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Chaos with direction - Every Day Should be Different

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posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 08:15 AM
It seems I have stumbled upon a basic premise we should have adopted a long time ago as a species. It has led to an almost hypnotic state of existance for most due to the premise not being recognised or encouraged in society.

That premise (and i need you to look deep within on this one) is that every day should be different!
Now I can already hear you thinking well they are different, think again, besides the scenery moving is anything really that different from the previous day!

If you think there is an iota of truth in what I am proposing ie that it is our own acceptance and denial of spontaneity and change that has led us into a life of monotony. Yes TPTB may well have drip fed this strange submission into the consciousness of society. Somehow they have got the general populace to accept a life of repetition and little change. What BS have they spun us over the centuries to get us to sign over to that way of thinking!?

So the question is this, what if the above is a major clue a key to something much better, a healthy way of existing and thinking, how could we introduce its concept into the mainstream?

Well I want you to think this one over, "Chaos", directed chaos. Ensure that basic needs are met and allow us to look and see what organised chaos is all about! Will it make us smile?, laugh? Cry? Surely it is more important to feel rather than to live life merely existing. Don't pay for your groceries, speak or scream to who you want to, tell someone their hair is a mess, park on a double yellow! The point is avoid the 'same old' syndrome like a plague in your mind. It is a false existance one comprising in part of denial, denial of the senses. Think of it chaos........ a car exploding in the steet cos the kids wanted a Boom. If you witnessed it your senses would come alive, the smell of a car fire, maybe a smell you remember from your wild childhood, to some the smell might be new, the blast of a heat wave, have you ever felt the moment of stillness where amongst all that chaos and shouting there is a divine stillness looking back at you. For a moment the heat wave from the fire looked at you, and touched a chord you have forgotten about! It is part of your reconnection?

Perhaps thats it reconnection, maybe the big bang also said to be a chaotic moment was about us at one with our environment which would obviously include the elements. Yes would could swim in the senses and understand fire for example. Not just understand it but dance with it, laugh with it, celebrate the coming together of senses. It was like that with all the elements. Then we fragmented broke the moment of oneness and shattered into billions upon billions of pieces, yet energetically, energetically we are still connected, that is the nature of oneness!

So you see maybe just maybe society, like us needs to breath, needs biorhythms, needs change and occasionally when things are stagnant and mundane a certain kind of spontaneity.


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