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Brits Raid 'Dormant' Bank Accounts to Pay for Projects

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posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 09:14 AM

Originally posted by Misoir

Who's taking a swipe at the UK? I love your country and that is what angers me, you were a good country until Thatcher and ever since then you have been declining just like everyone else.

I Understand from some of your previous comments on ATS that you're still a teenager.
Which means that you can have no memory of what the UK was like before Thatcher came along.

Now, I actually lived through the pre-Thatcher period.
The economy was falling apart- we were borrowing money from the IMF.
The country was falling apart- I remember newspaper speculation about whether the country was becoming "ungovernable".
Try googling the phrase "winter of discontent".

I assume that you've got left-wing British contacts who have been feeding you with fantasies about how the evil witch Thatcher ruined the country.
She did not. She saved it from the ruin and destruction which Socialism had been bringing in its wake.
How much do you really know about the UK in the 70's?

posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 09:50 AM

Originally posted by stumason
Firstly, "dormant" doesn't mean one that is stashed away. The term "dormant" in banking parlance means they cannot trace the owner after many years of trying. If the bank sends you statements for your account of money stashed away, that isn't a dormant account.

Thankfully some common sense has entered the thread. You are right and the same thing happens in the United States. A list is maintained of unclaimed bank accounts and investments and is made publicly available for several years before anything is done with the unclaimed account.

The largest corporation the largest offender of human rights, and the largest amount of greed and misuse of wealth and resource originates from the 'government'. I'd rather have 1000 organizations responsible for the management of the state than just 1.

On ATS we all know some seriously bad **** is coming down the pipe and we all know it is going to originate out of one or more of these supposed 'altruistic' governments. The people that come on here and defend having large centralized, all powerful governments, that can do what they want to us at the whim of a few elect people simply astonishes me.

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