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A simple idea that could actually make a difference in our world

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 06:39 PM
I think that most people on this forum are like me and want to make the world a better place if nothing else for the sake of our children and future generations, so I wanted to post an idea I came up with the other night. Its literally the product of me pondering for a few hours before bedtime, so its not a business plan and certainly not without obstacles, but that is partially why I want it to be publicly scrutinized. So, here it is....

Two things all of us need: cleaner environment, energy to run machines.

Two things most all of us dislike: paying taxes to subsidize unproductive citizens, and paying to house and feed prisoners.

I thought, if everyone has to pay for certain people to continue living at a minimum standard of living, why can't we all ask for something in return that benefits those who are sacrificing. As a country we could undertake a massive recycling campaign and use these people as labor. The majority of the work is not at all highly skilled, although some certainly could be, but the majority of these people are not highly skilled. However, this could potentially teach them some skills, get them off the streets, and instill some pride both for them and for the nation as a whole. I cannot see how anyone could argue that at some point, what we do with the things that have already been produced will take precedence over producing new things. If we took action now, we would be a global leader in something that benefits all of mankind and there would be no denying American ingenuity and goodwill.

Gotta go, will continue later....

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