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Mysterious BP bugs swim through solid steel

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posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 10:52 AM
reply to post by MaxBlack

Having many areas to consider, I had to acknowledge that if a pyramid with a giant lion head is on the ocean floor, I wondered what did the lion represent in ancient times.

It was a thought that prompted me to capture some information as it relates to this possible find and to give some Lion background to the thread noting the lion head, I felt it needed to be covered so others would not have to go searching for what that symbolism could be.

The following Leo data is not the only possible Leo or Lion symbolism but since I was myself looking for Sun Worship clue, I feel I found that because that aspect of the found information fills that clue.

It was the lion-god Aker who guarded the gateway to the netherworld through which the sun passed each day and so, since the sun was born each morning and died each evening on the horizon, the lion was associated with death and rebirth.

In this regard, he was portrayed on funerary couches or biers, as well as embalming tables. The Great Sphinx at Giza, with the body of a lion, was also associated with the horizon as Horemakhet (Horus in the Horizon).

Aker and also the god Ruty could and would often be depicted as a double lion god and called, "yesterday" and "tomorrow". These two terms equal the number 2.

Sometimes Royal carvings and art work were adorned with lions' paws or noble lion heads. Perhaps this was only decoration, but it may have also have had magical meaning, thus making sure that the individual would rise renewed after sleep or rest.

Lions in that period of history often would place lion images and sculpture high above on the roofs of temples. Lions' heads became gargoyles rain spouts, probably because it was thought that the lion stood on the temple roof absorbing the evil rainstorms of Seth and then spitting them out down the sides of the building. This is also perhaps symbolism for energy reception and diversion from the Sun.

I would think that any pyramid structure damaged or not that had an energy source illuminating from the darkness of the ocean sea floor below would be noted by someone that really cared to know what it is and so forth. Anyway, BP cared enough to place a ROV camera on it for over two days. While the illuminated object is indeed a mystery. The fact that it is illuminated implies an energy source.

Add in the fact that the Gulf of Mexico is in danger of exploding and it is that destruction that I suspect is intentional so as to completely destroy the pyramid structure. If this were a Star Gate with the potential to introduce an alien race in mass numbers, then, I can see why they might want to destroy the gulf in order to disguise destroying the pyramid site.

I have also thought that this site could perhaps be a Star Gate and or Earth base weapon of some kind, but none the less, if it is an active Star Gate, then those that could use it could be mankind's salvation in which those in power would of course then want to destroy such a portal which could allow other types to come here and set things straight while undermining the power and control they now possess.

Then again ,I thought what if these metal eating microbes are some form of nano security system that attacks what is nearby because the activation of the Star Gate? In my mind aliens sites with Star Gates would have such a high tech nano security system.

Then I thought that perhaps the reason our secret government wants to blow the pyramid site up and blame it on BP's disaster is because the race that created the nano guards are consumers of human flesh and would eat the planet. Yeah, some thought, well don't think that others haven't thought the same thing. What if they are trying to save earth from a human eating nano based carnivore? Oh well, that's a wrap.

My look into Leo provided some minimal background, but I feel a sufficient confidence to continue analyzing other areas of the anomaly on the bottom of the ocean sea floor.

In the end, my updates will allow me to see a bigger picture and it is my hope that some clarity can come from following up on so many weird and strange areas of the BP oil disaster which began when a report of strange creatures capable of swimming through steel and glowing to over 3000degrees in temperature. Who would have guessed it would have so many angles to pursue?

Thanks again.

posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 11:18 AM
Perhaps the bright shrimp-like animals are just passing in front of the brightly-painted steel, thus blending into the bright background.

posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 12:23 PM
We've all said this, but he gave up on listening ages ago and now just posting for himself. The only conspericy I see here, is greed, fat cats wanted more money so they drilled where they knew they shouldnt of for the mother lode and it turned and bit them in the ass. I dont thin oil is earths blood, I dont think it get continuly made and its almost impossible for it to be a lubricant for the earths crust, it would boil away to nothing in that heat and pressure. I think some one just spent to many long lonely nights staring at the BP feed.

posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 02:04 PM
after watching alot of video, it appears that BP or whoever , is highly interested in this "bug" or thing or corrosion that seems to be infesting the metal. best if you watch them a few times and move the counter around to compare images....
look at 35 seconds
even if YOU don't think that there is anything going on, BP does...

think of this, say it is some type of bug..we will never know, they have been keeping it secret for too long to admit to its knowledge.
or say it is a man made weapon......

grab your popcorn people, it's only gonna get worse...

posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 07:28 PM
reply to post by MaxBlack

This video shows current UFO activity at site of BP Deep Water Horizon.

I have decided to record the event as proof that at the site of the BP oil spill where on the bottom of the ocean lies a possible pyramid structure is experiencing increased UFO activity or reports of such.

If indeed the pyramid site is a now active Star Gate, I thought to myself there should be signs of UFO activity or reports from fishermen, BP clean up crews and pilots associated with the massive BP clean up and or spraying of Corexit on the oil.

This report in the video also uses the term "Target". Pay attention to that usage as you listen. To me it implies they are trying to spray something stationary as in "target" on the bottom of the ocean floor.

With the mysterious metal eating bugs are themselves a serious concern and no factual way to know what they are, I feel it is best to gather as much information relative to the site as possible. With a pyramid site or Star Gate complex being the interest, it is the luminous light at the site that indicates some sign of activity in the site. If the site has already allowed the mysterious bugs to come through, then perhaps it is the overall Star Gate site that is targeted for destruction in order to prevent any further visitors.

Anyway, with so many areas to keep up, this video only confirmed for me that at the site of the BP oil spill and the site of the BP pyramid also happens to be the site of ground zero for a new blood pentagram. Three major subjects, three major items of concern to me says "3". Triangle, the "Trinity", the triple tap, perhaps a signature of sorts that I will not ignore as I gather more information.

Let me see that again. The Three legs of this mystery are:

1. BP site of new blood pentagram invoked April 20th, 2010 with 11 sacrificial deaths offered to open ritual. For this to be, advance knowledge and preparation would be needed. So much preparation that I do not believe that any human is planning these mega rituals. I believe that a super computer using AI is running the ritual. In order to affect so many people, times and events, only a super computer could keep up with it let alone plan the intricacies of so many areas. Advance knowledge and preparation = new blood pentagram.

2. BP site of major environmental disaster and oil spill and chemical contamination that has the potential for more disaster if tweaked well enough. Potential with methane to kill millions if the disaster goes a certain way and contamination of millions more as part of any hurricane storms. Efforts to stall and or delay response, black out media and deny health issues is a collaborative crime between BP and the Obama administration. Once again if the BP oil spill and all the delays and lies are deception needed to buy time to allow certain dates to appear before acting on the ritual as mentioned in item 1. Once again this major environmental disaster = advance knowledge and preparation.

3. BP site of a underwater Pyramid complex or Star Gate that has gone active with UFO sightings and reports of mysterious bugs that while they appear nano technological, there ability to pass through steel, metals, glass, rubber and the ability to heat up to over 3000 degrees melting metals is indication that perhaps these bugs are not from here. The use of these creatures that swim may have been selected because the Star Gate Pyramid complex is at 5034 ft on the ocean floor and in lots of water.

These bugs have the potential to be man made nano products and if so perhaps someone used a weapon on BP. Even if they did, it too would imply advance cooperation with other nation states or mercenary parties needed to allow those to "manage" events according to needed ritual times and astrological windows. Once again the implication of advance notice and preplanned is in my opinion present for us to see in all three items of note.

With these three areas to consider, all indications are that this whole BP oil spill and all areas of concern appear to be pre planned with advance knowledge needed to affect proper planning at the highest levels of government.

This fact alone is a clue because you cannot plan for years for events like a major oil spill unless you are planning the events necessary to train to standards needed to effectively control events when they begin to occur. Indications exist that much about this whole BP disaster were known in advance and pre planned as a result of that fact. It also would then substantiate the claim that these three events are are criminal conspiracies known and supported by those sworn to protect and defend us.


While that is a lot to consider, I felt that keeping a good factual record of UFO activity in the area was key to seeing if perhaps others were seeing signs of unusual unexplained activity relative to the location of the pyramid or the BP oil spill site.

It appears it was good of me to check because this video shows enough to conclude that something is going on in the gulf that perhaps we don't know the whole story about. To me this a good video find and as such, I have added to this thread to further assist any future efforts to investigate or get background on events happening in the gulf that are remarked as being unusual or weird.

This video proves or at least suggests the possibility that we are being deceived and lied to for reasons that have nothing to do with politics or what is in our best interests.

Enjoy the video and thanks again.

posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 08:01 PM
reply to post by MaxBlack

Its a shame that last video is such low quality. Its impossible to make out relative distances and it is only really obvious you are looking at a plane spraying in the still frames at the end. Inconclusive.

As for beepee guy's steel eating worms, I watched a few of the videos and saw nothing like what he was seeing. I could see the small worms but nothing that suggested they were even touching the steel as opposed to swimming past in much closer to the camera.

Here is the article from 99 about UK ports having their steel eaten. It was copied from the comments section of a youtube vid:

Sunday, 5 December 1999

By Kath Gourlay and Mark Rowe

05 December 1999

It could, in the wrong hands, become the germ-warfare choice for the 21st century. To the delight of power-crazed dictators everywhere, scientists have found a steel-eating microbe munching its way through the engineering structures of up to 90 per cent of British ports and harbours.

Port authorities in the UK are on high alert after a study found that nine out of ten British ports are affected by the microbes, which attack vital structural support systems in salt water environments, corroding sheet piling and leaving girders looking as though they have been riddled with bullet holes.

A whole mixture of bugs are involved, interacting with one another to produce hydrogen sulphate gas that leaves ports smelling of rotten eggs. The condition, known as Accelerated Low Water Corrosion, is caused when surface bacteria which use oxygen establish a colony and then interact with other bacteria that do not need oxygen, creating a "bacterial soup" in which the microbes can flourish.

The study, by an engineering wing of the British Standards Institute, found that as the bacteria grows, it gathers in the nooks and crannies of underwater structures and produces an acid which eats into the metal, turning it bright orange.

One of the specialist engineers tackling the problem said he was "horrified" by what he had seen. "The bacteria can go through sheet piling like a knife through butter," said Craig Donald, director of CorrOcean, in Aberdeen.

A manager of a second firm of Scottish corrosion engineers admitted his firm has found what he describes as "strange and virulent beasties" in water as deep as 180 metres. Felixstowe has been particularly badly hit. British Steel is so concerned at the potential for damage it has experimented with 30 paint formulations in an attempt to find one that resists attacks on sheet piling.

Professor Frank Walsh, of Portsmouth University's applied electrochemistry group, warned that the bacteria worked with devastating speed. "It can cut the lifetime of a structure from 100 years to possibly 40," he said.

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 03:33 AM
reply to post by MaxBlack

Once again in an effort to update some video material and record some thoughts on that material, I am submitting this post update. If I were name or title this post, I would use: "Underwater Battle for Earth Rages Beneath BP Oil Spill." I have even told myself that everyone is missing the biggest story of our lives and most don't see it let alone suspect anything. Yes, I know that sounds a bit much, but let me discuss it and perhaps you will understand why I would title it that way.

To begin, let me start by stating that most ROV operations have been suspended for the Hurricane. While it has been announced that the ships are returning, during the period that the majority of ROV shut down, only four cameras were live fed to the public. In addition to diminished camera coverage, BP has reduced image size of cameras and that makes enlarging or seeing things difficult for us the viewing public. I personally believe BP knows what they are doing and they now suspect that those feeds are showing too much to the public.

While some areas do not add up, I will list those items as I discuss them and then recap them along with the video links that support my observations of recorded BP live feed cameras, observing many things on the ocean floor and on the BP rig itself. Of late, most all ROV's had augmented lighting from above and around to light up the viewing area. BP has been very careful to do so. Now with a diminished camera coverage, diminished camera image size and no external lighting to the ROV's, it can be difficult to see what appears on the latest video.

Since it has limitations on what we can see, it will be important to pause and use full screen at HD level if possible to see the best images of what concerns me and others. Beginning at 4:44 into video link 3, video will begin a focus on a camera covering a ROV that is located lower near the well head or lower riser. Camera angle is from above.

As the ROV moves to a point where it stops you should be able to see and hear what the video commentator is saying so pay close attention and pause if necessary. There appears to be some strange object in a strange configuration that is on top of the well head. This is key to remember. Then the ROV throws what the commentator calls a grenade, but it could have been something along that line, because you then see the ROV move back fast as if to avoid the blast and sure enough you will be able to see the flash and subsequent smoke.

I had to ask myself why did the ROV keep moving backwards after explosion? Dont know but when he moves back he is looking for something and that is when the commentator describes something much bigger than the metal eating bugs that started this thread.

I have suspected that perhaps those mystery bugs were a nano based creation but what they have been exhibiting is the following. Anything BP has attempted to do has been undermined by these small metal eating microbes. The fact that they can attain metal melting temperatures and move in and out of metal had me going and I then thought perhaps some new high tech weapon with a nano based platform that allows it to be controlled beyond its apparent intelligent behavior. It can avoid and it can respond. It's response is sometimes nothing and then they are the times they heat up and melt things important to BP. It is these exhibited characteristics that kept me looking to see what I could determine by just looking around at open source information. Well, what BP watches, they watch for a reason. Keep that in mind as you watch video link no.3 to the latest video.

As part of that quest to ID the steel eating bug, the same BP camera feeds show us what I believe is a destroyed underwater pyramid site with something that appears to be luminous as if some energy source. This perhaps I said could be a Star Gate. I then said that if it is a Star Gate, perhaps these bugs came in that way and since the Star Gate is underwater, thus the swimming bugs. The fact that the bugs can penetrate steel objects and hide within the steel until it swims away is a sight to see. Many hours of videos are available to watch, but I don't need any more of those.

When I found what I think is a submerged pyramid it also had a Lion Head statue at the base of the pyramid, much like in Egypt. When I looked into the meaning of ancient lions I now am convinced it implies a Sun Worship deity protecting the beginning and the end.

All of this material combined with what I just saw in this most recent video has me wondering what is going on. I don't feel that we have been told the truth about anything to do with the BP oil spill and now there exists too much to convince me that what is going on in the gulf is anything but a preplanned in advance operation.

With Star Gates, Pyramids, metal eating bugs, blood pentagrams, BP oil spills, Corexit contamination, methane gas dangers, with so much to be thinking about, I have reached a point where I think something big is going down in the gulf while we sit around whining about poor Lindsey Lohan.

OK. I will now discuss some new thoughts and at the end provide a link to those videos that have me wondering what is going on? I thought to myself that if they knew there was a pyramid or Star Gate that went active why didn't they have all those ROV's all over the place trying to figure out what was there and what that shiny thing is that looks like a energy source.

Anyway, I concluded that to have all those ships and research vessels could not be explained away and would assist in disclosing a serious undertaking to investigate the pyramid. Since no human can go that far underwater, ROV's are the only things that can do anything at that depth. So with ships, vessels, scientist, etc.etc. you could not keep secret that they were looking for something.

Instead they used a contrived oil spill, to justify having the ROV ships and all the ROV's out on the ocean floor doing things we haven't been paying attention to supposedly for the oil spill. Anyway all this planning and lies and deception implies advance collaborative planning at high levels throughout our DOD structure and BP and the executive branch of government.

Next is the x shaped strange object that appears to be the center of focus for the ROV on the sea floor next to that object. The fact that BP cut that feed from the ROV's camera in front of what is going on, tells you they didn't want us to see and if we did see anything strange, what would you expect at 5034 feet below surface?

Here are the links to the videos that got me started looking at this a bit more seriously and then there is this latest video that today shows some type of ROV throwing a grenade at something we cant see. The last link is to the master board that the commentator has produced. The first three video links are those videos that still have me concerned. The last and fourth link is to where the compilation of videos covering the mystery metal eating bugs and those BP life feed recordings that show that something is going on.

1. Video of red hot pipe and mystery bugs. ROV arm hose burns or melts off. Disables ROV arm.

2. Pyramid site that BP has been watching for over 48 hours.

3. ***Mysterious object-Grenade-Blast-object-diminished coverage. Latest video concern.

4. Site to numerous video watching bugs and BP activities. Master lay out grid. Good source for all recent videos.

Once again thanks for your patience and your remarks. To see a compilation of photos and screen shots taken, please view my picture gallery to see those photos.

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 03:41 AM
reply to post by MaxBlack

video link 3 to latest video. The link I used came up to the master board and as such the video it runs when you come in is not the latest video.

Use this one.

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 03:51 AM

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 03:58 AM

Originally posted by Soylent Green Is People
Perhaps the bright shrimp-like animals are just passing in front of the brightly-painted steel, thus blending into the bright background.


How DARE you use common sense and logic here!

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 04:02 AM

Originally posted by grey580
And I, for one, welcome our new metal eating deepwater insectoid overlords.

No but really. I see a bunch of plankton and fish poop. That's about it.
When I see pics of metal brought to the surface looking like swiss cheese then I'll start believing in metal eating insects.

That pretty much sums up this whole ridiculous topic. No need for anymore posts, nothing to see here..

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 04:21 AM
Thank you for this night's entertainment in the humor section. I enjoyed my laughter immensely. I will not be back for vid 3, I don't think the joke will hold up for that long.

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 05:29 AM
This is fast becoming one of my favourite threads!!!

Seriously, metal eating alien bugs… lets get to work on the movie!

It’s very difficult to work out anything unusual on he video’s, a bit like the emperor’s clothes, I think I am convincing myself with the help of the crazy voiced commentator, that these creatures are entering the metal objects.

Can I say that I am convinced that nothing unusual is happening down there or on the video links, no I can’t.

So what can we find as fact regarding metal eating/destroying bugs? Well we have been linked to two reports from English newspapers telling us that metal destroying life forms do exist on planet Earth. This, kind of, means that there is the possibility of some sort of fact behind this thread.

It does seem weird that BP have struggled for so long to cap the leak.

Now in order to contribute to the community called ATS I offer my own possible conspiracy… Here is a report from the Times in 2008:

He means bugs. To be more precise: the genetic alteration of bugs – very, very small ones – so that when they feed on agricultural waste such as woodchips or wheat straw, they do something extraordinary. They excrete crude oil.
Unbelievably, this is not science fiction. Mr Pal holds up a small beaker of bug excretion that could, theoretically, be poured into the tank of the giant Lexus SUV next to us. Not that Mr Pal is willing to risk it just yet. He gives it a month before the first vehicle is filled up on what he calls “renewable petroleum”. After that, he grins, “it’s a brave new world”.

Is it possible that what we are seeing here are genetically modified bugs created by BP that have got out of hand? Here’s my long shot…

The bugs were created to increase the amount of oil being produced and they were contained before they started eating their way through metal. BP become aware of their escape and blew the oil rig in an attempt to destroy the GM mess they created… this didn’t work and now the bugs are increasing in size… blah, blah something along those lines…

Hey Max, I’m confused as to the pentagon reference you make could you explain that to me… also I like the effort you are putting in but you could be slightly watering down the fact section of this thread. Maybe if you could try and provide more evidence backing the existence of the pyramid, light and lions head before talking about the star gate thing. Nice thinking, good display of open mindedness but it almost like you are writing too much too soon! I want to see more proof of the pyramid, lion and light. I know you can do it.

Peace to all.

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 05:59 AM
reply to post by MaxBlack
You stick with what you are professing, what i have read so far is an accurate assessment.

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 12:55 PM
Although I'm still following along in this thread it's tougher each time I check in as I still have this post and this post with numerous questions that have yet to be addressed. This has turned into a one sided conversation with no discussion or interaction. If one doesn't answer questions but constantly adds new information to these highly speculative theories what is the purpose?

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 01:34 PM
reply to post by MaxBlack

The following photographs are from the BP ROV operations currently being conducted by BP and other groups at the site of the Deep Water Horizon. The following link is the source video for this posting and where screen shots of ROV and object were taken from.

I have highlighted areas for viewing purposes only. This video link is the source material for these screen shots. I would encourage anyone to look at the video and beginning at 4:44 into the video the actions describe above can be seen for yourself. Take a look.

The following photographs show a BP ROV and a strange object located on the well head at the sea floor to the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. Video recorded during the limited operation affected by hurricane concerns. During this time frame BP ROV located on the well head, approached a unknown object highlighted in the photos.

After a moment the ROV pitches a grenade like item and then there is an explosion. Moments after the explosion the BP ROV returns to the area near the unknown object and appears to be searching for something using its search lights located on the ROV.

While this video shows unusual items and unusual activity, it is my hope that someone will identify the strange object and or comment on why BP is hurling grenade like items at some unknown object either near or under the object X looking device that appears to be the point of concern for the ROV's attention?

Take a look at the photos and see for yourself that something is going on in the gulf that they are not telling us. My main concern with this video is the acknowledgment that in addition to the metal eating bugs, what creature was mentioned on the video is larger than the metal eating buts and since the depth is beyond the ability for any human to be at that level swimming around the BP well head, then whatever it is must not be human.

Since we can assume its not human and larger than the metal bugs, I have thought that perhaps these bugs are growing into another stage and that stage is a larger body. Then I have thought to myself that perhaps we have a new mystery besides the metal eating bugs. A dark object moving around at 5034ft of water and being the focus of BP ROV attention would be that mystery creature.

Add in the desire to cut visibility and diminish lighting, and it is my belief that BP is conducting unknown operations that have nothing to do with leaking oil pipes. To see a ROV throw an explosive device next to the BP well head should have everyone asking what are they doing?

Take a look at the photos and review the video as often as you need, but something is not right and I believe that anyone who looks at this seriously will agree.

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 01:51 PM
reply to post by Three_moons

My apologies for not being more forthcoming or providing feedback to any questions. I have been attempting to do so much that I have not been sleeping and I have been viewing video material in an investigative manner and as such I have not responded to viewers as you have duly noted.

While I cannot at the present afford the time to be as helpful as I would ordinarily be if I were not so busy, but with the BP live feeds if you don't get it or record it, we will never know or have the evidence to study these anomalies.

I have been remiss in my U2U as well and as such my apologies for anyone that feels that I have not engaged in enough discussion to keep your interests.

I will be following this level of activity until on or about July 28th. I feel I must capture and do what I can before anything happens so as to have the material to show and prove that I was not seeing things and that BP was indeed doing what they are doing and have shown through their BP ROV camera coverage that these areas and these functions are somehow important to them.

I am only a average person following something that was odd at the beginning and now somewhat frightening to me. In that regard I hope that you can understand my lack of social responsibilities.

I am posting things as fast as I find them and can package them by zoom and highlights. While I have many screen shots from many recordings, all that I have provided is the same material you or anyone else could review and investigate yourself.

Thanks for the reply and once again sorry for not being Johnny on the spot with reply's. I unlike the many other ATS members am here for the ability to pursue such mysteries and as such, if I were younger or more attuned to the needs of those younger than myself I probably would have responded for the social conversation. I hope to respond as often as I can respond to personal questions or remarks of open discussion, but at the present, these matters take priority.

Thanks again for your patience.

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 05:42 PM
reply to post by MaxBlack

This short update is to provide some image findings about the odd shaped object that remains unknown what it is and or why it is on the well head of the Deep Water Horizon. Who placed it there would also be a good question.

Since the BP ROV threw what appeared to be a grenade of some sort, I now think that he threw the device at something near or under the odd object which the BP ROV focuses on.

The fact that the ROV backed up as fast as it did after pitching the device indicates that the ROV operator must have been moving back to avoid explosion pressures. Why they would explode a device on top of the well head next to some strange device has had me puzzled and well I decided to do some shape and symbolism background searches. After looking at images for a while I came across what I think would define the shape of the unknown object.

The shape is for a Czech Hedge Hog. It is a device used in the previous world wars as anti-beaching and anti-tank barricades. While the material may differ and the sizes may differ, the basic design is the same as that of the strange object on the well head.

While this is nothing conclusive, I wanted to at least identify for the readers that the design of the odd item on the well head is shaped like a "Czech Hedge Hog".

I have grouped some images together to represent this finding and to show everyone what a Czech Hedge Hog looks like. Any research about uses and so forth are beyond what I will cover in this thread.

Sacred Geometry shapes

Historical and present day versions of what are commonly called "Czech Hedge Hogs".

Lastly this was just a quick update. I will provide more as I go along. Thanks again for taking the time to read this thread. I am still reviewing video feeds from the BP ROV operations and as I find item of note, I will endeavor to capture the images and present them for discussion and for consideration. I am following up a lead that indicates that the ROV that pitched the grenade device cannot be located or verified as being part of the BP ROV operations. Such a ROV appears more advanced and with that small mention on the subject, I am pondering what if anything it might imply.

There was no camera coverage coming from the ROV involved during the incident with the grenade. No feed from that ROV was available. This leads me to believe that perhaps the military is involved and blending their deep water operations to appear part of the BP ROV operational conduct.

While this is nothing conclusive, it is odd to me to view an advanced ROV that BP does not have in inventory. While I realize that many other groups are involved, I just find it a point to note that no such type model of ROV as seen on the well head pitching grenades can be found. I am still reviewing files, but so far I have been unable to identify the ROV involved as well as the strange Czech Hedge Hog design object that the ROV focuses on.

Anyway, until next time. Thanks again.

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 08:29 PM
link I can imagine how busy you are but i can show you what these entities look like out of water. u2u me when you want to know more.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 07:59 AM
There is a direct reverse relationship between the number of reasonable (I won't define the term) threads on ATS's headlines and worthless threads that disappear after two pages or less. In scientific terminology of which I am familiar, the situation is called "scraping the bottom of the barrel."

All in all, I guess that is OK because it seems to make us the judges of what are keepers or stinkers. --Now, watch this sucker go to 20 pages!

ATS. Love it or hated it, you can't live without it. It is the spice of the internet.

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