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Grey's n Strange memories n dreams

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 02:02 AM
Ill share what I can about my personal experiences. If you want to share similar experiences I would like to hear about them as every bit of the puzzle may help me put a few pieces together.

I recently had revelation about a strange memory I have always had and an incident that happened when I was young my mother told me about. Ill tell the strange memory 1st. I am in a ship of some sort in space the colors are very vibrant lots of reds and a sense of the hugeness of space around me. Its like I am floating in space but I know I am in a ship. If I am interested in a distant object the ship can tell and the distant object is enhanced by a square zooms in the distant object. If I lose interested it just goes back to where it was. I feel we are going far away on a long trip. We are passing our outer planets when I see a black space station behind the shadow of one of our planets. It had jagged edges, is very large and kinda hexagonal. I ask what it is and I am told it i a secret and no more. I cant remember after that what happened.

That is the extent of the memory. I call it a memory because I cant remember ever having dreamed it.

Now I don't remember this as I was young but my mother told me. I am in my 30s now and I have never had my mother lie to me she is an honest person. when I was a boy about 5 years old in California we lived out in the country. One morning I got up and was adamant to tell my mother the green goose taught me how to fly. I was so convinced I got up on the stairs and tried to jump but I seemed baffled I could not fly. I tried again and when I realized I could not I asked my mother if she believed me. I was her young son so of course she said she did. However she didn't forget it because I was so instant this green goose taught me to fly and thought it was strange.

One night our Dog Jason came running in the house all scared tail between legs ect and we had a light out in a cow field in the distance. The light was going up and down in the field and was silent. The cows were going nuts and making a lot of noise. My mother had a friend in mufon and after a while she decided to call it into her. This mufon friend had ways to contact the air force at the time and did so and inquired about the light in our field. This friend called back my mom and a bit puzzled told my mom they told her is was a stray missile. Yeah my mother seemed pretty skeptical about that when she told me as I was.

Well it was later on and this friend who was involved with mufon invited my mother over and was showing her some pictures for the first time of the commonly drawn alien that would come to be known as the grey. I happened to go along with my mother that day and when I saw the grey I pointed to it and stated "mom, mom thats the green goose." She never forgot that and told me when I was older.

Recently I have put together this strange memory and these incidents. If I was just a kid and in a ship like floating I would really think I could fly possibly which might explain this strange memory of being out in space. The strange explanation of the air force only enforces to me there was something else out in that field and then me pointing to the grey as the green goose has some interesting implications. they are kind of Goose like. The long features and mouth like a beak.

I still am not sure if grays are good or bad to this day but I seem ok today and in good health. I used to have a lot of nightmares around that time as a kid. My mother taught me to pray and use Jesus authority and that pretty much stopped the dreams later on after the incident I believe. I have also had dreams later on that I was battling grays kinetically powerful enough to bring down their ships and that they were kidnapping people my brother in particular is why I brought down the craft in the dream. Oddly enough when I was born there were 2 fetus sacks my mother told me though she suggested that may be common.

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 02:10 AM
My mother told me when I told her about the dream of me battling greys tele-kineticaly and that they had tried to take my brother. After that she revealed to me about there being 2 fetus sac's during my birth but she suggest that it might be common for there to be 2 fetus sac's also as was suggested to her by the doctor.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 03:15 AM
After reading this, I must comment. My "gut" tells me you are retaining more memory capabilities... Or, more of these memories were left to you...

I believe you experienced things, rather than dreamt them. Because of your Mom's involvement in most of them all!

I have a 10 year old daughter that experiences things, I am able to "confirm" with her to some degree based on being in the same place at the same time with her... (Like the things your Mom can contribute to) My Daughter is young enough to think they may be dreams. I am old enough to know the difference.

I just can't prove, or, explain any of these things to her! All I can do, is, remind her that I saw it too... or, I heard it too... or, maybe, I also had this happen to me at that time...

I think your Mom might have alot more things to add. I have my own experiences that I was alone to witness. I do not drown my little girl with my own experiences. I do draw upon my own experiences to tell her how hers may pertain to a sane reality... somehow?

Thats my .02c


posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 09:41 AM
If by "retaining more memory capabilities... Or, more of these memories were left to you..." you are suggesting I might remember more later if possibly hypnotized I have thought about that but am worried about being hypnotized in the case that the memories would not be mine but made up.

My mother was good about not suggesting to me the meaning of these past events. She just informed me about them usually in response to me telling her something strange like me telling her about the dream I dreamt about the grays stealing my brother and fighting them to bring the ship down. Then she told me about the double fetus sacks when I was born. Kind of a bad thought and I hope not but was interesting and am glad she told me. I don't know she has any more to add but I am interested in the events surrounding that time peroid.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 09:45 AM
I have also had a number of alien invasion scenario dreams.

I have had quite a few alien invasion dreams myself.

1. First one I remember I was kinda rugged and running through an open field and a UFO was following behind me. No real way to get away but i was trying to make it to a tree line. Woke up

2. I am in a house and I suddenly get a feeling. I walk to the door and look out and we are on a large hill. I can see a large city blow. Suddenly a large white sphere grows from nothing to casting a massive shadow over the city with spheres and lightening leaping around the main sphere. I felt it was God visiting me for a moment. Then as quickly as it came it vanished. I felt awestruck for some reason.

2. This one is really strange. I was in a war torn house. Half of the house was missing like a dozer had raked half the house and roof off. I was under the floor boards. I felt something next to me and felt it was dead. I look over and its a grey laying next to me. I hear scurrying on the floor boards above me. A voice echos in my ears, "they have your brother." I immediately scurry out from the floor boards. Its night can clear and the stars are out and the door of the house closes. I run for the door and open it and look to my left. In the night sky I see their ship with no lights and they are just making off. I state, "O no you don't!" and reach for the craft and start fighting its accent like I am telekinetic or something and I am stopping it but its kinda hard but I am really pissed. I get it to ground level and it starts raking on the asphalt and sparks are flying and the driver immediately reverses direction. I change my force and he starts raking on the asphalt again throwing sparks and I think I have damaged it. My next idea is to rip it open when I wake up from the dream.

4. This one I feel relates to a real life event as I dreamed I was hanging out when suddenly a loud sound started reverberating in the sky. I felt we were at war and the sky seemed full of stars and planets and colors. It was unusual. I get on a buss of people I thought were army but they are just sitting there not doing anything so I get off and go home. I find my mom and she says my dad is outside. I feel I need to get him in soon so I go find him. I find him and there are now UFO around searching for people. Suddenly triangles are floating over me making a path back home. I'm startled as I think at first they are alien then I realized some one is protecting me from UFO search lights with the triangles (God) so we move under the triangles and get back home. Just as I close the door and lock it and hold the lock as it has to be held a wild banging on the door starts. Suddenly I am pissed and want to see who it is. There is a bag covering the window. I rip it off and it looks like my mother but I know my mother is already inside. I tell it your not my mother and I command you to reveal who you really are in Jesus name. A couple masks rip off it. One is of a grotesque face, another is an alien and the last was kinda demonic. I felt safe for some reason and woke up knowing we were all going to be ok. I think it was related to a spiritual deliverance my dad went through later and they would have had him had I not gone out for him.

5. I have a knowing we are being invaded. lights are in the sky "beautiful stars" I had a digital camera (strange thing is at the time I had this dream digital cameras weren't out yet but at the time it seemed a very advanced camera "not any more" ). I see a very large ship over the city and go to take a picture of it and suddenly feel like they are watching me but snap it anyways. Then I wake up.

6. well running out of room

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 09:46 AM
6. k lets see i know I have had tons of these dreams... oh yeah this one is wild. It is more of a strange memory than a dream. I am in a ship and I am in space except I can't see the inside of this ship. Instead I am in a virtual chamber and I see all space around me. If I am interested in a distant object it is immediately blown up to full size in a window. When I lose interest that window goes back to normal and I see around space again. I feel we are preparing for a very long trip. We are passing some planets and as we pass one I see a black station in the shadow of one of our larger planets like Saturn or maybe further out I can remember exactly but it looked like it had jagged edges like a stealth fighter. I was told, "Its a secret station that is hidden" Shortly after I think we made the big trip but I don't remember it.

7. This one I made a CAD drawing of the city in my dream. It was an alien city. It was beautiful. I was in a Tear drop shaped ship. Big round part toward the front and flat on bottom with pointy part to back. The front of the tear shaped vehicle is where I am standing and it is perfectly clear so I can see 180 degrees above to below and left to right. In fact I am standing on nothing it looks. Behind me is a driver at a panel with some lights but its so dark I cant make out who is driving. We are coming into a city that looks like a giant waffle grid pattern and is a single building instead of many buildings. Many stories high. Arches are cut in the flat parts of the grid pattern in which the tear shaped ships fly through like air highways. People are walking on top of this city. Its domed on top and since it is like a waffle grid pattern they can go anywhere and see all the scenery below. Below is lush jungle and rivers. Land is quite flat however. The skies were lavender and pinkish. Large vines also growing up this city. We flew through the arches and then landed at a black glass dome in the corners of on of their large (black glass) city. They had cleared some jungle and planted grass??? As we landed I woke up and wanted to go back. I later realized this is a very efficient city. It minimizes the cities foot print on the land while making much land available from the city. The people can go to the jungle but can also go anywhere with out interfering with the Jungle. I could imagine good farming possibly. Maximize solar collection and reduced loss of heat compared to houses. Easy transportation of items within city. The air cars didn't have to stop for people. Very efficient air highways within the city. Traffic going one way was at a higher altitude within the arches while traffic going the other way was slightly lower in altitude in the arches through the city. The top domed area could protect people from harmful radiation while also providing a stable temperature habitat. If felt like this group of individuals were very nice and very smart.

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 09:46 AM
Also when I was young my mother told me I would tell her that I was visited by the green goose and that he taught me how to fly. She said I was determined to do so and tried leaping off the stairs and yet couldn't seem to do so She said I seemed baffled that I could not fly. I asked her, "you believe me right?" She didn't know what to say exactly but answered yes cause I was her son. Well later for the first time a friend of hers showed her work she did for MUFON on peoples reporting of aliens. She just happened to bring me along with her and at my seeing the pictures of the commonly drawn "Greys" for the first time I declared to her excitedly that this "Grey" was the green goose that taught me how to fly.

Also around that time with that same friend later on we had a strange light out in a field next to us that had cows in it. The cows were making a lot of noise and our dog Jason came running in all scared. This light was completely silent and was going up and down over the general vicinity of the cows mooing. My mother called her friend in MUFON who later called the AirForce. The AirForce in my opinion lied and said it was a stray missile??? is what our friend told my Mom who had contacted them which made no sense because it was completely silent and not to mention how afraid our dog was. That and well you generally don't have stray missiles just floating around up and down over peoples fields. This isn't a dream but is could possibly explain why these dreams exist. They could some how be possibly connected to reality. I also strongly suspect that These aliens are the Angels and or fallen Angles of ancient times and that they have been here for quite some time. That they are possibly of extra-dimensional origin though I admit I could be wrong on that but there are quite a few reasons I choose that line of logic over them being us from the future or them being actual aliens from far away in our solar system. In fact it seems there are different factions of these aliens against others as if there is a war going on much like the war described in the bible between the Sons of God. Some very old paintings have shown some of these wars in the sky between these objects. One even depicts a crash of these objects have a war in the sky before we had these flying vehicles. I have also had a few encounters of the spiritual realm with some unusual beings "very dark billowing cloud with silver lined edges and lots of fear emanating from it" that I commanded to go in Jesus name and it left. They were vicious or vile initially to me "some spoke in very disturbing demonic voices against me and were very disrespectful calling me worthless ect." but had to leave when I showed them authority in Jesus name. I leaned that as a child. I used to have lots of nightmares till my parents taught me about Jesus. I still do but I seem to have been given the upper hand in it when its an attack now.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 10:03 AM
Another strange experience I'll share.

As a personal testimony my father when drunk would go into this state where his personality would change and he would talk about being a hit man for the mafia but he would also talk about how much he hated God. We prayed for him and God let us know to wait and pray and that he would be ok. My mom saw the familiar spirit once out of the corner of her eye once almost a mental image and it looked like a gargoyle on his shoulder. That was our first hint as to what it was before we knew to pray against it. One day I was led by the spirit to get up and walk to my parents right as an argument stared up. My father seemed baffled as my mom suddenly started choking. I was led by the spirit to touch her throat and speak in tongues and what ever was choking her immediately left. She was shaken and said her breathing tube closed and she couldn't breathe. I put 1 and 1 together about the spirit she saw on his shoulder and figured out what happened. After that my Dad came back to God and stopped his heavy drinking and never hand any more incidents with that spirit in particular. He also stopped his vehement hate for God.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 10:21 AM
one of my strngest experiences yet

I was in Korea and had a room mate into Wicca Witchcraft and read Bible. I was Christian. He also had a friend that came with him often and they were in a Coven called "the Grey." Not sure what the Grey is about though. However we were never on bad terms that I knew of until one day that I will mention later thought I never knew what happened exactly. It all started on night I was dreaming. In the dream I am in a church that is dark inside but for light coming through windows (stained glass) with faces in them and writing below the faces in some old language of symbols. I walk by each window looking at each name then walk to the pulpit and look at all the windows and all the windows faces turn to look at me. Right as that happens a hair raising fear is felt by me and I rebuke it in the dream and immediately wake but am paralyzed and seeing in black and white. Still feel the intense fear. Above me is a cloud of black with white edges. It is constantly billowing and moving above me but stationary. I command it to leave by Jesus authority and eventually it leaves or retracts out the corner of the room but took a bit like it was stubborn. when it is gone I can move again and my color vision returns but I still feel the same fear. I worship God and a peace comes in the room and so I go back to bed. Next morning a SGT opens the door on a weekend and yells pick up your room! They normally don't bother us on weekends but he was a SGT so I picked up the room and my room mates stuff since he wasn't there and threw it on his bed. I find a book called witchcraft and broomstick and flip through it because I am curious to see what is in it before I toss it on his bed. In the book I find the same writing that was on the windows in my dream. It was either the next day or the same day that my room mate shows up and is visibly upset. Eventually I approach him and ask what is wrong. I won't talk at first but then says "My name" do you know what you have done! My friend is in a coma. I wondered and maybe even stated well how am I responsible or something like that I think. But I remember he was so upset and wouldn't talk to me so eventually I left. Later on I came back and he had moved out of the room. He must have had connections because It was fast and I never knew about it and even went above the 1st SGT's head. I remember the 1st SGT yelling at everyone about some one moving out of his company with out his permission but I never put 1 and 1 together till later that that was him.

I also like to think of those people I met as not being evil in nature but that what they thought they understood (the entity I chased off was evil) went back pissed and had its way with them instead. I kinda felt sorry for them personally and I pray for them so I like to think they will be ok in the future.

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 08:21 PM
Well I am thinking maybe instead I should just write a book about all the experiences I have had instead.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 08:48 PM
Your experiences are incredible!!!!! I think you should write a book of some sort. I've had some strange dreams about UFO's myself. I've had some when i was a kid but i've been having lots of them in the past 7 or 8 months. I'm trying to turn some of my dreams into stories i can write myself.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 09:14 PM
Very interesting

I find a lot of common ground with you.

I, too, have several memories that I am unable to decide if it was real or not. I tend to lean to the real side even though the memories are outlandish.

My very first memory is of a being ,not a grey, was 5 years old and it was staring at me through my window, finally got a scream out, my mother comes in, now the odd thing is she tells me that it was a spider, no spider at all humanoid, not a man. But the spider thing stuck with me and years later I learn that the spider or an owl is a planted thought to confuse the memory. So not only did I have an interaction but so did my mother.

I,too have had UFO dreams where we are at WAR.

I also have memories being aboard the ship, I was a good subject and as my reward I was given the chance to look out the window at space, I see other ships around then one "Fires" a beam at another an the host tells me that I must go now.

At 14 I awoke one morning with a Knot on my chest that wasn't there when I went to bed. Mother takes me to the family doctor and he removes some type of mass from my chest but would not let me look at it, very odd indeed.

I guess what I am saying You are not alone. I am now 55 years old and the strange occourrences have stopped, but the UFO war dreams remain.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 10:12 PM
reply to post by brokedown

Yeah your dream about the being in the windows brings back memories for me also. This is a real memory not a dream. It happened when I was young in the mountains in California. Cant remember the name of the place at the moment. But We had a generator we used for power. I woke up suddenly in the night and there was light coming through the window. A friend had given me a clown doll and it was on the floor. It suddenly got up and started walking toward me. I remember it had stitches for a mouth. But suddenly it had a mouth under the stitches and it was riping open its mouth as if it were sowed shut only using its mouth. It was coming at me like a zombie. As a kid I shouted bloody murder (screamed) and my dad suddenly came in the room and drop kicked it across the room. I heard him say go to your mother room dusty and I round out the door. I could hear him just beating on it. I believe my mother was still asleep on the bed. I just barely managed to crawl to the corner of the bed at my mothers feet when I fell asleep strangely.

My parents never really saw a walking doll coming after me but remember that I hated that doll later on and never really knew why until I told them about that strange memory.

I found it interesting that if it wasn't my dad that some one protected me from what ever it was.

Another very strange memory and very real. I was at my grandparents house in California San Jose. I was sleeping in a silk sleeping bag I just loved it. It felt cool n stuff even when it was hot. I woke up again during the night and pulled back the sleeping bag to see a huge lion sitting looking at me. He looked and blinked his eyes looked away and then back at me and I was like petrified for some reason and slowly pulled the covers back over my head and suddenly went back to sleep. again not sure why I suddenly fell asleep.

I had one other strange experience that was creepy at my grandparents house was floating around the house in the middle of the night in a dream and woke up. Was a creepy dream for some reason but I was completely alone and there were no lights in the house.

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posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 02:14 AM
reply to post by forevereternal

I would enjoy reading every word on every page of your book. Do this!!

I also learned very young about "In the Name of Jesus be GONE!". This has worked for me every single time also!

Your experiences are worth being laid out in a book. Do you know anything about where to start with this? I hope you decide some way to outline this and put it all down. I would enjoy the reading and feel good about the source. As I feel the same about this thread. With or without a book written by you in my prized library, I look forward to visiting this forum and finding posts by you.

Thanks OP!!!


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posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 03:54 AM
You do have a gift of telling us how you keep rembering things and connecting the dots that include your family's testimonies. You tell of things that I am not bold enough to counter-part with my own strange recollections.

Please, keep telling...

I don't care if you made everything up so far... I don't care if you keep it all coming... You are a GREAT WRITER! Please, keep it coming. And, please write a book about it all...


posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 01:41 AM
Well thanks for the compliments on my writing but I assure you these are my life events not just a story. I have more but have been busy. If anyone wants to add their personal strange experiences that mine remind them of I would also be interested to hear about them as well. Just please don't make stuff up, thanks.

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