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My Reiki 1 Attunement 80D

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posted on Jun, 16 2004 @ 05:25 PM
Well I'm now Reiki 1 ....woooo!

What an excellent day! The reiki master (sheila) was really good and easy going, so I was totally at ease and relaxed all day. To start with we just had a breif conversation about reiki, what I want from it and what I can use it for. She then told me I would be recieving 4 attunements, each one about an hour and a half apart, as she feels giving one full attunement can sometimes be a bit much for people. She gave me my first attunement which I enjoyed but didnt experience anything...which was fine by me. She then taught me about the history of reiki from its origins to the present day and also about other people who may have used reiki (aka jesus), I then had my second attunement. This time I felt a little light headed and could see faint orange streaks zipping past my eyes....great!
After dinner and a little more converstion about myself and reiki I was given my 3rd attunement.This time I was seeing all kinds of stuff. I could see a faint white mist in the room which disappearred after about 5 minutes. I also seen ripples on the wall, as if someone had thrown a stone into it like water....the circular ripples spread out about 5 feet and dissapeared, this happened about 3 times and I also seen the orange streaks again
Next she taught me about the hand positions, and how you can use traditional methods or use your intuition to guide you. My freind was supposed to come so I could perform reiki for the first time on him, but he missed my phone call so instead I gave reiki to my instructor. I started on her head and could'nt really feel anything but then all off a sudden her head seemed to turn into a giant magnet, pulling my hands in towards it, I mentioned it to sheila and she said she could feel like my hands acting like!
I also did her 3rd eye and she said as soon as I placed my hands over her she got an explosion of purple and red colours behind her eyelids, which she seemed to be enjoying. I then worked down doing her throat, chest and solar plexus. She said even though I was not touching her, she could feel the intensity of the heat from my hands
As i got to her knees, my right hand fely like it had fell into a hole over her right knee, I asked her about her knee and she told me that she has problems with it......SCORE!
Ok so I got to her feet and as I held her heel it started to pulsate and felt like it was distorting into differant shapes in my hand, which was one of the most weird things I have felt in my life. I asked if her left heel had been bothering her and she said that it had started giving her some trouble about 3 weeks ago....RESULT!
I then closed down and we went and sat down to discuss the treatment. Well she seemed geniunly happy and told me that I must be a natural because it was the best reiki she has had for a while
she commented on the magnetic sensation in my hand and how she had only ever felt that once before, and that was with a magnetic healer. She also said that it was quite suprising for me to pick up on two things which were bothering her on my first ever go at reiki

All in all I had a very enlightening day and have came away feeling a lot more centered, happy and enlightened. I've used my reiki at every moment I can, and I can't wait until I feel ready for reiki II.

oh yeah I forgot to mention this, when I was reciving my 3rd attunement and she moved onto my hands, as she opened them, behind my eyes I could see cupped in my hands a vividly coloured lotus flower.....which was nice

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