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CIA/Google busted!

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posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 10:51 PM
You know I wondered why the Chinese got so upset about Google. If this is true READ THIS then I would probably have done a lot more than just threaten to throw them out of the country!

In fact the people who work for Google should be thanking their lucky stars they are not standing strapped to a post in front of a firing squad.

It makes sense though, the internet is the most powerful tool in intelligence gathering EVER, and if you want to know who is looking for bomb making instruction then you simply ensure you have the number one and two Search Engine companies either by the balls (they get busted for having a dubie) or you fund it from a skull and bones or such like youngster. I mean who would say no to becoming a billionaire right out of college in return for betraying every single person on the PLANET!

Worried about the internet my sagging sink they are, they love the internet give them everything they ever wanted and can spy on US citizens without getting into trouble. If you have not covered your built in microphone and camera you might want to! otherwise when they come a knocking at your door they will show a picture of you with your trousers round your ankles to your grand mother if you don't co-operate.

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posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 11:02 PM
What is fun to do is when they show up at your door step and ask you if you did this that or the other on the internet...Reply: Why are you asking me this when you already know the answer? on that note...agree with everything they accuse you of and then say the following...

"When we get finished here with this interview I am going to go do it again and again and again.

They hate it when they cant make ya scared.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 11:29 PM

Just thought this might be up some peoples alley.

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posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 11:39 PM
Well I already knew that Google stored all searches ever made through their search engine. It doesn't really surprise me that they might be sharing information with other parties.

Actually the information they collected on my current town I think is pretty shoddy. There are now a few street views but you type in a location for something and it's usually wrong. Maybe that is just shoddy programming and not enough time spent tying an address to the correct google map location.

Google might want to think about letting users login to google maps to set dots where something is actually located.

On the bright side, knowing that Google thinks Walmart is at Ruby Tuesday's location when it comes to street views, gives me a lot of confidence they aren't looking at my town too much. I noticed this only because I now have an ipad and I clicked on the maps button. I never really even bothered using Google maps before and see why now. It looks like it could work. I believe it does work with only street addresses.

If Google and the CIA can't get their software to accurately show where Walmart is in my small town, I'm not too worried. I almost laughed when I saw where someone from Google maps put the street view for the local university. Someone found a sign out on a wooded two lane road and snapped a picture. Now that makes the university look really small. Google and possibly the CIA have lots of information but apparently aren't too great with setting up applications with all that data. I think they are drowning in data.

Thanks for the link above. I'll try out sometime to see how that compares to Google.

Oh, I just clicked on startpage and like Google I see a related article of how some in the EU think search engines should be used for spying purposes.
Note: Startpage was referenced in first post's link as an alternative to Google.

If our government's are going to spy on us all the time, they should pay us like advertisers might and give us gift certificates etc. I'll settle for the secret code to see the next day's stock market price manipulation. One day a computer glitch showed me the next day's closing prices. Of course the glitch had to occasionally show up a couple more times and be inaccurate just to make it look like a glitch.

Google is spying on you. I believe all windows operations systems have hidden keys to let the NSA spy on any internet connected pc if they want to. That's not new news to me.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 12:12 AM

Consumer Watchdog Seeks Congressional Hearing Over Google's Alleged Wi-Spying And Intelligence Ties
(RTTNews) - Consumer Watchdog asked the Energy and Commerce Committee to conduct hearings into possible privacy violations by Google (GOOG: News ), citing new information about Google's classified government contracts and the Internet giant's admitted Wi-Spying activity.

It has also been widely reported that Google has been working in "partnership" with the National Security Agency, the very same government body that illegally intercepted the private communications of millions of Americans during the Bush administration.

In a letter to Committee Chairman Henry Waxman and Ranking Member Joe Barton, Consumer Watchdog's John Simpson, said "Based on today's Washington Post, it appears that Google holds classified U.S. government contracts to supply search and geospatial information to the U.S. government."

In addition, White House records show that Google executives have been holding meetings with U.S. national security officials for undisclosed reasons, the letter said.

contracts to supply search and geospatial information

That says twitter something bad at a large gathering. Google will track you down and tell them where you are.

posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 12:41 AM
if I owned Google I would spy too, I mean, its too tempting @ lol

but lets be real,its pretty obvious that they have access to a lot of data, so it was pretty obvious that they were probably selling that data too (people = $% = money)

people that dont play with real computing tech dont know but you can do a lot of things with the data

you can let agencies access the way you store it, by username, you can make analysis based on geography, profiles ...

the real data is not into your webmail, but the processed information of a large group of people

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