it was maybe just a really big animal and scared her, but I don't know now that I think about it the way she acted a few weeks after so I figured to post it to get some others peoples input.

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posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 12:21 AM
Maybe you saw a black dog.

Along with the moors, cemeteries and graveyards, a particular favorite hunting ground of the ghostly black dog is the road. Haunted roads and paths are surprisingly common throughout the world, as evidenced by the wide distribution of the famous phantom hitchhiker urban legend. In addition to hitchhikers, roads seem to attract an astonishing number of spooks, devils, phantom vehicles, fairies, elementals and other denizens of the supernatural world. Given this, it is hardly surprising that black dogs so often prefer roads and pathways as their haunts.

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posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 12:35 AM
It might of been, and thats what Jim said he belives in black dogs, he said its a trucker thing, but we physically hit it, I know for a fact we atleast ran it over, because the truck bounced around and thumpeed like it does when it runs over somthing fleshy. Plus no bad luck or bad omens or deaths have occuried at all. Other then our own dog being weary of us and the truck for 2 weeks.

posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 02:28 AM
The Black Dog is real. It doesnt always signify death or bad omen. Sometimes it just seems to "be there". I have only seen it once myself, running past and across in front of me. I was tired and distracted and the dog got my attention and kept me up the rest of the way home.

As to the "thump", are you sure you didnt just run over something else in the road? It could have been there and you didnt see it due to the distraction. I have never heard of the Black Dog being an entity that could physically connect.

As to your dog's reaction, animals are a lot more sensative to the supernatural than humans. They see things differently, hear things inaudible and smell something that you would otherwise not even know is there. Regardless of what that dog expert on AP says (name purposely withheld), dogs do have memories. They live right now, but they remember as well. They make associations with things good and bad and it takes a lot to change that association.

Good luck going forward.

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 01:46 AM
Hello from a fellow Okie.

Well, we have our own large, fast dogs in our part of the state as well. The one that I've seen was white instead of black but the parallels are pretty clear cut.

I saw the dog one evening while driving through a local area known as Redbud Valley northeast of Tulsa and very near the small suburb of Catoosa. The road winds through a picturesque valley known for a nature preserve and I was riding along with some friends sort of taking in the scenery. We came around a sharp left hand turn that led to a pretty strait run when I saw movement from the corner of my eye. I was in the back seat of a Chevy Blazer and the flash of movement was right outside of my window. I turned and imagine my astonishment when I saw a large white dog pacing the vehicle. It's head was very much like a German shepherd with a pointed snout and laid back,pointed ears. It's eyes were dark, maybe black or brown. I know this because the dog's head was right outside my window level with the lower edge of the window. It seemed to be looking at me as it ran beside the vehicle. We accelerated to about 45mph and the dog paced us for a good forty or fifty yards before cutting across an open field around a pond. I watched the animal disappear into the treeline just before we made it to the next curve.

We decided to do our sight-seeing at another time after that.

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 11:41 PM
reply to post by Jedite

Very interesting and detailed story, S-&-F.

My idea is that this could be a Black Shuck, a.k.a. Hellhound; in other words a black ghost dog.

The Hellhound is found in lots of mythology around the world, including Greek mythology whereas the Hellhounds keep Hades in check. These Hellhounds include the infamous Cerberus who guards the gates of the Underword. They also appear in mythology in other parts of the world.

But people have claimed to have seen the Hellhound in real life. They tend to lurk around cemeteries and other religious areas; mostly at night. They have jet black fur, red or yellow glowing eyes, have superpowers (such as super speed, which you witnessed), and are said to be bad omens, mostly of death. According to legend, if you see a Hellhound, you are not to speak of it for one year and one day or it will mean death...I wouldn't be one to worry though, just about all people who tell of their encounters of the beast turn out to be fine.

If the animal was indeed ghostly, then it makes total sense that there was no evidence that you hit it with the car. And it didn't run away, it simple disappeared into thin air. Apparitions are not everyday animals we find everyday that bleed, shed fur, and get injuries; they are simply supernatural.

It makes a lot of sense that your dog would be paranoid like that. It is known that animals are much more sensitive to paranormal activity. The Hellhound probably scarred her emotionally for life. She will probably never be as hyped up to go for a car ride, and she will probably be a little jumpy every now and then which could lead to aggressiveness, so don't be surprised if she gets a little nippy.

posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 08:03 AM
Thank you for all the replies, I figured thats what it was even my step dad said it. But I just wanted others opinions before I jumped to that one. On a random note I found out Oklahoma is famous for a crypto. We have the black cat, its closer to the Ozarks then where I am but its kind of interesting. If I get any bad luck or anything I will add it.

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