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Palestinian Enjoying the Beach in Gaza

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posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 08:30 AM
So this was a top link on MSN yesterday. UPI - Palestinians enjoying day at the beachMeant to post it yesterday but ran out of time. Anyway, who better a sponsor Palestinians having a great day on the Gaza beach (as if such a thing exists
) than our great friends... Israel! Now I went around looking at tons of other pages on the UPI site, constantly hitting reload over and over to see what the next advertisement would be on the banner. Israel never popped up on any of their other pages but as soon as I get back to the Palestinians enjoying their day on the beach, Israel makes an appearance almost every time. Yesterday, it was literally every time! Anyway, just thought I would post it. Has anyone seen anything similar on other sites. I just find it kinda sickening, well not kinda, really sickening that the Israeli Tourism Office would have the audacity to advertise on a page where pictures of the poor souls they torture day in and day out are being shown. Where they are also having what little fun I guess it is they can have now. As long as there aren't Israeli blasts on the beach...
Give it a try for yourselves, navigate around the website, I have so far only gotten the Israeli Tourism ad on the Palestinian feature.

Mods feel free to move to appropriate forum if I am mistaken.

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